From the Vigilant Fox : Incredible story of success because of Substack and “X”

This “Nobody” has 800,000 Followers :


As a ‘nobody’ from the Midwest, I never expected to challenge the might of the corporate media.

But here I am, standing tall with 800K highly-engaged ? followers.

That’s wild. Thank you all for your incredible support.

There’s a race happening right now.

On one side, the powers that be and their enablers, representing perhaps 1% of the population but holding enormous socioeconomic power, seek to enslave humanity through a series of “convenient” solutions to today’s problems: carbon credits, digital ID, and central bank digital currency, etc.

Opposing them are the defenders of truth and liberty, representing maybe 9% of the population, who are ardently battling to protect mankind from this encroachment.

Caught in the middle is the 90% asleep at the wheel, captured by the distractions of modern life — TV news, sports, video games, streaming services, and the numerous pleasures that life affords.

Our mission is clear and urgent: to awaken this 90% and rouse them from their slumber before the control grid to subjugate society is thoroughly established.

As such, I encourage everyone who is not yet fully engaged to start sharing the truth in any way you can. The time for sitting on the sidelines is over.