BPGDM lost a stock today


down from 56% to 52%

slight positive divergence on the macd, but

the gdx/gld ratio is still below the 20 ema though

Gold turnaround mid December?

In the conversation below this is what Bob Moriarty believes.  When the DSI drops below 10, probably mid December. I’ve followed Bob for many years and he may not be exact but he is always pretty close.  What sort of damage will be done to the shares?  Could a slow grind sideways work off DSI by then?  Anybody want to take a crack at a long term DSI chart for the PMs?


Living on the edge

More play by play for the Gold to Silver Ratio aficionados out there!

Coffee Perking up?

Enjoy. 😉

Coffee Perking up?

Uranium – Hope In Sight ?

Long suffering uranium investors will be hoping so. Here’s a chart for one I’m following, Energy Fuels.

Old MacDonald had a Fall


The Stock

Precarious spot here

Possible Dollar & Gold Patterns

I’m sticking with it folks…


If this plays out, downside may be another 5% or so for HUI, and 4% for GDX. Let’s see if the bullish, descending wedges do their thing…

Edit – GDX added

Anticipating A Break Below The $1480 Area

As I’ve previously suggested, there are a couple of scenarios here. A drop below the $1480 area would put this one into play. Looking at the behaviour of the Stochastic indicator on longer timeframes, it would be normal to see the reading which is still in the 80’s, fall to somewhere in the 60’s, just as it did during most major consolidations in the last big bull run, shown on the chart below. That would set us up for $1400, maybe even a little lower, before we resume our march upwards towards the old highs.

My Yen chart from yesterday, lines up quite well with this idea, because it looks like it wants to pullback for another month or two.