Uranium Resources

Not happy when I saw a noticeable hole in my portfolio. My account is showing zero for Uranium Resources. Apparently they have changed their name. Hope my money reappears at some point https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/08/21/1090559/0/en/Uranium-Resources-Changes-its-Name-to-Westwater-Resources-and-Announces-New-Chairman.html

RUT Weekly…

The End is Nigh


Energy Large Cap Stocks

Surf Got me looking at XLE ( Large Cap Energy ETF)

Not sure if it leads Oil or Follows it but they are co related.

Now look at their ratio chart

Was that just a strong backtest in Oil Friday ?

Is the S&P overvalued?

Well this makes a good case. This graph represents the hours the average worker has to work in order to buy a notional share of the S&P 500. Looks like a top to me, but I am sure it could go higher into 2018 after an autumn pullback.

Dollar Yen Monthly & weekly

A rare look at an very long term chart of the dollar yen, and my interpretation.

I love bollinger bands – in my opinion, they’re one of the most helpful & trustworthy indicators out there.

A monthly chart of USDJPY is below. As far back as the data goes, you’ll notice USDJPY has a tendancy of “acknowledging” or “respecting” the middle bollinger band. That brings me to my observation. You’ll notice the currency has been hanging on to the middle band for dear life since Feb 2017. This current monthly candle seems to be giving it up – at least for now. We’ll see how the month finishes. But if it does continue to fall, the next monthly support I see is around 105.00

^^ A closer look ^^

^^Weekly confirmation? ^^

You’ll see the weekly chart is looking dim as well. The lower bollinger is starting to expand downward, and price could end up chasing that bollinger. But currently, 109.00 has been support during 2017 so we’ll have to see if it holds up.


Lastly, we know by now what a continued downward spiral in the USDJPY means for gold.

Copper and Silver

Usually they move together. It has been a strong co relation.

But this year they are diverging.

Dump Your Cookies Goldtent TA People.

I’m 67 so I am on the short end of this internet / computer wizadry .

But…I have learned a ton in the last 20 years…slowly but surely.

My favorite is Dumping My Cookies.

When we were kids that had a completely different meaning and usually involved a toilet.

Speaking of toilets ….what do you think about Plunger’s Bombshell.

Gotta admit the guy’s not shy …compelling stuff….based on his intimate knowledge of Market History

and chartology

He know’s he’s on a limb…..but that is what is impressive….sometimes when your analysis leads you to be more confident than usual you go for it…swing for the fences…you may strike out a couple times but when you hit the homerun… you win the game.

Another favorite poster here Graddhy is aligned in his thinking with Spock.
They are Bullish almost everything but the US Dollar.
Commodities have bottomed…of this we can be sure…Now we accumulate positions during this convoluted bottoming process….

Rambus is tentatively bullish PMs…we could be should be on the cusp of a good run at the least.

Also long term bullish the Stock markets and especially Metals ( Industrial Metals)

Industrial metals ( as marked by DBB the etf for these things) We have Rambus Spock and Plunger all positioned long.

Surf City is also in a longer term bull camp but as always riding the waves….big and small

Jordan is cautiously short term bullish on Gold ….

As always Eagle Seagle is playing the wiggles and doing fine …because he lost his mind

Norvast hasn’t been heard from for a time…but he’s a busy guy and only speaks when its important for him to help guide us from Gann’s Angle

Then we got The Two British Bulls Northstar and Odd Job…..Their energy is contagious…and their charts too are compelling.

Fully still thinks there is a Fork in the road in the Dollar….but he is usually a little late in turning his bias.


Then we have so many others contributing lately….all excellent takes….Pedro Deleon ,Marty, Gary, KenS, North, neilsdavis2002 ,Gabe ,Alex33 , Avacado Pit, Optional, Jenkins Lane , Highroller , NickG, and many others posting and commenting. another.. Cash Costs

Anyhow I started to talk about dumping cookies and ended up here….

Dump your cookies also can mean empty your mind of all biases from time to time then re examine the evidence.

Good luck all….

lets hope Gold doesn’t dump her Cookies any time soon



I like the inverse head and shoulders pattern Spock has posted but I also see some levels of support to note if we get a retracement. I added NSU this week and plan on buying a few more copper related stocks. I see 2.95-3.00 as an important level for copper.


Bullish gold while USDJPY below 110.50

So long as we hold below 110.50 and especially if we hold below the trend line, I am looking for a swift move down during 1st half of Sept. Which should push gold up swiftly. But wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a quick false move down b4 the spike higher, like last summer. I still believe we will at least retest $1250 thereafter, heading into next summer. If we manage to hold $1300 on a retest, we’ll, that’d be fantastic.

Just want to disclose that I am 95% cash. I own only a few miners and a few other names in the broad markets.