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GLD Weekly Decision Point

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Bitcoin chart on TradingView looks like Gold since 1970.

Hi everyone, a long time since I posted but this caught my eye.

Here is someone’s optimistic Bitcoin BTCUSD chart with huge targets that I just saw linked from TradingView’s front page that seems to be about 75% all about Bitcoin trading. It should open in a new tab from this link:

Anyway, I will re-post it here with annotations. It looks similar to the gold chart since 1970, with both charts now at coincidental points, more or less.

I love this kind of thing.

Interestingly, the next upside BTC target this person had was $115,000. That would be about a $2 trillion market cap for Bitcoin, which is realistic if it gets market penetration, unlike the extravagant claims of $500k or$ 1m that come from some, the latter of which would need $18-20 trillion to make its way in to BTC. Is that likely? Has anyone who has lost their Bitcoins for any reason whatsoever ever got any redress in a court of law? (I actually don’t know the answer to that question.)

Anyway, I just liked the chart and its cute similarity to gold as of RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE.

GPX Weekly…

Been told long term divergences are not worthy…about to find out ..

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Just a heads up on Nexgen. Supported at the 61.8% corrective pullback following large degree impulse.

First target $6.

To Answer Jim’s Question

We appear to be in wave 5 of an impulse, the question is degree. In the bull case this is the end of wave 1 of C and the target for the completion of C is 1600 (minimum). In the bear case a larger degree impulse series is completing red C.  I would not expect this move to exceed 1380 before a reaction in either case. The type of reaction should determine which pattern is correct. A break of the blue C-E support line and 1270 pivot puts me bearish overall. A corrective decline is potentially a good long entry set up with a stop below 1270.

Should we blow through 1380 now and take out red A then I would say the bear case is shot and C is extending and will ultimately exceed 1600.

1380 was always the Gann objective as you can see in the third chart which I published in August last year. We are retesting the green trend line and double arc resistance now almost a year later. Note that the next arc resistance is about 1600 if we clear resistance




Ronnie on the” big C”

Gold $1800

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Highest close since 2011