47 and 79 Bugs !


They’re just Numbers …but some of them are in Bull markets (3 27 29 ?) and others in Bear Markets (47 79 and 92)

Look at 116…Ha…there’s a mineral I never knew existed.

named after Jesse ?

Incredible when you think of it…the only thing separating Gold ( God’s metal #79) from Mercury ( a liquid poisonous metal #80) is one little proton ! add two more and you get Lead #82)

Ha…and we put 47 79 and 80 in teeth…Holey Molars !

Plunger’s says 21 will revolutionize Airplanes.


In reality …You don’t really NEED 47 and 79 ….they are not that important

but without 11 12 19 and 20 your heart will stop beating.

Also 1 6 7 and 8 are pretty important.



Backtest complete?


Worlds Largest Gold Miner…

Hard to be short term Bullish on PMs with this kind of action.

REEMF (Rare Element Resources)

Anyone still in this one? January 2017 high of 53 cents and now just hit a low of 11 cents… too late for me to abandon, but trying to figure out if this is a buying opportunity considering REMX (rare earth ETF) is doing well.

Watch SPX 2430 gap…eom




Fully’s Farm Fertilizer

Pure 100% Donkey Dung.

Heavy sh!t man

Multipurpose magic !

Viagra for Your Potted Plants

Losing your hair because of Gold ? …Also available as a sham poo .

( see results above)

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Fully’s Farm Fertilizer….. We turn Hay into Sunshine Every Day, One Drop at a Time.

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The Chartology of Poop

Breakout !

Poop : Gold ratio

Its a Bull Market I tell you : Buy Poop sell Gold

This week

Gold ?

Excitement for the Bulls

Excitement for the bears

No excitement for anyone…..yet again