I have posted both full articles and specific paragraphs from previous articles by Michael Ballanger because more often than not he provides not only investor wisdom from decades of experience but spot on analysis of specific situations. I guess one of the reasons I enjoy reading his work is that we are both in our early seventies, and were stock brokers decades ago. Our outlook on markets and related economic and political dealings tracks fairly closely. First, he discusses the BS jobs and US economic narrative as I did last week in a couple of posts. Second, he relays a particular bit of market wisdom about strong stock market rallies being suspect, when the banks and financials are not confirming(something I too check all the time to look for possible confirmations and or divergences) and finally, he talks about how as much as he uses and relies on technical analysis and charts, they are barely useful when it comes to a “rigged” market like gold and silver. Something I have also posted about here more then once over the last few years. His writings are full of experienced based wisdom and humor. https://www.streetwisereports.com/article/2024/02/05/narrative-nonsense.html?m_t=2024_02_05_11_56_57