Keynes … Business school did not teach me he was raping Children.

Max Igan.The Game of Genocide. Get the whole world truth out of this crusty old man, Please listen, watch and learn.

President Trump Sends Message of Support for Cryptocurrency

Even many Dems are crypto maniacs ….

Trump being supportive will bring him VOTES

AND ipso facto ….since even Dems in Congress are supportive of Crypto….THERE WILL NEVER BE A CBDC problem for us.

oh sure they can roll it out BUT as long as there are other options we have nothing to be concerned about with CBDCs ….They will be like another VISA Card …just an option …Not a Control mechanism


With the Gov’t approving of Crypto they will not be “confiscating Gold and Silver either

Obsessing over Schwabbean wet dreams is a fools game IMHO

The CIA murders JFK” The Warren Commission absolves the CIA. Nixon knows the CIA murdered JFK. 4 of the 5 Watergate burglars work for the CIA. The CIA frames Nixon for Watergate. Ford is chosen as Nixon’s replacement. Ford was on the Warren Commission.

Tucker has connected the dots

US Weapons Accuracy Drops To 10% In Ukraine Due To Jamming

Many high-tech US weapons systems in Ukraine are now useless due to jamming signals by Russia…


With $T spent on the MIC over the years  — why does it seem that nobody cares that the weapons created aren’t working??

Grayson Murray, two-time PGA Tour winner, dies at 30

Holy Grail shipwreck with $17 billion in treasure…..Colombia declares ‘protected archeological area’ around treasure-laden shipwreck

Colombia on Wednesday declared a “protected archeological area” around the spot where a Spanish galleon sank off its Caribbean coast more than three centuries ago laden with gold, silver and emeralds.

The galleon had been heading back from the New World to the court of King Philip V of Spain, bearing chests of emeralds and some 200 tons of gold coins.

US Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has paid $435,000 to firm of anti-Israel activist for terrorism-tied groups

“Squad” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars since being elected to Congress to a consulting firm led by an anti-Israel activist working on behalf of groups linked to Palestinian terrorist factions, records show.

Tlaib, who often faces criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for her anti-Israel rhetoric and defense of a phrase calling for the destruction of the Jewish state, has delivered more than $435,000 in payments earmarked for “fundraising consulting” since 2020 from her campaign and leadership PAC to Unbought Power, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The Florida-based limited liability corporation is operated by Rasha Mubarak, a close ally of Tlaib’s who recently held key roles for terrorism-tied organizations in the United States.


US Democrat Congresswoman Omar Shrugs Off Harassment of Jewish Student, Faults UCLA for Not Protecting Anti-Israel Protesters


Interesting tidbit from Citizen Free Press

Our Revulsion Has Created A New Populist Majority There is no stopping it now – it’s going to happen


If what we are undergoing is a 100+ year plot to subdue and transform humans into tightly-controlled socialist utopians run by corporations harvesting us for cash and data, welp, that plan is failing. The psychological warfare is failing. The culture cracking, carefully devised, is failing. The forcing of perverse sexual values is failing, the scam that is public education is failing, the scam that is the university is failing. The assault on our health via covid and vaccines has woken up a plurality. The WEF 15 minute cities scam is failing, the climate change scam is so stupid, cruel and obvious, anyone promoting it is viewed by the sensible as either corrupt or stupid and probably both.

If you are borderline giving up read this !

If you are looking for reasons to keep going read this !

If you are sick and tired of worrying about the future read this !


Onward Pilgrims

El Salvador Is Giving Away 5000 Free Second Passports To “highly skilled scientists, engineers, doctors, artists, and philosophers from abroad.”


“This Isn’t a Conspiracy”: Watch RFK Jr. Lay Out How and Why the CIA Killed His Uncle

He obviously cannot win the Election BUT he CAN use his platform to shine a direct light into the heart of the Deep State


This list of credentialed Doctors is from a Video by Dr Samantha Bailey

These are signatories to a piece which completely denies the existence of viruses

Add Jon Rappaport to this list ..although he is NOT a DR. he is a respected brilliant researcher

As the debate continues within the “Freedom” Community …there is some unnecessary mud slinging from both sides

Persnally I think the debate is healthy and is what science is all about

I am presently siding with this group ( especially with Mike Yeadon on board but this is certainly not yet “settled”

