When GOLD is up the same percent

as the miners, I have no incentive to buy them.




Could be a bearish H&S or possibly a bullish flat top expanding triangle, which is a halfway pattern to the upside.

I’m leaning towards the former option but IMHO there will be no real direction until after the ECB, Fed & BoJ meetings

are out of the way.


As of now, my charts are telling me there’s a big move coming in the miners one way or another once those meetings

are out of the way and assuming there’s no Syria, Trump, North Korea, etc., shock. Trouble is, I don’t know which way

that big move is going to be and, I think, no one else does either.


Bought the breakout this morning, great name with great assets.

Plus in my tree planting days I got drunk at the Franklin in Kirkland Lake, Ontario on many occasions… so there’s that.



With your emphasis on Longer term Charts…What do you think about THIS ?

Valid or ?

NUGT 60 and Symmetry…

This one emphasizes the importance of symmetry on the 60 minute level…
The language of the minute charts…


I added this chart to my recent big picture post on PM, linked below. As I said in that post about the many miner indexes I put up there, that “It is pretty hard to claim in a serious way that they are looking bearish.”.

And note that gorgeous FBO. If you are going to make a historic FBO, why not do it with style. And, again, look at that 7-8 year halfcycle of the 15 year commodity cycle. It is picture perfect. That FBO marked the start of a new 15 year commodity cycle. Bull cycle.

Noront Resources – The Ring Of Fire!

Talking of explorers and juniors breaking out, here is one on the way up.

Noront Resources (TSXV:NOT) is a Canadian-based mining company, and has the largest land position in the Ring of Fire, an emerging multi-metals area located in the James Bay Lowlands of Northern Ontario.

Big thanks to Bikoo99 for bringing this to my attention back in January 🙂


As I see it, we have a BO today out of my triangle/flag. And this triangle/flag looks like a halfway pattern to me.

If $GOLD does not get back into the triangle today it seems like my expected BT on $USD might be out of the question. I have said for a long time that the US dollar looks very weak to me and maybe it does not even have the strength to BT my purple daily neckline on $USD, link below. That would also mean that my playing around with DUST for fun will be a very short lasting adventure…

Right now it looks like my post on around the apex moves for many miner indexes is in play:


All these years of wrangling gold stocks and losing, and all along Amazon was the only place to be. And, strange as it may seem, it still is the only place to be. If someone doesn’t stop Bezos, he will replace all storefront retail. He’s well on his way. The stock will never stop its upward trajectory until we collapse as an economy, and even then, who knows, he will still be selling survival gear and freeze dried food.

Its a love / hate relationship