You Know You Are In Trouble…

… when this kind of news begins to make headlines around the world.

Several high-profile candidates have turned down the chance to become Boeing’s (NYSE:BA) CEO, including GE Aerospace (GE) CEO Larry Culp, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, complicating the company’s search for a new leader to succeed Dave Calhoun, who has said he plans to spend by year-end. Two other potential CEO candidates, Boeing (BA) COO Stephanie Pope and Spirit Aerosystems (SPR) CEO Pat Shanahan, face complications on their path to the top job, while Boeing director and current Carrier Global (CARR) CEO David Gitlin also declined to become a candidate, according to the report.

That tells you something. It is, indeed, criminal and atrocious what has been done to once great commercial aerospace company, that what once would have been considered a stellar position, a position to be proud of and heralding one’s engineering and managerial achievement, has become toxic and nobody wants to take it. Even considering immense financial and other corporate rewards.

Sadly, Boeing’s problems do not stop just with the search of a new CEO:

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft was set to mark its crowning achievement this month: Ferrying two NASA astronauts on a round trip to the International Space Station, proving the long-delayed and over-budget capsule is up for the task. Starliner is halfway to that goal. But the two veteran astronauts piloting this test flight are now in a tentative position — extending their stay aboard the space station for a second time while engineers on the ground scramble to learn more about issues that plagued the first leg of their journey. 

Obviously, Starliner is a brand new capsule, but, evidently the leaks are serious and under these circumstances it is right decision to keep astronauts on ISS for now. Do we see Soyuz in the nearest future if issues will not be resolved? One cannot exclude such a situation. For the most part astronauts and cosmonauts are a friendly bunch, with the exception of Senator Mark Kelly whose badmouthing Russians is a sign of his inferiority complex, and they do come to help each-other if need be. So, let’s keep fingers crossed. Will Musk enter the equation? I cannot even conceive what these two astronauts feel now, especially if they will be cleared to fly Starliner back to Earth. But Boeing is a reflection of the overall state of the United States today.

Andrei Martyanov



Even better….with cycles

W.O.W! This interview between Dr David Martin and Alex Jones MUST NOT BE PASSED UP.

Everything that has happened to humanity related to the COVID BS, the FEAR tactics , lockdowns/coercion/jabs/ lies/deaths, and those responsible, is exposed in this interview….And Dr David Martin quotes the proofs of what he says on every topic he exposes.

I was FLOORED by the depth of his knowledge, even though I have listened to him since before the actual “pandemic” began. Please pass this on to everyone and lets get this world back to the one we used to love and look forward to every tomorrow…rather than hating to have to face another depressing and discouraging day. This video will do that for you! Promise!

Seemingly Unrelated

Two seemingly unrelated topics may indeed be directly tied together. One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing people, even suppossed expert economists repeat the nonsense that when countries dump dollars by selling treasuries and or using them to buy gold, those dollars are going to “come floooding back to the US” and cause hyper inflation.

That would have been possible and even likely if the US was still on the gold standard. Then(like with France and others in the late 60’s and early 70’s) the US Treasury would have had to take in those dollars and pay out gold. Which is why Nixon “temporarily” suspended convertibility.(continues to this day.)

Now, since there is no convertibility, those dollars that anyone no longer wants get taken in by anyone selling their goods and services who still perceives the dollar to have some value. That perception and the value of such dollars will both continue to decline over time, until they become worthless paper like Deutsche Marks in Weimar Germany and the many other failed fiat currencies throughout history.

They would only come back to the US if someone in the US valued them and wanted them. The Treasury could get them back if other countries wanted our Treasury Bonds. They don’t, they are selling treasuries to buy gold. So the only way they would come back to the US Treasury is if the US was selling them our gold.(Which they most likely don’t have anymore.)

That is where the seemingly unrelated topic comes in. What is the main export that the US has that most other countries still want and are willing to pay dollars for? Weapons. That is most likely why the US has been inciting and perpetuating continuous wars in Ukraine, the Mideast and everywhere else they can. To offset, at least partially, the dumping of US Treasuries and create, for at least a while longer, some demand for US dollars, so there cannot be peace.

