copper divergence


base metal symmetry…..

fwiw,  Sprott cashed in almost 300k  shares  of Kirkland the last couple days…. just sayin’



HGU.to Interesting channel backtest on this daily chart

The Heat in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia and Qatar country ETFs have gained more than 20% over the last year!

Saudi Arabia ETF (KSA): +23% since Jan 1, 2018

Qatar ETF (QAT): +24% since Jan 1, 2018

These nations are highly associated with energy: Saudi Arabia primarily known as a top oil exporter, Qatar is known as being a top natural gas exporter.

So we’d expect the ETFs to be biased to energy companies. But this isn’t the case. The top ten holdings of the Qatar ETF shows ZERO energy companies. Mostly banks in Qatar’s top 10 holdings. Similar story with Saudi Arabia: KSA’s top ten holdings are mostly banks with the number 1 holding being Saudi Basic Industries which is a diversified chemical company (15% weighting).

Middle Eastern banks and financials are where the heat is… -Harry

WTIC Weekly Back Testing Fib…

XOP BEAR wedge completed…

Time for DRIP

All She Wrote 2

All She Wrote

Last Year at this time it was all about Battery Metals.

Cobalt was HOT !

This little darling was all the rage.

Then came the Assault on Batteries

Now you can have it for a penny

Silver Miners – January 2016 vs January 2019

In a PM bull market we want to see the miners out perform the metal. Maybe that’s in the cards for “tomorrow,” but not seeing it yet.


KL.to Kirkland One of the most resilient Gold stocks around

Commodities are plunging again today.