How Dry I Am !

Miners Look Ready

A more promising chart is hard to imagine…

My “chicken before the egg” theory

This is how I see the cycle that really turbo charges the precious metals


Tesla Schmesla

Institutional Investors Love This One.


This Chart is Astounding


Look how similar the daily and weekly look !

Note this stock was HUGELY POPULAR back in the 70s.
It disappeared somehow ( takeover in the early 2000s )
The reappeared somehow at THE BOTTOM of the GFC…and it has been basically Up Up and away since then.

Unexpectedly Early Breakout

Gold and silver have broken out of their consolidation patterns to the upside. I wasn’t expecting that to happen until after FOMC next week. Let’s see where we close today. I’ll rest easy if we continue to advance next week.


High probabilty move or just good marketing?

Back to GDX, the gold miner proxy everybody looks at for guidance… finally falling in line with the big boy miners such as AEM and NEM.

Edit: adding junior gold miners!! They’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Grrrreat!

Parabola Update

TLT breakout Confirmed

Rates to Zero Likely…and beyond !

Dollar UP Gold UP Silver UP

Perfect !

Hidden strength for precious metals.

The GSR is showing that even while increasing… it has been with gold and silver staying strong.. not weak.

Edit: something feels wrong the way I did that… peak pullback was actually deeper for metals.. but while the gsr has stayed deep at 61.8%… silver and gold have refused to stay far from highs.