The dopes running the country have done everything they can to destroy the dollar and the economy while at the same time fomenting wars to try and support the dollar and the part of the economy that manufacturers weapons. Complete insanity.

Pima County, Arizona is running an illegal migrant aid program funded through FEMA money. Providing shelter, goods & transportation to their next destinations

Reminder:  there was ESSENTIALLY NO FEMA MONEY available for the Maui Fire Victims

“At border towns in Arizona may be dealing with a new immigration problem. Pima County received $12,000,000 from FEMA in 2023. With these funds, city officials and nongovernmental organizations have been providing transportation and shelters to asylum seekers until they get to their next destination.”

Luxury homeless apartment building opens in Los Angeles…..$600,000 per unit, paid for by taxpayers.

Do homeless veterans qualify?


This seems “off-narrative” — shouldn’t these luxury accomodations be set aside for migrants??  When did the interest of any US citizen (even homeless ones) suddenly get put ahead of illegal aliens??

Letitia James threatened to prosecute doctors who prescribe Ivermectin.

NOTE: Copy of the letter to doctors is included in this article…………

New York Attorney General Letitia James is a bully. She abuses her authority as New York’s top prosecutor to target her opposition.

During the Covid plandemic, her office allegedly sent letter to doctors prescribing the life-saving drug known as ivermectin to Covid-19 patients. In the letter, her office tells doctors they face prosecution if the write out prescriptions for ivermectin.

The End – it’s not just near, it’s here!



Final Greetings!

Maybe that should be ‘Finale’, or even ‘Grand Finale’, except it was a perfectly mellow ending to my travels. It was a time to wind down. Although the actual ending took place a while ago, here’s the link to the final photos:

Always wishing you happy endings!



Tired of war:

Pierre Poilievre Has Massive Lead As Best Choice For Prime Minister, Trudeau Trails “None Of Them” By 15 Points

How unpopular is Justin Trudeau?

Well, when asked to pick the best choice for Prime Minister, Canadians picked “none of them” above Trudeau.

And not just a little bit above.

Way above.

More than twice as much.

According to the Angus Reid poll, 33% say Pierre Poilievre is the best choice, while 14% pick Trudeau and Singh alike.

Meanwhile, 29% pick “none of them.”

Trudeau – and Singh – are both so unpopular that they can’t even get half the support of “none.”


Spencer Fernando


68% Want Trudeau To Resign

How can anyone in the government still think Trudeau has any legitimacy left?
With the government refusing to release the list of disloyal MPs/Senators, the Canadian government already has a legitimacy problem.

And now, we can add Trudeau’s massive unpopularity to the mix.

According to a new Ipsos poll, a full 68% of Canadians want Trudeau to resign as Liberal leader.

Just 32% think he should stay on as Liberal leader.

“Should Trudeau resign as leader of the Liberals in 2024?”

Yes: 68%
No: 32%

Ipsos / June 14, 2024 / n=1001 / Online

How can this government continue operating as normal when they aren’t revealing the list of traitors, and when a huge majority think the Prime Minister shouldn’t be in office anymore?

Spencer Fernando








Thanks Brian

The Next Chapter Of Calamitous War Mongering Is At Hand

Israel is committed to launching a major attack on Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, with the objective of wiping out Hezbollah. Note that Hezbollah is not sitting back waiting to see what Israel is going to do. The guys wearing green head bands have been busy hitting Israeli settlements and military installations all across northern Israel, forcing almost 100,000 Zionist settlers to seek shelter in the south.

In contrast to 2006, when Hezbollah’s stiff resistance to an Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon forced the IOF to abandon the operation and retreat back into Israel, today’s Hezbollah is far better trained, equipped and organized. The ranks of Hezbollah are filled with battle-hardened veterans, who have spent significant time during the last 10 years fighting radical Islamists and rebel Syrians in Syria. There is no better training than actual combat (assuming the fighter has been given an appropriate amount of basic training).

