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I think , that now police will go and buy him a coffee and donuts


the crux of the matter


A Call for Unity



Pandemic Preparedness: Coming to a Country Near You – Meryl Nass

This 60+ pager was issued in late April, mentioned once before, but here is the whole thing in a nutshell.

The US Government will be paying 100 countries to implement “pandemic preparedness.” This will include many of the awful provisions in the treaty and amendments, ho ho ho.

US Government Global Health Security Strategy – 2024



SO – You thought the world defeated THE WHO PANDEMIC TREATY as well as changes to the Health Protocol (remember they were coming at global control from 2 different directions) — well it seems that US is going to BUY agreement from 100 countries instead of it being voluntary. At least that’s what I “interpret” Meryl is telling us …. while she references Santa Claus…..I suspect April Fools may be more appropriate. A developing story……..btw is the pharmaceutical industry paying??


Air Force Bombshell: Admits They Can Control Weather – HAARP – May 15, 2014

While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa Murkowski in relation to the dismantling of the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.

Walker said this is “not an area that we have any need for in the future” and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”

Is it still just a conspiracy theory if public officials admit it is true?



“ALDI is considering selling edible insects to help with cost of living crisis”

“I’m sure Bill Gates is over the moon”

And just like that another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ becomes ‘Conspiracy Fact’

Would you eat bugs? Apparently they’re a good source of protein.


Central Bank Digital Currencies

Listen to UK PM Rishi Sunak speak on CBDC’s with Russel Brand translating on what it really means for you.

UK have a General Election in July which means we either get the same Globalist sell out party or a new Globalist sell out party.

You will use a CBDC with your Digital ID because the technocratic communist agenda demands you too.

Unless we all reject it.


America’s Final War by Andrei Martyanov

Warfare is a geopolitical tool of the first order; only wars of scale can measure the real strength of nations. For decades American claims of hegemony, and by extension that of the West, have been based on what has now proved to be a carefully constructed mythology of economic and military supremacy. This is Andrei Martyanov’s fourth book addressing this issue, now as it concerns the war in Ukraine. In America’s Final War, he lays out in detail the underpinning causes and extent of its self-deception.
Washington’s eight years of preparing Ukraine and its armed forces for war with Russia was a mistake of historic proportions, due to its misperception of American military power based on its 1991 Gulf War victory against a minor military player. Washington believed its own propaganda about crippling sanctions on Russia, about the viability of its Ukrainian proxy army, and the economic and military weakness of Russia, spelling doom for the American empire and its “rules-based order”.
Martyanov lays out Washington’s utter incompetence and shocking military amateurism. But then, he claims, the US doesn’t do strategy; it does business plans. Through 2022-2023, Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) exposed US and NATO forces as legacy armies stuck in the 1990s, still viewing the world from that vantage point. The massive destruction of the West’s high-cost weaponry ensued, annulling their vaunted superiority. Western armaments, from anti-tank Javelins to APC Bradleys to air defense complexes such as the Patriot PAC3 or NASAMS, performed dismally and proved unready for what has become the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII. By 2023 the Kiev regime could no longer exist without the West’s support, both financial and in war materiel. By 2024 Russia will have not just exhausted Ukraine, but also demilitarized NATO as a whole, exposing the industrial and military impotence of the US and its European vassals.
The finance and tech-based economy is not a real economy; expeditionary warfare and doctrine is not real war. The global balance of power has shifted to Eurasia. Western Europe has become a collection of weak and fast deindustrializing economies which will increasingly become irrelevant against the background of the explosive economic, technologic, scientific and military development in Eurasia
The world has noticed what has been exposed, and because of that, life as we knew it is no more. The rule of the West of the last half-millennium is over.

Why Are They Drugging The Students? The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes “Patients” of Normal Children

They can be identified as having ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It turns out that there is nothing proven chemically to constitute ADHD. It is entirely a diagnosis applied based on behavior as identified throughout a checklist questionnaire. The checklist is about fidgeting, forgetting, boredom, finishing tasks, various acting up, expressions of frustrations, and so on. In other words, what we have here is a list of all the signs you might expect when boys in particular are told to sit perfectly still at a desk for months and years and complete tasks assigned to them by some authority figure.

What could be the purpose of such a diagnosis? You guessed it: there are drugs for this supposed problem. They have various names: Ritalin (methylphenidate), Adderall (amphetamine), Dexmethylphenidate, Lisdexamfetamine, Clonidine, and Atomoxetine. Not even one of them has been proven to be a chemical fix for any biological abnormality. They are all behavioral-adjustment drugs; that is, psychotropic drugs; that is, narcotics for kids.


ALASKA – Denali National Park bridge crew ordered to stop flying American flags

The crew working on a 475-foot-long bridge in Alaska’s Denali National Park was recently told that they could no longer fly the American flag from their trucks or heavy equipment, which are being used in the $207 million Federal Highway Administration project.

