Get Ready For BS Spin from the FED

Its a race between who will raise rates first GB or the US…..anytime a country is in a rate increase cycle the currency is bid/bullish and the opposite reaction is when a country is cutting its interest rates.

GB’s BOE today announced they will put their first rate hike since 2009 on hold…why?….the rest of Europe and especially Germany’s data just plain stinks!…DEFlation!

The British Pound fell almost a full cent…..remember Oct 8th when the Fed minutes hinted that the board was concerned about the strength of the US$ which as QE ends and the US enters the Spin Cycle of when to raise rates of course the $ is going to rise….duh!

So on time QE will end and the focus will turn to when the first rate hike will take place in the US…well get ready for more excuses as to why its not going to happen, using Europe or Japan or even China as an excuse…..the REAL reason, the ticking time bomb of European debt is coming back into focus and regardless of higher rates in the US or not, the US$ will continue to strengthen and when Big Capital is flowing into the US$’s there is no way in Hell that Mrs Doubtfire is going to raise rates….. unless they actually want a 110 US$ Index by next summer

So although I’m firmly in the much, much lower $Yen and Euro$ camp its going to be one Wild and Crazy ride! as the Central Bankers try and hold back the US$ advancement….good luck!






Diamond in the RUT

Bearish Engulfing Candle


HUI 2 hour

Looks like this could be a breakdown of the consolidation pattern to the downside. Has to be confirmed.

HUI 22:10:14

Congratulations Parabolic Chuck

This just Posted at the Chartology Forum


“100% gain since May 22, 2013″

POSTED On October 22, 2014 ·

That was the day I started following chartology, learning chartology, and taking Sir Rambus’ advice.

Been a heck of a roller coaster! Hope it’s all uphill from here! :-)

I figure if I can average just 50% per year I’ll be set for life in about 10 years…

Thank you Sir Rambus and everyone else here!! :-) This is the best site on the planet… Keep up the good work chaps :-)



Why is Gold Mining Such a Crappy Business ?

FGC I’ll See your GDX 60 and Raise You a Daily…


Nugt above $22 Dust below $20…I wait for direction…Consolidation phases are a beast…




Nah !

but maybe just a little ping pong between the lines for a while

I’ll see your GDX 15 and Raise you a GDX 60….. Eagle


GDX 15

GDX 15

GDX Update…




hui diamond

Chartology Chart of the Week

and a candidate for Chart of the Year

and Chart of the Decade !

NO Freaking way it can go any lower…Right ?

The PO here is uh well er very very low



A Double Top in GDX – first noted by Sirs Parabolic Chuck and Rambus at Chartology…



How often do you see a horizontal line get tested 7 times ?

IF this breaks

LOOK out below IMo..for the Whole PM Complex..not just the Leader



DAILY…wow.what a freak show





MACD, MACD histogram, etc look very bearish on the daily.

HUI 2 hour

At the moment looks like a breakdown from a bearish flag.

HUI 10:17:14

$HUI Triangle(s) Update

sc (4)sc (5)

Small triangle setting up for “backtest” of larger triangle  here, IMO  Adding some NUGT today for a trade only.


Yoohoo! We are getting close to a 13/34 cross on DUST 60 Min…

Trader Dan

This is not your Daddy’s Bond Market

Having been trading the bonds for many years, the recent volatility has really caught my eye. The extent of the price swings in this market has been nothing short of breathtaking.

Whenever you see a market make swings of this magnitude, know that someone is in serious trouble.

Take a look at this short term price chart and imagine the carnage being inflicted on some traders as they swing back and forth from such huge extremes.

Do you see those big volume spikes? Someone got obliterated!

Try to imagine that you are a risk manager for a large banking or mortgage interest and are attempting to institute some sort of hedges! How in the world do you even read a market that is doing this sort of thing? I can tell you that hedgers and speculators both have been run over in this market the last couple of days.

This is what I am referring to when I caution traders out there. These markets can clean you out faster than a package of Ex-Lax if you let down your guard. Either trade smaller or stay on the sidelines but do not try to play the hero right now. It is just too dangerous!

Making predictions, postulating this or prophesying that, in dogmatic terms is very foolish and speaks more to hubris than it does to sound judgment. What I do know is that the entirety of the markets is very unsettled right now with the VIX having rising sharply and with the currency markets having been thrown into turmoil. Until the currency markets calm down, be careful.

By the way, crude oil is managing to hold above $80 for now and the XLE is up today. Maybe crude has gone down enough? I don’t know but am monitoring it very closely.

GDXJ is rolling over…here’s a link to the 60 min chart

Levels of support to take out…Good Luck!




One potential”path”to early November “backtest”:

sc sc (1)

HUi 60minutes

HUI is going up a percent and down a percent in a matter of minutes.

HUI 10:15:14


My cycle studies which I have posted on this site do not go back that far (so who knows) – we could have a low sooner than I would expect (remote possibility).

If not we have some months or a year or two before the up begins.

As a long term trading strategy which is all  I do now – I am buying on these bigger dips small amounts.

Just my opinion.






Is the J following the Dow of Following Gold ?

May be fixing to turn down again ?