Hezbollah also is better armed today, including with modern Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and sophisticated rockets/missiles capable of striking deep into Israel. I do not have a good handle on Hezbollah’s air defense system. So far, I have seen no evidence that Hezbollah has been effective in deterring Israeli air strikes. If Hezbollah has acquired some S-300s, for example, and is keeping them hidden for now, then Israel’s hopes that it can rout Hezbollah with a devastating air assault is misplaced.

While southern Lebanon is not as heavily populated with people and buildings like Gaza, Hezbollah has used the intervening years since 2006 to build heavily fortified bunkers and tunnel systems, which will be used to ambush IOF ground forces.

The combined crises in Israel and Ukraine present the Biden Administration with a migraine headache of massive proportions. Despite all of the bellicose statements by Sullivan, Kirby and Biden, there is nothing the United States can do to alter the trajectory of Ukraine’s defeat. The Biden crowd is just praying the collapse comes after the November elections.

Israel is a real wild card. While the United States has the power to shut off Israeli military adventures, the Biden team appears committed to supporting the IOF no matter what. If the IOF chooses to go ahead with its foolish invasion of southern Lebanon, Biden and company are likely to find themselves scrambling to figure out how to save Israel from a military debacle. That will be a nightmare for Biden’s re-election effort, assuming he is still upright and in the running.

Larry Johnson

Hey. I stand with the rebel farmers.

AI Stocks – A Total Overhyped Boondoggle

I have been growing in this belief for a while and have done a few posts on the topic recently. Yesterday, I watched this video. It is over an hour, but if you own any of the big three and or care about this topic from a stock market and economic ramifications standpoint, it is a must watch.

Fred Hickey is brilliant. I have known of his work over the decades mostly from him being quoted in Barrons and the WSJ from time to time. I never saw him interviewed before but he articulates his points clearly and in plain language.

He put the icing on the cake for me, that I am exactly on the right track regarding NVDA, AAPL and MSFT etc. He tells you how to play it with minimal risk and long term capital gains very likely. This guy has a great track record when it comes to high tech stocks.

The West Will Never Catch Up To Russia’s Missile Technology

PARIS — Hypersonic weapons are likely still decades away from fielding, and the requisite research is best carried out collaboratively among Western nations, according to Kerstin Huber, executive officer for applied vehicle technology at NATO’s Science and Technology Organization.

“I would think it needs another 20 years,” Huber told Defense News on the sidelines of a round table discussion on the technology at the Eurosatory defense show in Paris.

Governments have generally been tight-lipped about hypersonic technology, which could provide an edge over adversaries, or lead to an arms race. Hypersonic missiles are typically defined as flying faster than five times the speed of sound while being maneuverable in atmospheric conditions, and their fundamental challenge is the extreme heat generated during flight.

“With this new type of technology, you will not be able to rush into things,” Huber said during the briefing. “It will take a number of nations, a number of scientists, industries to collaborate in order to tackle the challenges.”

NATO partners should consider working on hypersonic technology within the alliance framework, “because every single nation brings a certain puzzle piece to the bigger picture.” The U.S. has lots of outer space-related infrastructure that will be needed to develop the technology, Australia has the requisite space – geographically speaking – for testing and Europe is strong on materials science and numerical simulation, Huber said.


The Duran

Moving towards Lebanon offensive
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (12:49)

Putin Kim Military Ties, Rus N.Korea To Defend Each Other, Weapons Tech Exchange; Rus Plans Cauldron
Alexander Mercouris (1:23:27)

Putin, Kim and new multipolar world. Sullivan, striking Russia is common sense. Conflict in Lebanon
Alex Christoforou (32:52)

The Russians Are Storming Toretsk From Three Directions. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.6.19
Dima (12:28)

The Heat | Another Big Ammo Deal | Russians Are Taking Toretsk In Pincers. MilitarySummary 2024.6.19
Dima (Live at 12:30 PDST, 15:30 EDST)

Full Dr. David Martin Alex Jones Must Watch Interview

US Government is coordinating a depopulation program against the world.

