Not Your Granny’s Trannys Bombs away on another PM. When these channel lines break, watch out.

These uptrends were built up over the last month and a half. Many of them have broken down.

Follow Up on CRMD For Those Who May Be Following It:


CorMedix (CRMD) Stock: Is A Buyout Coming?

Let us PRAY !

Rambus has been cautiously bullish on the PM Complex But

“There is always the bearish setup it seems. Below is a weekly chart for gold which shows its 2011 bear market downtrend channel with the 2016 triangle consolidation pattern. What this chart shows is the confluence of three important resistance points which all come together at 1300. First we have the bottom rail of the 2016 triangle. Next the thin dashed back horizontal line that is the bottom rail of the 5 point rectangle we looked at on the daily charts above. Then the all important top rail of the 2011 bear market downtrend channel as shown by the red circle. I kept the lines thin so you can see more clearly how these three trendlines intersect at 1300 which was last weeks high.

Keep in mind we should see an initial reaction down where the three trendlines intersect at 1300. What we want to see is a shallow move lower and then a strong move up and through the 1300 area that leaves no doubt the bulls are back in charge. The top rail of the 2016 triangle is also the neckline of the possible 2013 H&S consolidation pattern we just looked at. To say this is a critical inflection point is an understatement.”

all the best Rambus

Spoiler Alert

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Is looking toppy

It’s UUP today and may go UUP a little more

But Odds are we have a H and S Top developing

did you know that…

Silver Chart – Beautiful

Continuing the ‘picture paints a thousand words’ theme…

US Dollar

A picture can paint a thousand words, so here’s a picture…

No Gold Bull Market Yet