FDA approves Pfizer booster for 5 year olds…

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration amended the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, authorizing the use of a single booster dose for administration to individuals 5 through 11 years of age at least five months after completion of a primary series with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

“I Don’t Have A Brain But I Get My Ten Percent!

Will the people take it….??

Fully Vaccinated Young Adults suffer 73% increase in Heart Attacks & Strokes and 92% higher Mortality Rate compared to Unvaccinated


From Jeff Childers

What an amazing covid coincidence! Politico ran a story yesterday headlined, “White House Prepares To Ration Vaccines As Covid Funding Impasse Looms.” Stay with me here.

Politico explained that “a painful and foreboding reality is setting in for the White House as it enters a potentially dangerous stretch of the Covid fight: It may soon need to run its sprawling pandemic response on a shoestring budget.” Painful, foreboding, dangerous, sprawling, shoestring. Politico nearly wrote a poem about it.

First of all, the White House doesn’t run ANYTHING on a shoestring budget. That’s just a way to blame this on Republicans. To reinforce whose fault it is, Politico quoted an anonymous staffer who said, “inaction in Congress is already forcing difficult and unnecessary compromises that have dire consequences for the American people.” Dire ones.

Removing all the overheated rhetoric, the gist of the story was that because of Republican obstructionism, the mRNA vaccines may have to be reserved only for people who are at high-risk of covid.

None of it makes sense. Republican obstructionism? Please. The dems run the House! That’s a dumb excuse. But they’re running with it:

So, politics as usual. But consider the TIMING for a second.

We are within two weeks of the FDA’s rationing Johnson & Johnson for the most at-risk — for safety, citing the threat of ultra-rare blood clots. Now the White House is signaling it might ration the other vaccines too, this time citing poverty and obstinate Republicans. Different explanations, same result.

Budget limits doesn’t make any sense either. Biden literally JUST promised to vaccinate the WHOLE WORLD about ten minutes ago. They’re scaring up $40B for Ukraine. Now they suddenly can’t afford jabs for Americans?

And all of this right behind the similar J&J safety lockdown. Makes you think.

A cynical person might suggest the budget limit claim is just an excuse to remove the jabs from the market without admitting there’s anything wrong with them. Sure, they’re still available to at-risk people, but that just proves there’s nothing wrong with them, and jab injuries are harder to see in at-risk people, because any strokes, clots, or death can be blamed on their comorbid conditions.

Politico is upset that the jabs might dry up, and so it’s HOPING FOR a covid comeback to force congress to cough up the dough. I am not making that up. The article suggests longingly, IN WRITING, that “with little ability left to force Senate Republicans’ hand, there’s growing fear that perhaps the only way to keep the Covid response alive will be for Covid itself to swamp the nation in infections once again.”

The geniuses at Politico don’t seem to get the irony of hoping for the thing they want to avoid in order to get the thing that would prevent the solution, if you follow me. Dummies.

Likely Bear Market Target

The case for a bear market target of around 2500 on the S&P is a good one. Reading the following comments from a ZH article about Zoltan Pozsar’s thoughts on the matter, reinforced some of my own. If you look at the chart below, you will notice that a target around 2500 would represent a drop from the high of a little bit less than 50% while technically finding support in the general area of the late 2018 low and above the 2020 low. I doubt the FED will get exactly what it wants but that level should help cool off inflation since it would be in conjunction with a likely recession.                         

“Here are Pozsar’s key points.

Forget The Fed’s Official Dual Mandate

The Fed’s dual mandate, of course, is to control inflation and maximize employment. In addition, as Poszar notes, it’s tasked with insuring financial stability (as during 2008). Poszar says that inflation is so bad now, and the Fed is so far behind the curve, that only fighting inflation matters to it now. Poszar quotes a recent statement by President Biden saying fighting inflation is his top economic priority and expressing support for the Federal Reserve to point out that the Fed has the political license to do whatever it takes to rein in inflation.

Poszar doesn’t mention it, but the outcome of November’s midterm elections being considered largely a fait accompli also would seem to give the Fed license: if the incumbent party is already predicting doom, the Fed can’t be blamed for it.

The Fed Needs Stocks to Fall

This is what they actually mean when they talk about the need to “tighten financial conditions”. In support of this claim, Poszar cites a Bloomberg column by his former boss, former NY Fed President Bill Dudley, ominously titled, “If Stocks Don’t Fall, The Fed Needs To Force Them”. The Fed also needs real estate to fall and (more controversially), unemployment to rise, per Poszar.

This all makes sense intuitively, if you think about it. You just need to invert the status quo since the Fed last conquered inflation in the early ’80s under Paul Volker. After that, and up until the COVID lockdowns, the Fed’s primary concern was deflation, rather than inflation. In a deflationary environment, consumers are hesitant to spend, because they’re waiting for prices to drop further. That, in turn, can fuel more deflation. One way to encourage consumers to spend is though the wealth effect. If they see their IRAs and 401(k)s balances rise, they feel richer, and are more inclined to spend money.

If rising stocks make consumers want to spend more, heating up inflation with their demand, what would make them want to spend less, cooling inflation down? Correctamundo, readers: falling stocks is the answer. How much will they need to fall? After saying he won’t offer a precise target, Poszar offers this guidance:

At 4,000, the Fed does not seem content, and in the grand scheme of things, this is where the Fed would change its tune if it would still be writing a put. At 3,500, we would have lost all of the post -pandemic gain s in market wealth, but that level for stocks still feels like a put option, just with a lower strike price. At 2,500, we would lose not only all of the post -pandemic gain s, but would eat into some of the pre -pandemic gains too. And if something indeed happened to the supply of labor post -pandemic (and some of that is wealth related), then to cool price pressures, maybe a pre -pandemic wealth level is appropriate indeed.”


