PM sector reliable trend indicator: XAU to Gold ratio

It is a breakout on weekly chart.

When this ratio goes higher miners go up.

Since Dec 21 2016 indicator has signaled the turn and now RSI has back tested its HnS and moving higher so is the the ratio on weekly chart.


The Coal ETF has been rising strongly all thru 2016 Started with the Gold rally BUT never had a severe correction

Which is surprising and Interesting.

Now could be taking off again

Thanks to Sir Dennis for sending this

LOOK at the weekly…wow…How’s this for symmetry !

If that line is broken should be grate for Coal . The Trump strikes again ?


Looking for thoughts on anyone who thinks this thing is not going down. My horsemen and rider are all negative; The H&S looks compelling below $3.30.

the beast

HUI 1 Hour Chartology

A little Diversification…

…doesn’t do any harm. Uranium is something I’ve taken on board, as well as this one. Lico Energy Metals Inc. I posted about it a few weeks ago. If you believe the demand for rechargeable batteries will continue to rise, both Lithium and Cobalt miners should do well. As always, do your own research.

Another One Worth Considering



I’ve seen a 58% gain in a few weeks, so thought I’d share. Do your own due diligence of course.

GDXJ – JDST follow up

Although action today is bullish for miners as we have a BO on the GDXJ-daily. Need to see the closing price. It toyed with the dMA200 and is (initially) rejected. As for shorts price need close below 37.80 to have any chance and today would be a FBO which definitely could be doubted at least for now intraday.

As for GDXJ-120 … it hit top rail which line is hot. Also note that last few days its was BT-ing the red thick line if by any this is the case.

As for JDST-15 … price action is deep negative but still within the flag.

Last … JDST-120. Today’s low should be the line in the sand for shorts eq. JDST. This low tag might give shorts a chance although thin.

Heads up for bulls … just showing the bear case.

$TNX 2 Hour Looking Bullish

$TNX is currently diverging from UUP/$USD, latter looks oversold IMO in the ST so balance of probabilities, provided $TNX continues to rally, is UUP/$USD rallies

with it, dragging gold & miners down somewhat.

Question is, will $TNX make a double top or new high? If former, PM bull still on in the ST, if latter, incipient PM bull is stillborn IMO.

HUI Resistance

Chart says it all…

Where is the 1% of 1.6b Sharia gold investors

MAYBE they will show up this Ramadan which starts on 27th of May for a month. By then the Dutch and French would be done with their elections. And, if gold rally fractals last year, gold sentiments should look steeply good.

Holding your junior stocks during gold bull


Roxgold went up almost 100x from 2010-2012. This clearly shows how it is important to not only pick winners, but to hold on to these during the bull run, as it is always tempting to scale back when up strongly in the beginning of a run.

As Spock stated previously the most important is the sitting tight in a bull market.

Gold and USD Cycles

The USD has broken below 100 but the Trading Cycle has not failed yet and may not as we are deep in my timing band to find a TC Low or DCL. I expect a bounce first into a new Trading Cycle that will roll over and fail by making a lower TC Low.

Gold and the USD Cycle

GOLD hits 1217 then right back to resistance.

Maybe a back test to support?

Long bull till time is right

If it is risky to trade the breaks during a bull, why bother? Just let our profit run is most logical. But there were times last year that some of us found the good time to cash our chips and got in unexpectedly of a deeper retracement after $1250. Then calls for 3 digits filled the air. On hindsight, I should have clobber myself for missing the sell opportunity but it was about gauging sentiments that firedup our guts to double our core at 1130. Now we ride the bull and get off when the time is right, price will reverse. But, the trouble is next wave is 4 which should not be like wave 2 which we would have exit had we knew it was brutal. Now that it was so wave 4 would be mild, would it? Almost everyone talks about price objective. How about charting time objective for next correction or wave 4.

PDN.TO Paladin Energy and FUU.V Fission 3.0 Corp

Yes, I know I have a lot of indicators. I keep them on most of my charts as a way to learn and get familiar with there actions.

Grade is King

Nexus Gold Corp. NXS.V OTC:NXXGF has made some recent stunning high grade gold discovery announcements. Here is the latest today:

And from 2 weeks ago:

Grade is King. Could Nexus be the King of Kings? Here is chart. My medium term target is $CAD 0.42. Current price around $CAD 0.16

For those interested in getting in near the ground floor, Nexus Gold Corp. is doing a non-brokered private placement (PP) basis at a price of $0.12 per Unit. Each Unit will consist of one (1) common share of the Issuer (each, a “Share”) and one-half-of-one common share purchase warrant (each whole warrant, a “Warrant”) with each whole Warrant entitling the holder thereof to purchase one additional common share (each, a “Warrant Share”) of the Issuer at a price of $0.18 per Warrant Share for a period of twenty-four (24) months from their date of issue.

