This is a Very Bullish Looking Chart

J for Juniors

Where is the dollar going?

Using roller skates only, try following Trump for a week.

The Great Debate : The US Dollar

Lets see what Surf City Cycles is thinking here . He has called this to a t of late.

Rambus Combo 10 Chart

The Whole PM Complex at a Glance. Yes this is a teaser because you need a subscription to see his Weekend Report due out Sunday, which will be an in depth look under the hood of this ever fascinating precious metals complex.

Board is Abuzz.

Let’s keep this thread alive even though its dropping off the front page. Graddy has issued an important counter

Washers Monthly Gold Chart

Two more Lines

Shows Why 1300 is the Magic Number

One thing for certain….this will resolve one way or dee udder , Dis Year

Pass the Bong


Been a while….

Gold Price Up / HUI Down

Whatever the reason, and wherever they go next, the following is true. The HUI had progressed further than gold in terms of their moving averages. The HUI had powered through both its 50 and 200 week moving averages. Gold had been lagging. They have now ‘met in the middle’, quite literally. The HUI has retraced to a position between the 50 and 200 week moving average, and gold has advanced to get itself into the same position – between the 50 and 200 week moving average. One played catch-up, whilst the other retraced a little. Now that they are both in the same place with respect to their moving averages, what next ? Here are the charts for you to have a look at and ponder.

Perhaps they remain ‘trapped’ for a while, and the next significant move will be triggered by what’s going on in the US/Europe/China. If that’s the case, I have to remain bullish, because that’s a whole load of uncertainty and turmoil, and we all know how PM’s react to that. Eventually.

Does spending promised/not promised means QE?!/trump-we-are-going-to-massively-reduce-taxes-20170224

Campaign promise
Spending on infrastructure but not telling his budget. Privatization? Maybe.
Cut tax but not telling how to balance the budget.

Not mentioned in campaign:
Where is funding for massive military spending?

Do we smell cheaper $ and QE?