USA – NEW YORK – DeBlasio announces Vaccine mandate for private companies…

This is how we put health and safety first by ensuring there is a vaccine mandate that reaches everyone in the private sector.  We’re doing this so that every employer is on a level playing field, one universal standard.”

“New York City is imposing a vaccine mandate for all private sector employers as a preemptive measure to fight a surge of Covid cases this winter, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday.

The mandate covers 184,000 businesses and will go into effect on Dec. 27, de Blasio said. Everyone 12 and older, workers and customers, will be required to show proof of two vaccine doses by that date.”

Doctor Banned For Questioning Efficacy Of Masks Wins High Court Case

In the video, White said why he could no longer tolerate working in his previous roles because of the “lies” around the NHS and the government’s response to the pandemic, which were “so vast” he could no longer “stomach” them.

“White also committed the ultimate sin of remarking, “masks do nothing” to stop the spread of COVID, despite this being the consensus medical opinion at the start of the pandemic before it mysteriously switched almost overnight.

White took his case against the GMC to the High Court on the basis of his freedom of expression “to engage in medical, scientific and political debate and discussion,” White’s barrister, Francis Hoar, told a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Hoar added that White’s opinions were “supported by large bodies of scientific and medical opinion” and had been “statements of fact and opinions about pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions in response to the pandemic.”

Biden Surgeon General: Even Tripled Vaxxed Still Have To Wear Masks Indoors

The Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy declared Sunday that even those who are tripled jabbed will still have to wear masks indoors while around their families at Christmas.



If anyone happens to be trading along with my recommendation from Nov.9th, just letting you know that I am punching out here for a nice profit.



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It’s All Playing Out

Over the last three or four months there have been two major themes that I have focused on in my posts. Other than the occasional, individual stock recomendations, and the comments on political and covid happenings, I have concentrated on the stock market and the precious metals market. My main themes have been that the stock market was a huge, over valued bubble (especially the FAANG stocks) and that gold and silver were(and still are) in a long term bull market, despite the year long correction. We are now at the crucial point where everyone else will soon recognize that the stock market bull ended about a month ago, in early November. Over the next few months and probably lasting two years or so, most global markets are about to experience severe declines from their grossly over valued levels. That includes global equities, debt, real estate and crypto currencies. Many of these are likely to go no bid, and why not. Who is actually going to keep paying up in the greater fool theory, when the prices of all these assets go on to make lower lows as time progresses? As this mean reversion finally plays out, where is all that capital going to flow to? The only place left that isn’t shrinking. Gold and Silver will be the beneficiaries as a panicked world, with most markets in free fall, looks to preserve what wealth they have left. At first it will be mostly about wealth preservation. Eventually, like the markets that have now reversed to the downside, it will be about chasing after what is going up. There is probably at least 6 months to a year of rising gold and silver prices before the momentum players are climbing all over one another to get on board. While there is absolutely no doubt stocks, especially the FAANGS, are now in the early throes of a bear market, the recognition that the bull market in Gold and Silver, is about to enter it’s next phase, will soon become just as apparent. (see companion piece posted yesterday)

EU Parliament Member Speaks Out!

Good 2 mins!

Christine Anderson of the EU parliament said to the people of Australia:
—“Your once free democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.”

—“the welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

—“Will you tell them you were just following orders?”

—“It’s not about breaking the 4th wave, it’s about breaking PEOPLE.”

One of his better write-ups. Lengthy but solid, very solid.


Out of The Blue

I don’t regularly follow this stock (NVDA) and have never invested in it.(unfortunately) I do occasionally check the chart. Anyone who was smart enough to be in this should strongly consider selling by tomorrow’s close or selling a Jan. in the money call so as to have the stock called away in the new year to defer the taxes. The chart says it is headed lower soon. Great company, great stock, but due for some meaningful mean reversion.

Yup. And yup again.

Unfortunately, not a republican out there with the gumption to go down this road. Spineless twits, full of hot air and bluster.

A Package of Populist Deregulation


Two 15-year-olds, illegally vaccinated before the EUA, are dead. EVERYONE should pay attention.

There weren’t a lot of 15-year-olds who were vaccinated before the EUA rolled out. Two of them died of cardiac issues within days of their shot. Should we be concerned? Absolutely! Here’s why…

” A “fact check” from Reuters which attempts to debunk claims about 174 times more kids die from the vaccine than from COVID was recently brought to my attention.

First, I can’t support 174X. But I can support 117X for ages 5 to 11. See my article on this. If anyone wants to challenge us on this, let’s have an open debate.

I’m going to resist discrediting the Reuters fact check that’s irrelevant for this story. However, if they are willing to hold themselves accountable for their fact check (which never happens), let’s have an open debate.

Instead, I want to focus on a document referenced in the fact check: Evidence-based information for parents on the risk for children of COVID-19 vs. the risk of the vaccines by Dr. Alan Palmer.”

“We are in an era where we are seeing Black Swans every day and choosing to ignore them.”

How to talk about the vaxx to those who think it’s working…

Instead, try one simple question. The simplest possible. The public health equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s, Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

The question is this: If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

Remind them: We are almost a year into mass vaccination campaigns. Even before they began, public health experts and media and politicians explicitly and repeatedly promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them.

USA – Biden asks businesses to proceed with vaccine mandate after omicron variant arrives in U.S.

  • A senior administration official said the White House is asking businesses to proceed with vaccination and testing requirements amid concerns about the omicron variant of the coronavirus.
  • The first case of omicron was detected in California earlier this week.
  • The Biden administration was forced to halt implementation of the vaccine and testing requirements after a federal appeals court ordered a pause pending review.

President Joe Biden on Thursday asked businesses to voluntarily move forward with the administration’s Covid-19 vaccine and testing requirements, even as the rules are challenged in court, after U.S. officials confirmed the first case of the omicron variant in the U.S.

USA – New U.S. COVID-19 international travel testing rules take effect Monday

New rules requiring international air travelers arriving in the United States to obtain a negative COVID-19 test within one day of travel will take effect Monday at 12:01 a.m. ET (0501 GMT), according to an order issued late Thursday.

SOUTH AFRICA — plans massive vaccination push ahead of December holidays – including cash prizes

USA – Loudoun County police resign over Vaccine mandate…

GERMANY – Huge New Study Shows Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy German Kids

The findings, in a nutshell: if you let your healthy child or teenager receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane…

German physician-scientists reported Monday that not a single healthy child between the ages of 5 and 18 died of Covid in Germany in the first 15 months of the epidemic.

Even including children and adolescents with preexisting conditions, only six in that age range died, the researchers found.

Germany is Europe’s largest country, with more than 80 million people, including about 10 million school-age children and adolescents.”