From Jeff Childers

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has 15 million subscribers, 3 billion total views, and gets around 190 million downloads per month. It’s fair to say he has “reach.” In this recent clip from his show, Rogan blasts the vaccines over the pandemic of sudden death. “It’s crazy how many people just died suddenly after taking it,” he began.
CLIP: Joe Rogan on the Darwinism of Pro-Pharma Position (1:19) (Clean version).

Rogan, angry, did not mince words. He did not couch his diatribe in careful euphemisms. He did not hold back at all:

I’m sad (about) how many people were promoters of the vaccine then died suddenly. It’s craaaazy how many young people just died in their sleep after they took it. And everybody’s like, “nothing to see here!”
Just died suddenly. You ever go to the Died Suddenly Instagram page? Like, holy s—. There’s so many! So many people are talking about anti-Darwin, anti-vaxxers — and then you’re dead. Sorry! You bought into the wrong bulls—. If you really want to get cruel, THAT’S Darwinism.
Do you not know they lie? By now!? Are you not aware of the opioid crisis? Are you not aware of Vioxx? Are you not aware of the, like, 25% of FDA approved drugs that get pulled? It’s 1 out of 4!
And they’re like, ‘what are you, an anti-vaxxer?’ ‘Are you a conspiracy theorist?’ ‘You fool, Darwin’s going to do it’s work with you…’
You’re modifying your genes you f—ing idiot! Like, what are you doing? What are you doing? You gonna just trust Pfizer? ‘Well, they do support Anderson Cooper.’ “Brought to you by Pfizer.” And you’re like, oh, this must be legit?
If nothing else, Rogan’s rant — raising no calls to cancel his show— showed how far the Overton Window and the culture have shifted. On a personal level, just in the last two weeks I have had several (at least three) painful and difficult conversations with people who now deeply regret taking the shots, and are now plagued with worry over every tiny disruption in their health status, wondering if this is it.

I bet you too can feel the culture shifting. Let me know in the comments what you think. And if, as they always say, politics truly is downstream from culture, then a great reckoning must surely be on the way.