States are preparing criminal charges against Big Pharma.

1 hour 35 minutes

Ecuador Suspends China Visa Deal Amid Flood Of US-Bound Migrants

Ecuador is suspending a visa agreement with China amid a “worrying increase” in arrivals who are using the South American country as a jumpoff point to begin their northbound journey to the United States to take advantage of the criminally open border.

According to the country’s foreign ministry, nearly half of Chinese travelers entering Ecuador did not leave “through regular routes” or within the 90 days allotted,

Many global migrants headed to the US land in Ecuador, which has fewer visa restrictions than other South American countries. The onward journey north includes the Darién Gap, a treacherous tract that separates Colombia and Panama. There, migrants are vulnerable to crime, sexual violence and the hazards of the jungle.

Muddy Waters’ Carson Block Makes Bullish Bet On Mining Stocks

Carson Block of Muddy Waters Capital, known for shorting companies, is pushing deeper into the commodity space as the ‘Next AI Trade’ theme sparks huge interest in copper, uranium, and other critical metals for powering up America into the digital age.

Block’s fund, named “Muddy Waters Resources Fund,” filed a Form D, or “Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities,” which is a private placement notice, with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.


New report reveals billionaire funding behind climate alarmism in the mainstream media

Much of the global barrage of climate catastrophe reporting would not exist without outside funding with a clear political agenda; namely, an elite-mandated Net Zero global collectivisation made easier by the growth of supranational organizations.

A massive global grooming program aimed at mostly mainstream media involving climate catastrophism and Net Zero promotion is detailed in a recently published report from the green billionaire-funded Internews’s Earth Journalism Network (EJN).



Europe’s top human rights court upholds Hungary’s ban on assisted suicide

Hungarian man Dániel Karsai challenged the national ban on assisted suicide but the ECHR ruled in favor of maintaining the prohibition, in line with the country’s obligations in law to protect life.

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld the right to life by striking down a challenge seeking to permit assisted suicide in Hungary.

Trudeau gov’t commits $110 million to fund DEI projects, consultants looking for ‘racism’

Woke diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates are driving the spending of taxpayer dollars by the federal government.

The Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to spend $110 million of taxpayer money to fund yet another project driven by woke so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mandates.

The money will be used to hire DEI consultants tasked with looking into a supposed problem of “racism” in Canada. The funding will be given to “hundreds” of different projects linked to a DEI agenda across the country, announced Minister of Diversity, Inclusion, and Persons with Disabilities Kamal Khera over a week ago.

Too Funny!

Hungary has revealed that the slogan for its upcoming presidency of the European Union will be ‘Make Europe Great Again’ (MEGA).

Observers immediately noted the similarity to the ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) motto deployed by Donald Trump during his successful US presidential campaign in 2016.

Hungary is set to take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1 and will remain in charge until the end of the year. During the six-month period, Hungarian diplomats will chair meetings in Brussels and shape the EU’s political agenda.


Reese Report: Illegal Immigrants Being Housed and Trained at American Universities. 5 minute video

If you were destroying America from within, how would it look different?

The Gates Foundation Gave $9.5 Million to UW-Madison in Research Grants Aimed at Modifying H5N1 Viruses

The Gates Foundation awarded $9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka for research aimed at modifying H5N1 viruses. The goal of the project is to alter the viruses to preferentially recognize human-type receptors and transmit efficiently in mammals.

The grant from the Gates Foundation was also allocated to a collaborative project between Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier. Fouchier, who previously modified H5N1 to become airborne transmissible in ferrets at the Erasmus Medical Center, worked alongside Kawaoka to provide the two additional mutations necessary in Egyptian H5N1 viruses to create variants with the mammalian “transmissibility features” identified in Kawaoka’s study.

This project has raised alarm among experts and the public alike. Critics argue that the research funded by the Gates Foundation involves activities that could be likened to bioterrorism. By providing detailed blueprints on how to create more transmissible and potentially deadly variants of H5N1, the research could be misused by bad actors to develop biological weapons.

