Did you know?

Gold actually peaked in 2012? Quarterly defined peak that is!

Wizard of Oz

Who is the magician pulling the levers? Pieces of the puzzle fitting nicely. Look how GSR is the opposite of high yield junk bonds?

If FED is buying them up like hot cakes.. guess this also will push GSR… that trendline is about 87. Destinay has a meeting with it I reckon.

How to manipulated a market 101

Fed buys LQD, removes volatility… gold prices in more built-in brittleness of an already brittle financial eco-system.

Just Marvelous!


Back to the future (added VIX)

Did you expect it would melt right through? I always hope it does… but rarely does!

Edit: adding vix… silver and gold + US equities have NOT topped yet.

Deflation Probabilities

Did the Fed do enough to save us?


Just to add confirmation to Northstar’s bitcoin Post

if you cant Bit ’em Join ’em

Short Term Trade Suggestion

For those inclined to take the risk of a short term option trade, I would buy puts or devise an option play to take advantage of a pending decline in GS. Sell and or go short or buy puts.

Capital flowing IN precious metals.

Wheels are in motion… Gold vs SPX Ratio has led Silver on previous precious metals bull eras.

Once it’s monthly defined breakout line completes retest, expect silver & gold to continue outshine US equities.

Additional thoughts:

I trust most horizontal breakout lines… but for silver, it being of a more volatile nature, most important moves came from slanted trend line breaks. Guess I’m adapting to what the chart is telling me! It’s possible Silver has ALREADY broken out on monthly chart!

You’d also miss a BIG chunk of the moves for silver if you waited for horizontal break lines. Gold however is more sturdy and old school… a horizontal trend line break is the norm. (ex. 1350-1400).

Junior THM International Tower

Already 300% up

Bitcoin Has Broken Out

Bitcoin has now made the all important breakout above long term resistance. That line is now acting as support. If the support holds on any retest, new highs are coming.