Trader Dan says “Dollar remains Strong”


The Case for HUI 100

hui 100

Good listen

especially from 11:30 to 13 minutes


SPY sequencing roll over in my work

The daily should fail over the coming weeks.

Note how the 2 hr double topped, similar to the GDX top call earlier.  LONG some TZA


THE DUST Chart…Could be a double bottom…


#1 Stoch has left green
#2 MACD getting close to cross over
#3 NUGT channel trend line going down is providing resistance
#4 TSI bullish cross
#5 Need RSI to breach 50
#6 Elder bar needs to turn green
#7 Final confirmation is 13/34 cross

EOD bollinger band squeeze on UVXY 5 min…EOD selloff?

I am desperate for a Friday trade :-)

NUGT has hit top of trend line with neg divergence–monitor…


DUST–Remember, Keep an eye on the gap…


SPX Monthly

Seriously, how much longer can this endure?

Gold Wedge?

Anyone else seeing an expanding rising wedge from the November 2014 bottom on the gold daily chart?


gld chart




The GDX declined into the 34-day Fibonacci step out from Jan 22 – important time window

Gold and the GDX have declined into the 34-day Fibonacci step out today from 1/22 and are trying to bounce.  Gold tested $1190 and is fighting to stay above the .618 retracement of the rally from 11/7 to 1/22. The daily range today is key. Breaking above or below today’s range tomorrow could give us our next tradeable move in the PMs.   Trader Jack

To follow the waves and turn windows of the SPX and gold, check out my blog:



GDX 2 Hour with fibs…50 MA holding so far…


GDX could be making a turn here, getting constructive

Here’s the 4hr Signal showing a possible turn.


GDX Daily is sandwiched between the 50 MA and 13/34 MA…

The 13/34 just crossed to a SELL signal today as I type. I am expecting a backtest of the 13/34 MA. This should repel the move up. If not careful if short.


spx projection

I respect this Technical Analyst’s projections…

Quiz..which Gold Stock was UP 900% today !

Really ?

Yes Really

I used to own this and 49 other juniors back before I hooked up with Rambus

He convinced me to sell them all..thank god

San Gold..was a Goldbug Darling back in the day

talk about a dead cat bounce


Trader Dan : Gold and US Interest Rates


GDX Daily Gaps with Fib lines…


Grin mentioned these previously. Let’s see how GDX reacts at the pink lines…


Yikes…If this triangle is a halfway pattern !


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(I also have a degree in hypnosis)

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PM Stocks or General Stocks ?

Rambus’ Take


Yes Virginia that’s $850 by October


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Apocalypse now

Kurtz: [intercepted radio message] I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare



NUGT Chart…


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