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Dow Bearish Gartley

We now have nearly perfect configuration. All that needs to happen is for prices to fall to confirm. Details…..details 😉

Dow Gartley

Dow Bearish Gartley

China & Small Caps Suggesting Reversal Nearby




Gold daily – We closed at 2006 uptrend line

Looks to be on the money (green line).


GDX – Gold Level – Pivotal?


Back test?

DWTI fork

2015-10-10 04-50-43_0000 RJ's Watch List (10 Per Page) - Members -

OIH May Be Topping Here

DT resistance and S/R pivot.


Time for Turn in Silver?

Just scanning my charts……..


Zwieg Breadth Thrust

zweig breadth thrust

Sugar was Sweet

Took profits on my SGG trade when it started to drop near the top of my Fork earlier today.

Will reload later perhaps.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.36.31 AM

DUST 60 Do or DIE!



Relating to Plungers post here. I saw Maloney´s posting yesterday.

Interesting trendline.
FED bild

DE that Plunger mentioned, I had a chart of it here a few days ago together with other interesting charts.

I have also mentioned QE4 in a few postings the last weeks. And yes, I think we might be there. And it would make all the sense in the world not to tell us at some point if they have restarted it or which QE-nmbr they are on.

GLD a different look

Rambus just posted his GLD chart which shows a break above the triangle. I have a different view which I have shown for several months. This view has worked well in the past to identify resistance lines


USD and Gold Cycle Updates

Sorry for all the posts on the USD but it is Key to all CRB trades going forward.

First chart shows a 1 year plus chart of the USD and its last 4 Intermediate Cycle (IC) trend lines (4-5 months on ave). Note that the IC from Dec 2014 did not break the IC trend line (bullish) but the last two did. Also note what happens when an IC trend line fails (We have seen this with Gold over and over the past 4 years).

Well the USD IC Trend line failed yesterday and is dropping again today. Unless this is a head fake FBO, watch out below as we are only in week 6 (USD ICs last 18-23 weeks low to low on average).

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.13.02 AM

The next chart is for Gold that I sent to Norvast late last night. I have mentioned a couple of times that the Gold Cycle counts have me a bit muddled. This could very well be the TC2 High on day 20 which would be the norm but I don’t see how Gold will drop with the USD going down. So if my cycle analysis on the dollar is correct, perhaps have already made a TC2 low 6 days ago.

What if we are now in day 6 of TC3 rather than day 20 of TC2 (normally see a TC high near day 20 in TC2). Note that the Fork is not technically correct but I use this approach out of IC Lows and find that it channels price fairly accurately into Highs. If this is TC3 and gold closes above 1158 today we may well see a test of 1190-1200 by late next week

Gold TC3?  2015-10-08 at 10.15.43 PM

15 min gdx

here is a link to 15 minute gdx
to refresh place cursor on the link below and hit enter, it will refresh, don’t hit update on stockcharts or chart will revert to daily
watch the slowsto(144) and slowsto(60), when they cross below 80, look to short, especially if they cross below simultaneously
chart is too big to paste

QE 4.0 Incognito has just begun and we didn’t know it happened until now.

Gang (knights) this is pretty important. An derivatives dislocation blow up just happened and the FED of course kept it under wraps. This is what the credit spread spike was all about. Somewhere a bank just blew up and the FED rescued it. So the question is was it just phase one and the big one is coming down the pike? Check out these charts, the article and the video. Maybe this is what is driving gold.

FED Repo

The source of the fire?

DUST 2 about to show it’s hand…

dust 2
1415 Update…

SPX Pivots Now SUPPORT 1991 and 1956 WATCH!

Some are saying we hit 1956 explode to 2040 THEN DROP LIKE A ROCK!

Show time for the financials

Take your sides


Oil- The bullish case….should one really get all lathered up about it yet?


Why NUGT is such a great shorting vehicle if you have the guts

13% decay in 1.5 months with the GDX flat. The decay puts the wind at ones back. Might as well have the futures contracts working for you rather than against you (DUST)



Any Takers?


Spock – closed ALL long positions

Every trade is in good profit…so I am going to bank it all now and see what happens over the weekend. Can re-enter next week on any pullback. Prefer cash going into the weekend.

PM miners – Follow up TMM.TO

TMM follow up 2 hTMM BO


puts vs calls 10-9

Smart Money buying Lots of Puts. This happened before the turn upwards only Lots of Calls bought then by the “smart money”

Gold Resistance

Keep this level in view. We came close to tagging it today.


Update 12pm – I think we are about tagging it now at about 1160.

Sentiment vs Market Returns


GDX Daily Negative Div on RSI 5 in play…


QQQ bumping up against massive resistance

qqq trend resistance

Trend line and 50DMA and 200DMA resistance right here. I watch awaiting the outcome with lots of dry powder. Short a very small amount in the market here. All the horseman pointing upwards.

From Deep Voice Just Now

Chartology Forum Members Know Deep Voice very Well


“Even though commodities have bottomed, gold and oil are not even close regarding price. Today should tell the story.”