Precious Metals – Update

Yesterday, I posted about my thoughts on silver and that it should gain back about half the recent losses by the end of May, as a prelude to my expected rally in June and July. I also stated I believed that FGC’s Friday invitation to “The Bottomz Inn” would prove correct. Well this morning I just read Michael Ballanger’s latest piece and this last paragraph clinches it. “…

The good news for all of us arrived late Friday when I got the ultimate “Buy” signal for precious metals. You have often heard me comment upon the predictive power of nature with specific reference to my wonderful dog, “Fido.” I cannot tell you the number of times over the past ten years that I have thrown a hissy-fit over blatant interventions by the bullion banks or the PPT (Working Group on Capital Markets by way of the NY Fed trading desk) only to have Fido bolt from under my desk and wind up hiding under the tool shed in a hole he clawed out back in 2015. Well, yesterday morning, I expected a rally in the silver market but when it opened at USD $20.63 and then nosedived to $20.42 within seconds, I took my old wooden-shaft five iron and hummed it at the monitor only to have it miss the screen but take out a large bronze ornament shaped like a gong and go clattering into the corner. When Fido refused to surface from under his beloved “safe haven” despite handfuls of raw hamburger meat, it is usually because he has been suitably frightened by his lunatic master and when his lunatic master launches tirades of unimaginable sound and fury (as happened on Friday), it usually marks the end of the downtrend in my favorite metal prices.

After all, a lunatic master can only handle so much…”

Of course, I am kidding about the reason, but not the call, about the bottom being in.

Stewart Thomson

I hope he is correct about the gold miners and gold but wrong about the riots and civil war. It will probably be difficult to get the former, without also having the later.                                                                                                                                                

Get boosted every 6 months until you die…Gates wants people over 50 to get boosted twice a year forever…

Bill Gates: For people over 50 or 60, they’ll probably have to get boosted every 6 months until we get even better vaccines; so we’re in for ongoing vaccination to stay absolutely safe…


Gold Bullish Reversal

Monday was day 33 for the daily gold cycle, placing it in its timing band for a DCL. Monday’s bullish reversal eases the parameters for forming a daily swing low. A break above 1817.10 will form a swing low. Then a close above the converging 10 day MA and the 200 day MA will signal the new daily cycle. In the Weekend Report I will breakdown what a new daily cycle means in terms of the longer term, intermediate cycle.



Trudeau is turning Canada into the world’s most comfortable prison state

The major lesson Justin Trudeau has no intention of learning is that a tyrannical regime has no place in the life of a democratic nation. But this is what we have come to expect.



From John Manley ( Much Ado About Corona)

Dear Reader,

The essay The Parallel Society vs Totalitarianism | How to Create a Free World proposes:

A more practical solution to what ails the modern world may be to allow the dead weight of the state to collapse in on itself, as it inevitably will, and to soften the blow of this collapse through the creation of a parallel society.

In goes on to share examples of how this was accomplished in Soviet Russia and Communist Romania—allowing entrepreneurs to amass wealth with “underground” products and services that defied government mandates.

You can read, listen to or watch a video of the full essay at

Snip : Across the globe a confluence of factors is destabilizing the fabric of society. Many government institutions are corrupt to the core. Many politicians are so detached from reality that they view those who want freedom as enemies. The legacy media has morphed into the propaganda arm of the government; instead of seeking the truth, the function of these institutions is to augment state power and demonize those who dissent. To make matters worse, global economies have been ravaged by destructive government policies and while rampant money printing has created a mirage of economic stability, this mirage is quickly giving way to an ugly reality.

PS It even advises people to stop supporting Hollywood and Netflix and start “consuming and creating educational resources, art, music, or literature that pays no heed to the establishment status quo.” That is, after all, why I wrote




Interesting New Gold Rock

Probably the last thing anyone wants to hear about is another gold rock. This one just got listed nine days ago and granted,  it is a small sample size, I love the chart. Under 2 should be worth a shot. I like it here at $1.86.  Austin Gold (AUST)       


ps Rambus does not short Individual Stocks so this is not in his portfolio.

BUT I would bet on Rambus over the Musk any day.


Saylor’s sale of bitcoin and the Luna scandal

On the heels of



we have this …



Mister Ed Plays Baseball

Calling a spade a spade…


Back about three or four weeks ago a friend was asking what I thought was next for gold and silver. I told him I thought that June and July were going to be similiar to 2019, in that silver would have a good run. I did not anticipate the smackdown that was about to play out, but I also felt that the bulk of the upside move would not occur before we got to June.  I believe FGC’s invitation to the “Bottomz Inn” will prove correct. If we spend the rest of May getting back a chunk of the last 4 weeks decline, (possibly half) we will be set up for the positive June and July I was looking for.

Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity

In a previous post (forgot which one) somebody was looking for this article  and I found it:




Wicked Witch of New Zealand has Covid

Looks like she is on Horse Paste though and it’s working

Perhaps too strong a dose judging by the shape of her mouth

click to enlarge

Kidding aside Her dentist should be charged for Malpractice .


Cardiac Arrest Emergency calls up 74% in 2022 (post-COVID) compared to 2019 (Pre-COVID)


Thanks Elva


This is from Spock Global Matrix.

I took the liberty to make this post Public for Goldtenters . I trust Spock will not mind .

I find Spock’s take to be very very interesting and a scenario not to be dismissed.

NO One is seeing it quite like this IMHO