The Wonders of QE

Apple and Disney on “Pixie Dust” money. Amazing. (And one reason I hold a core position in the monetary metal.)



If you are in this one ( Former Dog Turned Beast)

It’s time to think about jumping off IMHO


Wheaton leading the charge. . .


Bitcoin GBTC

SIL longer term trendline on the brink of breakout.

Long term

Closer view



Silver – Limited downside, Less Limited Upside

There’s nothing to say we need to pullback all the way to $16. Any news about the Chinese trade deal (or lack of it), increased rate cut odds, or who knows what else could cause an upside breakout at any point…

Rambus Weekend Report


One of the toughest things to do when trading the markets is to have an open mind and not get trapped into a single point of view. The markets are a living and breathing entity which are made up from millions of investors who each have their own individual perspective on whether markets are bullish or bearish. Some will we be right with many more being wrong because you can’t have a strong bull market if everyone is a winner. Its just not the way the markets work. It’s only when the end of the bull market draws near is when everyone will be right for a period of time. By then the big money will already be made by those that got in early, but they will leave some breadcrumbs on the table for the late comers to fight over.

Most investors seek out analysts and articles that match what they think the markets are saying to reinforce their own belief system that they are right. You can see that taking place right now with the different TV news shows. If you are a Republican you only watch Fox News and if you’re a Democrat’s then it’s CNN or MSNBC. The problem is you’re not seeing the big picture but a narrow focus of opinions which ties in to what you believe to be true.

If you have been following an analyst for a long period of time and they keep telling you the stock markets can’t keep going up because they have a list a mile long from the fundamental side of the equation, but the stock markets keep making new all time highs, at what point do you finally ask yourself the question, could I be wrong? At a minimum you need to answer that question as truthfully as you can because your trading investments fall squarely on you.

I realize the main focus here is on the PM complex but from a Chartology perspective there has been some really good movements within many areas of the stock markets which is where the real money is being made right now. To miss a potential one year Impulse move to the upside because you can’t break free from the shackles on negativity on the stock markets is only something you can do for yourself.

Lets start with something I wrote in the Quarterly Report back in April of 2018 shortly after it became apparent that the 2 year impulse move had came to an end for the SPX and the stock markets in general. As I often state, when an impulse move comes to an end that there are only two options. The stock can either buildout another consolidation pattern or a reversal pattern. If the stock is in a bull market the odds are high that another consolation pattern would develop to consolidate the previous impulse move which would lead to the next impulse move higher and that consolidation pattern would work as a halfway pattern between the 2 impulse legs.

Full Report

There was a time in the past when it was considered unpatriotic to short the stock markets which sounds ridiculous today. I think there are some PM stock investors that think it is against their moral principal to buy the stock markets because in order for the PM complex to go up the stock markets need to crash and burn. Whatever your thoughts are on this keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to let new thoughts and ideas enter into your consciousness, you may be pleasantly surprised by the freedom it offers.

All the best…Rambus

Whats Up Goldtent

No rate cut creating a great opportunity!

Recapping my latest post on the subject… how it’s creating a great opportunity to enter the precious metals complex (especially gold)… And also, why I’m soo fascinated with my latest find! 

Gold – A Little More Pain To Come ?

I know some are of the view that $1446 was as far as we’re going. Possibly, but we need to break above the descending wedge to be sure (that’s somewhere around $1510 at the moment). Until then, $1400-$1440 remains my preferred target area.