According to the contractor, Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell contacted the man overseeing the federal highways project, claiming there had been complaints about the U.S. flags, and notifying him that bridge workers must stop flying the stars and strips from their vehicles because it detracts from the “park experience.”

“Here I am in a national park, and we’re being told we can’t fly the American flag,” the contractor continued. “I understand there are rules for contractors working in the national parks, but you wouldn’t think flying the American flag would be part of those rules.”


NATO advocates for the use of weapons on Russian soil. From US proxy war to World War III.

If you thought nobody is crazy enough to go there, think again. It’s happening.

Stoltenberg called on NATO countries to lift restrictions on strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Western weapons on the internationally recognized territory of Russia.


Husband of “NO-VAX” Italian MEP KILLED in MAFIA Capital

“They killed my husband Angelo” said the Italian MEP Francesca Donato Donato, speaking with some friends who contacted her to confirm that the victim was really her husband.

Just like Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico. victim of an attempted murder a few days ago by a fanatic of NATOand the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, the Italian politician who moved to live in Sicily has always been an open protester of Big Pharma’s killer vaccines and military aid to Kiev.

In recent months, MEP Francesca Donato had presented a question to the European Parliament to ask for a stop to the Covid mRNA vaccines due to the lethal myocarditis found by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

There may be hundreds of plausible reasons for the brutal murder but, as in the case of Falcone and Borsellino and many other opponents of the New World Order System, a convergence of interests on the part of multiple occult instigators appears clear…




Seems like we are getting close to release date for the next scam as mysterious forces are clearing the field of any that will impede the desired narrative! This is 3rd (probably more) EU hit in 2Q/24……

Doomberg: Apart at the Seams…Will green energy myopia be the undoing of the European Union

Great Piece of Analysis on the Political Landscape in Europe


Refusing to Wear a Mask Isn’t Protected by US Constitution: Federal Court

My question is, can you legally be thrown into jail or fined for simply not wearing a mask?

Refusing to Wear a Mask Isn’t Protected by US Constitution: Federal Court

Anyone remember this?

It wasn’t just BBC that used Crisis actors & scenes to portray a deadly virus that was anything but deadly during Covid.

Every other Country did the same thing too.


The Duran

Neocon China hawks; Ukraine failed, focus on Taiwan
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (20:41)


Trump, No CBDC. Drone hits Russia nuclear radar. $320M pier breaks. Elensky, victim dictates terms
Alex Christoforou (43:49)


Big Rus Missile Strike; Lavrov West Desperate; Duma Rus Wants Kiev Regime Change; Yanukovich Return
Alexander Mercouris (1:26:31)


Massive Missile Attack On F-16 Airfield | New Russian Base. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.05.26
Dima (10:21)


The Bloom | Kinzhal Strike On F16 | The Russians Begin Offensive In Sumy. Military Summary 2024.5.26
Dima (Live at 12:30 PDST, 15:30 EDST)


“No government is going to come here, no international organization for which no Costa Rican voted, to give us orders.” – President Chaves denouncing WHO’s ability to usurp sovereignty


Bill Gates Investing Heavily in mRNA Technology — Are Taxpayers Helping Him?

Bill Gates has a long history of investing in mRNA technology and firms active in this sphere. But would these investments have been possible without U.S. government — or taxpayer — support of mRNA research?

Bill Gates has a long history of investing in mRNA technology and firms active in this sphere. But would these investments have been possible without U.S. government — or taxpayer — support of mRNA research?

According to Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical industry executive with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, Gates’ investments in the mRNA field — and the profits he has reaped — were made possible by U.S. government and military funding of bioweapons research.

Latypova told The Defender that “mRNA is entirely funded and pushed on the market under military contracts and funding. It is represented as ‘defensive’ activity in order to skirt the Bioweapons Convention, which prohibits making offensive bioweapons.”“The Pentagon came up with the cover story of ‘pandemic preparedness’ in order to fund on a large scale the making of biological poisons and related systems, including making them at scale.”

“Those punishments might include withholding of food and water. There are some among us who believe that humans should be tagged, as some animals are.”



One Health: Climate Vaccines Are Coming for the Cattle, Then for Humans

Researchers at Gingko Bioworks, a biotech firm also backed by Gates, have floated mRNA injections as a measure to mitigate the impact of global warming. The World Economic Forum has also expressed support for climate vaccines.


Climate Change Scam …… Take a minute to listen to real science & facts you won’t ever hear on Deep State Controlled Legacy Media.

“Our baseline is now the lowest that Co2 has been in 600 million years”

“Medieval warm period showed that it was warmer than the present – this didn’t fit the narrative”

So why the Scam?

Well the Globalists know that if they can control all Co2 omitting organisms & processes they can effectively control the World & do it under the virtuous lying guise of ‘saving the planet’




LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals making moves to cheapen Canadian citizenship

The Trudeau government appears to be doing everything it can to diminish the value of Canadian citizenship. After announcing they would extend birthright citizenship to two generations born out of Canada, the government is now looking at extending citizenship to people who are in the country illegally.