100% Cancer Remission Achieved in ALL Patients in Groundbreaking Study


Vaccine makers are psychopaths (deposition of Stanley Plotkin)

In the below, video one of the top vaccine experts in the world admits that many of the shots we take trigger a lifelong allergy against eating beef. He goes on to admit that most vaccines contain cancer, causing monkey viruses .. Alex Jones

The Duran

Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (24:57)

NATO, time has come to hit Russia hard. Putin entourage. Reuters floats freeze with Elensky gone
Alex Christoforou (38:52)

Rus Advances Chasov Yar, Takes Villages; Jams Starlink, HIMARS; West Escalates, Armavir, Rus Assets
Alexander Mercouris (1:31:59)

Strikes On Russia’s Strategic Defense Objects Will Only Intensify | Military Summary For 2024.05.25
Dima (13:58)

The Bloom | Russians Captured Ivanivka And Berestove | Ukrainian Attack. Military Summary 2024.05.25
Dima (Live at 12:30 PDST, 15:30 EDST)

Russian Embassy Comment on a warm reception at UK Parliament for Ukrainian neo-Nazi’s from the “Azov Brigade”

Putin Decree Allows Seizure Of US Property & Assets If Russian Funds Taken By West

Legal foundation for retaliation

On Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which paves the way for the government to conduct legal seizure of any US assets in Russia, including property and real estate. This in retaliation and in order to compensate for any Russian assets that are taken by the US, at a moment Washington is forging ahead with a joint plan with the EU to generate profits for Ukraine and its defense, utilizing frozen Russian assets.

The US Is Now More Openly Allowing Ukraine To Use Its Arms To Strike Inside Of Russia

One of the worst-kept secrets of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine is that the US allows its client state to use American arms for striking inside of Russia despite officially prohibiting it from doing so. Sergey Poletaev explained the pseudo-“legal” means through which this happens in his latest piece for RT, but now Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally decided to drop the charade and more openly allow Ukraine to do so without going through these largely symbolic workarounds.

Nevertheless, seeing as how this coincides with talk of formalizing some NATO countries’ unofficial training missions inside that country, it’s clear that the West is escalating its involvement in the conflict.

Russia seemingly anticipated this development and that’s likely why it announced tactical nuclear weapons exercises earlier this month as was explained here at the time, with the primary intent being to deter a full-fledged NATO invasion, especially one that approaches or crosses the Dnieper. In the last-mentioned scenario, Russia might resort to the use of tactical nukes in self-defense per its doctrine in order to preemptively stop an imminent NATO invasion of its newly unified formerly Ukrainian regions.

Biden’s $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach

Several US Army vessels have also become stuck in embarrassing mishap…

The Times of Isreal’s military correspondent Emanuel Fabian has reported that “An American vessel used to unload humanitarian aid from ships into the Gaza Strip via a floating pier disconnected from a small boat tugging it this morning due to stormy seas, leading it to get stuck on the coast of Ashdod, eyewitnesses say.”

The recovery operation has not gone well either, as “Another ship was then sent to try and extract the stuck vessel, but also got beached,” Fabian writes. And yet a second US Army vessel also got stuck in shallow waters while trying to rescue the pier section. Overnight US ships had been moving two pieces of the floating pier to the Port of Ashdod in southern Israel when the now beached section detached and drifted away. American troops can be seen in footage standing helplessly on the beach.

At this point, with a section of the pier stuck on an Israel beach, and coming over two months after President Biden first unveiled the ambitious project, the whole initiative is becoming a bit of an embarrassment involving setback after setback.

CANADA – The National Advisory Committee on Immunization says mpox and COVID-19 vaccines can be safely given at the same time

This reverses a previous recommendation to wait at least four weeks due to safety concerns.

It said Friday that data is now available to show there is no increased risk of myocarditis or anaphylaxis for people who are given Imvamune, the vaccine for mpox, when they are also vaccinated against COVID-19.

The recommendation also says that Imvamune can be given at the same time as any other live or non-live vaccines.


So there it is — safe and effective — the government told you so!

Measles vaccine math – STEVE KIRSCH

Health experts are telling everyone to get the MMR shot. But simple math shows getting the measles vaccine is completely nonsensical. Who do you trust?

One person has died from measles in the last 10 years. Is this a sign that everyone who has not been infected or vaccinated for measles should get vaccinated?

According to all health authorities the answer is yes.

