Federal judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors

Another Court Win for Freedom





20 MINUTE VIDEO …Haven’t seen this one yet

During a Mass Psychosis Madness Becomes the Norm and Delusionary Beliefs Spread Like a Contagion.


Japanese Ministry of Health warns of ‘serious side effects’ from vaccines



This Country wants to mandate Vaccines..

A Picture is worth 1 million words…pass this on

Obvious manipulation

Great, simple tweet! I had not seen James Turk’s Twitter feeds for a while!


funeral director

Update from the coal face.


Decimated immune systems and thrombosis is what he is seeing.

Coroner knows, and does not care.

Comment: In a “mass Formation” psychosis, 30% of the population is actually hypnotized. As such, logic is useless with them. They tend to be the best educated and intelligent too. So they will gladly walk over a cliff to get another jab. This is what we are seeing.

USA – California school offers boy pizza to get vaccinated, tells him not to ‘say anything,’ mom says

her son recently came home from Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles with a vaccine card, telling her that he accepted the shot after he was offered pizza. 

“It hurt to know he got a shot without my permission, without knowing and without signing any papers for him to get the shot,” Duarte said, adding that she is vaccinated and isn’t anti-vaccine.


UK – MP Who Claims She Feels “Unsafe” Around Maskless Is Pictured Partying Maskless

An MP who claimed she felt “unsafe” around people who don’t wear masks proudly posted maskless photos of herself to Twitter enjoying a party surrounded by people not wearing masks.

“I feel incredibly unsafe in the chamber,” when Tories don’t wear masks Labour MP Zarah Sultana stated during a recent BBC News interview.

Those fears were apparently absent when Sultana visited the MOBO awards in Coventry, during which she was photographed in close proximity to others at an indoor event attended by thousands.

Sultana’s behavior once again underscores how masks have become pure theater and yet another political tool in culture war, completely absent any real body of evidence that they actually work.”









Video is half Polish

Here is a link to the story ( recent Dec 2)


Crypto Crash

Reading about this yesterday reminded me of a similar post about a year ago.


Not being an expert in the field, but having a sizeable investment in Ripple, I reached out to the only expert I know personally — Dangermouse.  He acknowledged it’s a problem.  And when it blows up, there will be a sector shakeout.  No doubt.  So like the general stock market and the commodities markets, there are problems and those problems WILL be resolved.  The real question is WHEN ?

His take is that it’s the ISO 20022 compliant coins that will come out the winners.  Think XRP (Ripple), XLM, and ALGO.  And if there’s a grain of truth to the persistent rumors that XRP could ultimately be anchored to gold as fiat goes away.  Well, you do the math.

Could Bitcoin double from here ?  Sure.  Could the shakeout start tomorrow ?  Sure.  But the same can be said about ‘nose bleed valuation’ stock markets around the world.  All it takes is the right pin.  Does that mean you can’t make money in the stock market until that happens ?  Ask Rambus what he thinks.

Lastly, you have to take anything that Mike Adams says with a BIG grain of salt.  His stuff is more tabloid than information.

I Believe He Was Triple Vaxed

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit dropped dead suddendly from a heart attack yesterday morning during a workout. https://www.drf.com/news/medina-spirit-dies-following-work-santa-anita

A Favorite Stock Market Canary

One of my favorite stock market canaries, is an obscure stock, that is useful for one particular scenario. It is a great tell, IF the stock market is on the verge of a crash. The chart says it is possible soon. I expect it to fill a gap at around 618. If it does, and starts to drop precipitously over the next few days, the likelihood of the rest of the market following is quite high. It probably won’t, given we just had a crash in March 2020 and they don’t usually happen so close together. Given the fact of the unusual set up and over valued market, it is still possible and I am watching closely, to see if it plays out? The canary is TDG.

I’ll Take The Other Side

Apparently, yesterday a Cowan analyst ranked MU as a “best idea” and I see that FX Empire looks to buy on a fill of the gap below. That should eventually happen, and he may be right that it becomes a good long term buy at lower levels, but I take the other side. I see it getting up to fill the gap at 85, likely today, and I would sell or take a put position for the drop to the gap at 77. I don’t have a long term opinion but definitely see a pop to 85 as at least a short term sell.


The Great Hope of Omicron is that it is more transmissible and less virulent and leads to the end of the Pandemic as everyone acquires natural immunity via mild to asymptomatic infection

Geert the Party Pooper says…NOT SO FAST ! In 2 articles at Trial Site. These are short but rather technical and many be difficult to follow

If I understand him he is saying the mutations in the spike is causing the vaccine antibodies to be useless and therefore a person will rely on their innate immnuity ( if they are healthy) whether vaxxed or unvaxxed

But Innate immunity control of an infection allows one to keep getting reinfected. It is only Strongly symptomatic infection that creates Natural Antibodies ( acquired immunity) which protect for life and therefor when enough of the population has gone through this phase we would have herd immunity.

So to summarize ..If you have had symptomatic infection at any time…You are GOOD to go !

If you have had only asymptomatic infection your acquired immunity has not been activated and you are still subject to continual reinfection and spreading . This includes all Vaxxed people . This would be made worse if the develop an Omicron Specific mRNA Vaxx !!

Furthermore Geert is concerned the multiple mutations will allow the virus to access a new binding site on the cells and everything begins again. This Immunology is very complex and Geert Feels it is only he who fully understands the consequences of mass vaxx in the middle of a Pandemic



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December 7th, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin, going from strength to strength

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