I have managed to secure a priority allocation for GT members. If interested email me at and I can forward the subscription forms and other details. They are accepting over subscriptions, so I have some allocations available. I expect this to be closed off by close of business tomorrow, so be quick.

Here is the company website: which contains all public information regarding the company and its activities. As you can see from the website, the company has been drilling a very prospective high grade gold project in West Africa. My understanding is that the funds from this PP will be used to accelerate and expand the drill program using a diamond core drilling program, to test the high-grade rock sample areas identified and other prospective areas along strike. Refer recent release from the company showing the gold grades that have been assayed to date. Expect more news from the company in this regard over coming weeks.

Spock 😉

room to run


Weekly chart. This would give time for gold to continue and reach targets to keep out of bear trend. 1310/1360 targets.

GLD Resistance

GLD is hitting resistance at 2 Fib retracement levels and the EMA 20 on the weekly for the 2nd week:

Quest Rare Minerals – One To Watch

I added this to my portfolio a few weeks back, with the charts looking good. 40% gain so far, and an important test here at a line of former resistance. Could be on for a quick double if it breaks out.

Junior Cordoba mineral CDB

Last week Jan 15 this massive HnS was featured here for traders.

On news release of great grade discovery stock up 38%.

Cordoba Minerals Intersects 4,440 g/t Gold, 10.25% Copper, 24.7% Zinc and 347 g/t Silver Over 0.9 Meters in New Discovery.
According to rock value calculator this rock is valued at the highest any one have ever seen it. $5,381,714./ton

Junior CDB a copper play in Columbia

About The Dollar

After very briefly falling below the psychologically important 100 level, we’re seeing something of a rally. Will it last ? I doubt it, but the progress of gold/miners may take a breather if it does – this doesn’t alter my bullish expectations over the coming weeks.

HUI – Looking Good

In addition to Graddhys excellent post on PM’s below – here’s how I see the HUI.

  • RSI rising with plenty of room to rise further
  • ma50 has crossed above ma200
  • price is looking like it will soon close above the 50wma (212.56)
  • MACD has crossed and has loads of room to rise
  • Full STO in a bullish uptrend

Viewed from this perspective it looks like we’re now in the next leg up


PM – we are going up from here, the pull back is cancelled I think

It looks more and more to me that we are not getting a pull back here for $GOLD as I and many others were looking for. It looks to me like it is the $EURUSD / $XEU that is in a hurry moving up that is driving this move and that is probably why the $USD is not allowed to complete a larger and more normal sized right shoulder on my h&s.

What does this do for the miners? Well, there is no pull back coming there either as I see it. We can see on the chart for GDXJ below that we are once again above my main support line for the expanding falling wedge after having filled the gap just below it. My guess is that we do not move below this thicker support line again and that we climb from here.

I am looking for circa 1,085 on the $EURUSD below for the final stretch for this move, that is the first obvious resistance level on the chart below (purple). That would take it back above my, as I see it, very, very important now resistance line (black) which is the trend line for my 20 year channel.
Do note that the 20 year trend line is confirmed with a perfect BT so far.

Here are my latest posts on $USD and $EURUSD/$XEU, showing where we are and where we are going:

I see $GOLD going to 1240-1250 in this continued move, without pull back. And we have a thin zone coming up on GLD 2 h between circa 117,5-120,5, see below.
Fasten your seat belts. I think we will reach 1240-1250 quite fast here by the looks of it, maybe in two-three days.

Marty is Dialing UP the Rhetoric

Most his posts are on this one topic now . Not much trading stuff any more. he has an audience and now

a Platform .

Chinese New Year gold rally comes on

See comment

NUGT/DUST 60 Update…

Could NUGT have a FBO? Could NUGT have a BEAR flag?

DUST is finding support on the 60…

And if one zones in with the 15 minute NUGT chart, the TRIX has BEAR crossed with a negative divergence…
This chart can give us an “earlier signal” than the 60 minute, but is more prone to fake outs…

These are only possibilities not probabilities…

Northern Dynasty News

$Silver – Daily

Knocking on the door of an upside breakout…

Marking time and extensions of support/resistance…




US Dollar – seems like we have BO out of my h&s

It is a rather small BO but a BO is a BO until otherwise is proven I have heard. It looks pretty decisive though even if it is not large. It looks the same on a line chart. Both $USD and USDU as seen below are showing the same thing. I thought I saw today that it was looking much weaker than I had expected. I had expected it to do a larger right shoulder and then BO. It can of course rip higher for a last dead roll move but for now, we have BO. A very, very important one.

We seem to have more confirmation now the day after. is showing a more clear BO that SC and that it is BT today. Not saying that Investing is more accurate than SC, just saying that I am putting this in the confirmation file the way it looks now.