Watch the 2-year yield…

Falling Yields a Catalyst for The Catalyst

DXY GC Spread and DXY HG Spread


Been kicking this around for a while.

HUI on the left DXY GC Spread on the right.


Freeport McM on the left DXY HG Spread on the right.

Do Your Own Due Diligence


GDX breaking out convincingly, with 24.50 short-term target. breaking out with it.

MMS.v (iron ore stock with some gold) on the move

CHF/USD – Time To Revisit

Yep, just as I thought – yet another indicator saying that the PM markets are positioned to break UP, not down.

That’s what we’re talking about!

I am following price movements of the PM stocks to avoid paralysis by analysis. 🙂



Fibonnaci Levels

The gold chart displays some beautiful mathematical properties

Dollar Schmollar – Who Cares ?

It’s interesting to ponder the Dollar. Will it go up ? Will it go down ? It’s true that a rapidly falling Dollar can assist the ‘apparent’ increase in Golds value BUT it’s way more complicated than that. If the Dollar was heading towards a cycle peak, it MIGHT prevent gold from taking off in a big way. That’s about all we need to know, because in every other situation gold rises and falls regardless of what the Dollar is doing. PM’s frequently couldn’t give a rats ass what the Dollar is doing, so we really don’t need to worry so much. Take a look at this if you’re not sure…