There is no ‘top trumps’ on the worst of vaccines that include an aluminium adjuvant. However, so-called vaccines against the human papilloma virus (HPV) must give most a run for their money.

I will finish this brief exposition with the most important paper yet published on this subject. This paper has survived the extreme rigours of publication bias and prejudice within mainstream scientific publishing and has earned the respect of the editorial team at the International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, a reputed journal.


A reactogenic “placebo” and the ethics of informed consent in Gardasil HPV vaccine clinical trials: A case study from Denmark

CONCLUSION: In our view, the administration of a reactive placebo in Gardasil clinical trials was without any possible benefit, needlessly exposed study subjects to risks, and was therefore a violation of medical ethics. The routine use of aluminum adjuvants as “placebos” in vaccine clinical trials is inappropriate as it hinders the discovery of vaccine-related safety signals.