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“A common trait among all malignant narcissists is the inability to take any responsibility for their own actions, seeking to always shift blame onto someone else. You see this behavior in children. And it only manifests itself in adulthood because the parents refused to put any boundaries on the child or inflict any consequences on them.

Look at Europe’s leaders today and to a person, man or woman, there is not one shred of self-reflection or contrition. “

Sleepy Joe & Gold

Just like with his impotent moves regarding soaring oil prices(strategic reserve releases and suspending the federal gas tax) Sleepy Joe will eventually try to “do something” about the coming soaring gold price. I expect that he will issue an executive order before the year is out to ban individuals from buying gold.(preventing retail sales by bullion firms and coin shops) This wouldn’t make owning gold illegal, just stopping future buyers from obtaining gold going forward. An FDR type move would never work as those who would voluntarily turn their gold in are few and far between. Those who have gold are not going to comply(non vaxers) and those sheep who would comply don’t own much gold to begin with. The unintended consequences (there are always some) will be a strong black market for gold and higher prices anyway. The biggest consequence will be an explosive silver price. With silver about to make all time highs above $50 eventually, the ban on new purchases of gold will only increase the demand for silver, freeing it to play catch up from the 50 years of price suppression. I will leave it to long term chartists to “calculate” the ultimate price objective from the 50 year silver cup and handle chart!


Russia is poised to default on its foreign debt for the first time since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Moscow faces a Sunday night deadline to meet a 30-day grace period on interest payments originally due May 27.


No signal yet by the COT commercial short count


Fully’s Fearless Freediction…a No Doubter


From Dr Paul Alexander ( Warrior )


This doesn’t past the smell test. While it is fine and good that the govt. would compensate these employees from injuries received on the job in service to the country, something doesn’t add up. I would not be surprised if this damage was done by the US govt. in it’s efforts to possibly block foreign govts. from surveilling our embassies. Possibly using microwaves or some other radio frequency devices to block listening in on embasy conversations. This would explain the lack of any proof of a weapon or energy source directed at the embassies by the host countries and more likely us injuring our own people.                                                                                                            

THIS CAN’T BE GOOD –> Explosive Report Confirms Expansive CIA ‘Stealth Network’ Of Spies & Commandos Inside Ukraine

Another conspiracy fact: NYT confirms CIA and NATO “boots on the ground” were in Ukraine all along..

The only question that remained after that March report was the extent to which the CIA was still active in the ongoing fight against the invading Russians.

Canada also has been reported to have special operations troops inside Ukraine.  “Both CTV and Global News reported in late January that Canadian special forces had been sent to Ukraine, but National Defence did not comment on that deployment,”



Cont’d Geert’s recommendation for the near future?

Read it here.

#3 he is talking about the Smallpox Vaxx.  He mentions getting it in the past.  My question is, how far in the past 🙂  Is my 62-3 year old Smallpox Vaxx still good?


Edit…major confusion regarding the link to Geerts is now correct and this post is elevated

anyone know if the childhood Smallpox vaxx we took in the 50s is still valid ?

If it is thats a testament to the incredible immune system


OK…Lots of talk that THEY ( Globalists etc) are going to Crash the “System” so they can Build back better and we will own NOTHING and eat bugs and THEY will own everything and eat Caviar and Filet Mignon.

No one has asked or explained HOW …”THEY” come out unscathed ???

WHO owns the MOST assets NOW…THEY Do…right ?

So who stands to lose the most if THEIR System Crashes ?

“THEY” control the system already…if assets all crash…they lose everything .

Not to mention in a Mad Max Scenario ..”THEY” will be hunted like dogs

What am I missing


Is this, or is it not, a long-term H&S on TLT?  And if so, does it, or does it not, suggest a low of around $100?



Another Nothing burger vs Russia apparently…will backfire like all other “Sanctions”

Thanks Sally


George Gammon

12 minutes …very interesting

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Situation now critical

as they try to stabilize the global debt markets, using band aids

At a time of their choosing they will let it implode under its own weight, starting with a credit freeze/lock up of the system

And in so doing wipe out the middle classes

A new paradigm is their agenda. Its called feudalism.

As we saw with Covid, most will go along with it.

We need to be joined up, not arguing over other issues out there

The central banks are THE issue.

Everything else is just noise, a distraction.

I smell a rat

Balance sheet sitting around $9 trillion for months, and now starting to tick up again.

What they say and what they do, are like chalk and cheese.

Federal Reserve Board – Recent balance sheet trends

What Russia has to do … after Russia wins

“You Americans are so contemptible, between your ignorance and your evil, I don’t know which is worse.” Gonzalo Lira

Saving Ukrainian Soldiers’ Lives for an eventual counter attack… this war is not over.

