USD Gold and GDX


Redstar Gold Corp/Atac Resources

Up over 9% today so I wonder if this is being bought as it maybe an acquisition target. I cannot find any news on why it should be going against the other miners.



Atac resources also up over 8%


US dollar could be in for a pop-n-drop

$USD is right at the neckline and USDU gapped the neckline and BO yesterday. Looks like we just might get a pop-n-drop before we go down towards my first PO of 97 for $USD, followed by 95,5. If so, $USD will do a pop-n-drop and USDU will make an immediate hard BT.

XAU Leading Way Down?

XAU likes to lead…


Perky….. and remember how that correlation to gold works ?

$YCS is one way to play it



USDU looks like toast, into late April, based on the 10 week Hurst Cycle. From the chart, this cycle is now heading down into late April, and the price action is now bearish, given its trading under a H&S neckline.

What can happen, is price can drop hard into the cycle low, so maybe we flop around here for a week or two, to establish a failed daily cycle, then down hard into the late April lows, for 4% to 5% drop, from the neckline. 4% to 5% hard drop … think about it.

This will produce a lot of chart damage. I cannot see where the bull case is, given that we are also at 15 year super-cycle peak this year, for the DXY.

Trump wants to make America great again. This is what he needs to help achieve that.

So far, many of the miners are not buying any of the metals price action. Lets see what happens when USDU goes over the edge next month. $Gold should be testing $1300 then. This reminds me of January 2016, when we had similar scenario, when the metals took off, and miners had a delayed reaction, as the herd were in recency bias denial.

Now here is the $silver price action. Using some independent rational thinking, which is rare to find in a herd, assuming USDU does the expected dive next month, $silver should be trading well above the neckline shown at $18.40, and on its way to $21.70, which is the measured move.

Spock 😉

€ sentiments


Bank of America Merrill Lynch Research argues that there are highly asymmetric EUR implications into the French elections.

In the most likely scenario in which Le Pen loses the second round, BofAML expects EUR/USD to strengthen towards 1.10.

“However, we see substantial EUR downside if Le Pen wins, believing that EUR/USD could weaken all the way to 0.90 within days,” BofAML argues.

$Silver – Daily

Note the OBV indicator at the top of the chart, which has now broken out above the level set at Silver’s 2011 high.  If Granville’s theory that “volume precedes price” holds any merit, then we should see some spectacular upside action in Silver in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Also note that the MACD indicator at the bottom of the chart which has just turned upward has a great deal of room to run higher before it is anywhere near “oversold”.



Ladies And Gentlemen

Place your bets please…

Junior XRA Inv HnS BO

XRA was featured on March 20

Junior XRA HnS Ready??