According to your friendly neighborhood misinformation superspreader (me), the answer is a big NO.

Why? Because you’re more likely to die or be seriously injured for life from these shots than benefit from them.

re that Mar-a-Lago raid “SOP” protocol

One thing notable in Jack Smith filing tonight [Fri night]. He never claimed that DOJ sought similar use of force guidance in Biden search—as Merrick Garland stated. Seems an odd oversight…

SITREP 5/24/24: Situation Turns Critical as De-legitimized Zelensky Dangerously Escalates


A Quick Bit of Silver History

A few paragraphs from a piece I just read by Dominic Frisby.

“A Quick Bit of Silver History That I Bet You Didn’t Know
As one of the seven native metals, metals that can be found in nature in pure form, human beings have been using silver since the dawn of civilization and probably before. Its first use was as jewelry.

Its next was money. Silver shekels (about ¼ ounce) were currency in Ancient Mesopotamia, long before the invention of coinage. The words silver and money — argent in French, plata in Spanish — are interchangeable in numerous languages, ancient and modern.

Silver even has its own planet, the moon, and its own day of the week, Monday.

Silver’s use as money started to die after the gold rushes of the 19th century dramatically increased world gold supply, so that by 1900 every major nation in the world, except China, was on a gold standard.

Bimetallism was a thing of the past. With silver no longer money, demand for it fell, despite the fact that it probably has more applications than any other metal. The price has mostly struggled ever since.”

I didn’t know about “silver having it’s own day – Monday.” Maybe with this Monday being Memorial Day in the US, but Asian and other world markets open, Silver can get back on track with the recent strong, upward trend?

Christian legal firm celebrates win as Chase scales back ‘de-banking’ policy

A Christian law firm is applauding a major bank chain for rolling back one of its controversial policies that led to the de-banking of several conservative individuals and nonprofit organizations over the last few years.

JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., rolled back its WePay service that required merchants to refrain from accepting payments or using the service for activities related to “social risk issues,” which the bank defined as anything “subject to allegation and impacts related to hate groups, systemic racism, sexual harassment and corporate culture.”

The language was removed from the company’s WePay terms of service, the Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) discovered this month.

UK – Andrew Bridgen MP just dropped this bombshell on a stunned Doc Malik:

‘Rishi wants…we are actually at war with Russia now …they just haven’t told you.’

Russia knows it as confirmed to Bridgen by the Russian Ambassador.

Rishi has told the globalists he doesn’t want to be ‘a war time Prime Minister’.

The plan is to inform the public around July/August.

4 minutes — key points


Longer version interview –>

11 minutes – this version is worth it if you have the time….


GMG – if still in UK — take note!

CJ Hopkins: Asymmetric Idiocy

What you do is, you murder a bunch of civilians, in order to provoke your adversary into massively over-retaliating against you and committing all kinds of war crimes and atrocities, like the USA did in Iraq twenty years ago, like the IDF is now doing in Gaza. The goal of the strategy is to broaden the conflict, and draw your potential allies into it, or at least significantly weaken support for your enemy.

OK, sure, that means you have to murder some people… men, women, children, whole families, and then your enemy is going to go apeshit and kill tens or even hundreds of thousands of your people, but, if all goes to plan, your “allies” will join you, and attack your enemy, and drive him into the sea, or off the face of the earth, or wherever. So, in the end, all the murdering will have been totally worth it.

This is not a theory I just made up.

It is one of the basics of asymmetric warfare. If you are not already familiar with that subject, this might be a good time to look into it.

California testing car tracking as possible gas tax replacement

President Biden aims to achieve 50% of all new vehicle sales being electric by 2030

California, which relies on gas tax and other fuel tax revenues to support its roadway maintenance, is piloting the idea of a “road charge,” which would charge drivers based on the number of miles they drive rather than how much gas they purchase. The pilot program was initiated due to the fact that the collection of gas tax revenue is estimated to decrease in the coming years, according to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA).

CalSTA officials told FOX Business that a bill, signed in 2021, established the pilot program to test the potential feasibility of alternative ways they can pay to maintain the state’s roads, which the agency said could even “show a net savings for some motorists under certain circumstances.”


The WEF / UN objectives are quite clear — the intent is for citizens to NOT have cars to drive period – by 2050. The infrastructure to support EV is simply not there and will take unnecessary $T’s to build. When you cannot leave your home base (15 minute city) than they will have succeeded!