According to The Globe and Mail , Immigration Minister Marc Miller is preparing a proposal for cabinet to consider how to “provide a path to citizenship” for people in the country illegally. This would include failed asylum seekers who were ordered deported but didn’t leave, international students who have overstayed their visas or those who entered on tourist visas and simply never left.

On the issue of extending birthright citizenship, the Liberals made it sound like they had no choice, blaming a court decision last December. The truth is, it was a lower court ruling they didn’t appeal because as they stated clearly in their news release they liked it.

The only question left is how far will the Liberals go in terms of devaluing what it means to be Canadian?


Is your child a FAR-RIGHT extremist?





Couldn’t craft a better metaphor for Biden’s foreign policy than this Wall Street Journal story yesterday:

The hastily built “temporary dock” was fabulously expensive, took three times as long as forecast to build, and is now breaking apart at the first sign of rough weather. With an eye-watering $320 million price tag, one wonders how much a permanent dock or even an entire marina would have cost.

image 2.png
Compare the cost of Biden’s $320 million Gaza Dock to the latest aid package rushed to Ukraine this week to rescue the war effort. Voice of America ran the story Friday headlined, “US announces $275M in new military aid for Ukraine.”

In other words, one crappy dock cost more than the entire latest Ukraine war package.

The no-expense-spared floating pier was built by military engineers overseeing more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers and sailors. This week, part of the pier’s support system “broke off” after “four boats stabilizing the $320 million structure detached” in a mildly rough sea.

“Detached” is a neat euphemism, like saying a Boeing’s emergency door made an “unscheduled departure” from the aircraft during takeoff.

At least two stabilizing boats (tugs?) later washed up on the beach. What will wash up next?

Even worse, the supposed beneficiaries don’t even want the damned thing. For some reason, Palestinians — for whom Biden swears the pier was built — don’t believe it’s really for humanitarian aid. They rightly point out how unimaginably cheaper and safer it is to simply drive aid into Palestine in trucks. They suspect the US’s high-tech floating pier was really built to deliver explosive aid — bombs — instead.

The military’s hyper-costly, crumbling “temporary pier” is just another harebrained scheme, hastily conceived and poorly executed, that nobody wanted and that we can’t afford. And that’s Biden’s foreign policy in a nutshell.

Trump booed relentlessly at LNC


KISS (Part 2)

I’ll state it one more time. Why make things so complicated? All the BRIC’s need to do is set a policy that all members purchase gold with the goal of reaching a certain percentage level of reserves and relative to one’s GDP.

If all members work towards those goals over a prescribed interval of time, there won’t be any problems in accepting one anothers currencies for the purposes of trade. The FX market will adjust their currencies to reflect the fact that they are holding increased gold reserves.

They don’t need dollars anymore and they don’t need to create a new currency”unit”. If each BRICS country has a gold revaluation account(most already do) eventually, they and the rest of the world can choose and set a new official gold price, ($10,000 per ounce) for example.

Simple, workable and practical. KISS!

De-Dollarization Bombshell:

President Trump’s full speech to raucous Libertarian Party national convention in DC.

Many were not happy that he came to address their “party” BUT wow …This is a Blockbuster…Trump is Incredible…at the TOP of his Game at 78 years old . Well worth a watch …thanks K2

time stamped


Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature


  • Additive or synergistic toxicity may occur following multivalent vaccination.
  • Infant deaths post-vaccination are often misclassified as SIDS or suffocation in bed.
  • Of all reported SIDS cases post-vaccination, 75 % occurred within 7 days (p < 0.00001).
  • Inflammatory cytokines in the infant medulla act as neuromodulators causing prolonged apneas.
  • Adjuvants that cross the BBB may induce fatal disorganization of respiratory control.


This study found that a substantial proportion of infant deaths and SIDS cases occurred in temporal proximity to vaccine administration. The excess of deaths during these early post-vaccination periods was statistically significant (p < 0.00001). Several theories regarding the pathogenic mechanism behind these fatal events have been proposed, including the role of vaccine-induced inflammatory cytokines as neuromodulators in the infant medulla preceding an abnormal response to the accumulation of carbon dioxide; fatal disorganization of respiratory control induced by adjuvants that cross the blood-brain barrier; and biochemical or synergistic toxicity due to multiple vaccines administered concurrently.

There are 130 official ways for an infant to die, as categorized in the ICD, and one unofficial way for an infant to expire: from a fatal reaction to vaccines. When vaccine-related deaths are hidden within the death tables, it is difficult to monitor and prevent these deaths. In addition, parents are denied the ability to ascertain honest vaccine risk-to-benefit ratios and true informed consent to vaccination is not possible. This is why increased effort and transparency toward achieving an accurate account of vaccine-related infant mortality is a desirable goal.


For those of us concerned about our health