Dem-majority FCC helping George Soros fast-track takeover of nationwide radio network: ‘This is scary’

Soros, 93, pumped $400 million into Audacy in February, a network which reaches 165 million monthly listeners and includes a handful of conservative shows from hosts including Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson.

But their influence is likely to be muted if the billionaire takes over and imposes his agenda, as has happened with other media acquisitions.

The FCC should not be skipping steps or waiving required agency processes.” Roy had earlier written the Soros group would usually petition to get its foreign funding sources vetted by the FCC first, but that they are trying to waive that process and put it off “until sometime down the road — indicating that those foreign stakeholders will be given ‘special warrants’ in the meantime,”


Acquisition would be of minimal value to Soros if it doesn’t close before the election – election interference if the waiver is granted by FCC.

Expensive Incompetence

A vivid metaphor for American global geopolitical incompetence is about to float off into the sunset, as the White House is poised to give up on the $230 million Gaza aid pier it built to alleviate an Israel-imposed humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. Disassembly could begin in July, officials told New York Times.

First announced as a White House aim in March during President Biden’s State of the Union address, the pier required hundreds of millions of dollars and the work of some 1,000 service members to plan, assemble and operate. Now, the surrender on the pier idea comes after it was operational for just 10 days — at $23 million each.

The pier will go down as one of history’s costliest publicity stunts. The impetus for the pier was mounting political pressure on Biden — particularly from his own party — as Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion killed tens of thousands, displaced more than a million, and caused a territory-wide food and medical-supply crisis.

Biden’s pier announcement came a week after the Michigan primary, in which 13% of Democrats — more than 100,000 people — voted “uncommitted” as a means of condemning Biden’s performance on Gaza, among other issues.

The pier fiasco is the latest demonstration of the US government’s pathetic deference to Israel: Unable to persuade its perennial, multi-billion-dollar beneficiary to allow sufficient aid to pass through land crossings, the US government felt compelled to spend $230 million trying to bypass the blockade — a blockade the same US government continued to facilitate via military and financial aid.

The pier opened for business on May 18, and got off to an inauspicious start: After desperate Palestinians mobbed and ransacked the first aid trucks before they could reach a distribution warehouse managed by the World Food Programme, the pier operation was paused for two days.

Then, just a week after it opened, rough seas and high winds broke up the pier, with four associated vessels running aground. That prompted another halt in operations, as components were taken away to be repaired at an Israeli port. The pier was reassembled, but, on Friday, US Central Command announced it would be towed to Israel as high seas were again moving in.

The pier’s cost isn’t measured only in money: In May, a US service member was critically injured on the pier. After first being medevacked to an Israeli hospital, he was later flown to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, still in critical condition.


When you can’t beat them — ban them!! Germany Moves Closer To AfD Ban, Green Claims Party Is “Security Risk For People & Democracy”

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is now the second most popular party in the country, is moving closer to being banned. Christian Democrat (CDU) MP Marco Wanderwitz says he has enough MPs in his corner to table a motion for an AfD ban in the Bundestag.

If the Bundestag votes on a ban, the Constitutional Court, Germany’s highest court, would have the final decision on whether a ban is legal. In any case, an actual ban could throw the German political system into turmoil and raise questions about democratic legitimacy in Germany.

Ryanair CEO: “It’s A Complete Scam, These People Are Not Refugees”

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary asserted that the asylum system was “a complete scam” and that such individuals “are not refugees” because they are arriving from safe countries and then flushing their passports down the toilet.

The airline boss was asked how people are able to arrive in Ireland on Ryanair flights without proper documentation or being able to prove their identities. “Yeah because they flush them down the toilet, they arrive at Dublin airport and they flush them down the toilet,” he responded.

“They show up here…it’s a complete scam and these are not refugees, one of the things that drives me nuts in Ireland is we treat people as refugees who are coming from the UK or from France,” he complained. “Nobody got to Ireland from Afghanistan or from Kenya or from Nigeria or from Syria on a direct flight because there aren’t any, so you’re not fleeing persecution in the UK or in Germany, O’Leary added.