$USD – deep dive ahead

$USD deep dive dead ahead of us.

This is not what the consensus narrative would have the herd believe.

“A picture tells 10,000 words” – Spock 😉

October high idea

Rock Market Closed Today

Its Queen Victoria’s Birthday

She must have been quite a gal…she was born 200 years ago

and they still close the stock market in Canada and we have fireworks to celebrate,


Bob is off his meds

SM – the easy way for spotting the top

Posted the post below a couple of months ago:

Thought I´d post the SM charts here again as I think they are probably a valid and easy way for spotting when SM has topped; a break of these massive parabolas ought to signal that. I do not think it has to be more complicated than this really.

Fully the Flipper

Ha…here it goes again. Just when I was getting comfortably Bearish on PMs..

.Something hits me in the face like this !

It is so simple the mind boggles. !

see chart below

Thanks Spock >…I needed that.

Usually the Simplest is the best ….and also the one we overlook so often.

Its uncomfortable to consider two possible scenarios all the time…but it sure helps the old portfolio

( that’s code here for ” Net Wealth” )

And what I found is that being open to switching sides when your analysis fails is good for ones net wealth.

Rambus always reminds us the reason for a consolidation is so Mr Market can make money while both Bulls and Bears

lose …In effect Mr. Market Squiggles you to Death !

He is a mean old Psychopath IMO.

Anyhow we are trying to ride in the right direction…but most of the time there is no clear direction….so we TA to increase our chances.

So ….anyhow …what was I saying >? …oh ya…

I Look at charts all day every day….Its an addiction….But Today this one hit me in the teeth….and knocked one loose

Spock has been trying to tell us in so many ways…the gig is up for the dollar…and it did breakdown this week…

Now this ! Pure Simple Chartology. the Chart that’s worth a thousand words

I need a drink…On the Rocks …of course

Fully Flipped !

Why we TA : Its the “The Language of the Market”

Sniped from From Plunger’s Post “Weekend Report”

Since the Donald’s election the market’s move has been relentless. It has been discounting more favorable business conditions and possible infrastructure spending. This week that narrative began to be called into question. But, we are not going to even consider the “reasons” for the markets moves, we are going to simply focus on the language of the market itself. If its pontification that you want just turn on CNBC, they will give you plenty, you are not going to get any here. Bull and bear markets are driven by an underlying trend and a fundamental reason behind it. Often it takes years until the true reason is discernible for the trend. In the interim, a myriad of reasons are given for short and intermediate moves, but the reality is they are just noise. So we are not going to focus on the reasons but instead on the time honored principle of Dow Theory and the confirmation of the averages. The truth rests in the “language of the market” and it pays to try to discern it. Recall that all known information is inputed into price and we are much better served to interpret the price structure than to try to “pontificate” the reasons.


US Dollar Deep Dive

Cycles are all the rage here now BUT …this cycles stuff is NOT chopped liver

It is not as easy as slapping a cycle tool on any given chart and making it fit your expectation ( like I just did with the Dollar)

There are very few who have studied this tricky modality …I believe the best out there is our own Surf City

When he posts a cycle It pays to consider the information carefully.



Plunger has joined Rambus Chartology as an Associate Writer.

Now members get The highest quality Pure Chartology from Rambus AND Plunger’s Well Researched Fundamental , Historical and just plain Provocative Insights all at one website. What a Dynamic duo.

Two for the price of one. https://rambus1.com/

Rambus Members can look forward to a Blockbuster this weekend ( to be published later today) from Plunger.

Meanwhile since the anticipation of a new Bull in Uranium is a hot topic we are releasing : Uranium Part 2 : Published for Rambus Members a couple weeks back.

Grab a coffee and enjoy.


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