RED ALERT — FDA plans to abandon clinical trials for future Covid Vaccines…

The FDA’s “Future Framework” for Covid Vaccines Is a Reckless Plan

Pfizer and Moderna have a problem. Their mRNA Covid-19 shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, nor death from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Over half a billion doses have been injected into Americans in the past 17 months and these shots have made no discernible impact on the course of the pandemic. Far more Americans have died of coronavirus since the introduction of the shots than before they were introduced.

This is a problem because reformulated shots mean new clinical trials and new regulatory review by the FDA. There is a decent chance that any reformulated shot might fail a new clinical trial, and the public is deeply skeptical of these shots already, so the scrutiny would be intense.

So Pfizer and Moderna have figured out a way to use regulatory capture to get their reformulated Covid-19 shots approved WITHOUT further clinical trials. Their scheme is called the “Future Framework” and it will be voted on by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on June 28.

Ukraine replenishes combat losses with convicts and women

Gold will go up in the next weeks?

When EU and USA ban russian gas, the price go up.

When EU and USA ban russian oil, the price go up.

What will happen to gold price when russian gold will be banned?



This is what a real hero looks like. Not the henchman dictator Putin who murders civilians and children.

Those who worship the dictator Putin are not freedom lovers. They are totalitarians.

Never Forget: April 2020 Study Found That Most New York Covid Patients on Ventilators Died While Fauci and Cuomo Pushed for More Ventilators

A study of Covid patients hospitalised between 1 March 2020 and 4 April 2020 was conducted at facilities overseen by Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health system. Among the 2,634 patients whose outcomes were known, the overall death rate was 21%, but it rose to 88% for those who received mechanical ventilation.  Simply put, most patients died after being placed on a mechanical ventilator.

New Study & Pfizer Documents prove Covid-19 Vaccination is going to cause mass Depopulation through Infertility & Death

Covid-19 vaccination is going to lead to mass depopulation, and it’s going to do this by reducing the fertility of men through lowered sperm counts, affecting the fertility of women by attacking the ovaries, causing women to suffer spontaneous abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy, and increasing the number of newborn deaths.

And with 4.78 billion people allegedly fully vaccinated throughout the entire world, it looks like we’re much further down the road to mass depopulation than anyone could possibly imagine.

Vaccines for 6-Month-Olds ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’: Dr. Jeffrey Barke

There is no safety profile for the effects of vaccines on children

As the Biden administration rolls out vaccines for the nation’s youngest children (6 months to 5-year-olds), Dr. Jeffrey Barke, chief medical officer at the Convention of States, said there is absolutely no evidence supporting that these youngest children are at any serious risk of death from COVID-19 and should not get be broadly vaccinated.

“I think it’s important that we tell the truth first, and then let parents and adults make informed decisions about whether or not to get vaccinated,” Barke said during a recent interview with NTD’s Capitol Report. “And to recommend this product to 6-month-olds makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So, to start with, there is no COVID emergency, especially as it relates to younger people. It simply doesn’t exist.”

Canada’s Coercive COVID-19 Mandates a ‘Tragic Error’: Former Ontario Chief Medical Officer

Canada’s public health agency made a “tragic error” by grounding its COVID-19 response policies on coercion rather than persuasion, which was a key medical principle that had been thrown away during the pandemic, according to Dr. Richard Schabas, a former Ontario chief medical officer of health.

He said that governments’ COVID-19 vaccination mandates have backfired, as instead of meeting the intention of getting more people vaccinated, they have resulted in more people being turned away in the long run.

End of The World – As We Know It

As discussed in a couple of recent postings here at Goldtent, Russia and the Brics are moving quickly and steadily to replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. A significant number of non western countries representing well over half of the planet’s population, are aligning to replace the current dollar based payments system. I believe they are far enough along in their plannning to implemnet it, at any time. They may choose to take another few weeks or even months to do so, but I believe the most likely time, is rapidly approaching. Do you not believe that Vladimir Putin and the Chinese would like to “stick it” to the US, at the most ironic time? That would be at the upcoming  celebration of the nation’s birthday, July 4th, effectively ending the US’s reign of global financial leadership. As one article speculated, a Sunday eve. is the likely timing of any announcement. That leaves tonight or more likely next Sunday July 3rd. With the Monday July 4th holiday, the global markets would have all day July 4th to react to the news, while the US stands by in shock as it’s world collapses, Happy Birthday!  The reaction would be chaotic and likely apocalyptic. “Forewarned is forearmed”. Got gold!

Crypto markets

Total Crypto market cap shows bottom is in if long term projectile to continue. Capital flowing from it to Bitcoin and opposite, makes it important to see this on macro level. Going less than these levels, it’s an industry collapse. Low of channel is also the previous high!

New Monkeypox Study Holds Possible Clue To Fast Spread Of Virus

“All Americans should be concerned about monkeypox cases,”

A new study into monkeypox holds a possible clue as to why the virus is spreading so quickly, with researchers saying they have discovered that the virus contains an unusually high number of mutations, which may represent “accelerated evolution.”