Article: The Looming, Big Catalyst for Gold

I say looming because it does not appear imminent…

The Looming, Big Catalyst for Gold

Uranium has Radiation Poisoning

It Just Threw Up

Bit Coin

OK….time for an old fart like me to learn what the hell is a bitcoin.

Cryptocerency….someone please explain….maybe one of you 17 year olds can help.

Huddle Up Gold People.

Most here feel it is totally ridiculous for gold to be struggling to find a bid in this Chaotic uncertain time of Helicopter Money and Fluke Presidents and Korean maniacs and Bifurcated Countries…and and and

But is this truly THE most Volitile and Chaotic time we have lived through. Um NO ?

When was a less volatile time in the last 100 years than right now ?

Rambus Post last night has 100 year charts. This Bull market Started in 1931 and is still going up.

So we are all hear for the same reason basically . We want Gold to go UP to show all those idiots running the fiat scam that we are smarter than they are . And we want to get filthy stinging rich in gold without having to pan for it.

Also we WANT that damn Stock market Paper Mill to blow up because it is immoral and irrational and a casino. We Go Long Gold and Short the Dow and we deny the Gold Bull is off the Island for now and IGNORE its a Dow Bull !

I know. I Know not YOU……… But… ya you !

“The Market can Stay Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent.”

John Maynard Keynes

The real quote is even better

“There is nothing so disastrous as a rational investment policy in an irrational world.”



RIC Update….

Used RIC successfully in the past to help denote changes in PM market…
Last two days BULLISH candles on 2 month support trend line with RSI positive divergences…
Appears potential BULL flag ready to break out…
Stoch and TRIX (early indicators) have reset with a BULLISH up turn…
Could be the first BULL flag denoting a change in direction?


Looks like that Historical COT imbalance is unwinding

This looks dangerous …and we haven’t yet had any panic selling.



I have support on the HUI right here BUT

GDX is the traders index and support is still 3% lower ( 9% in DUST)

Gold holding on to $1264 by its fingernails.

Gold is struggling to hold on to $1264 right now and struggling to avoid breaking below the black line on the chart below. It’s holding on for dear life as I write at $1264.30/1265.30 Bid/Ask. If it doesn’t, the $1150-1260 range is again in play (gold triangle). Note the large amount of trading along the black line in 2017.

The decision point may be when the black line and green line meet (horizontal support/resistance meets the black line at $1264):

DUST 60 TRIX has BEAR crossed…

Does Red Equal Bear?

Big dollar breakout or just a weaker bull high?  Each peak lower than the last.  Notice that big moves usually follow the new leader. Many an inauguration has seen a topping or bottoming pattern in the neighborhood and a Dollar bull has never exceeded two terms. A dollar bear is a tweet away. The only red bull was the first term of Reagan…a different time. Time will tell if I’m on to something with this pattern but not too much if history repeats.

Presidential cycle isn’t anything new but thought a visual would be helpful.

Posted this over at Rambus on Jan 20th…hope it’s still applicable.