Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Some additional information regarding the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The article also provides general/technical information about earthquakes.


NATO Is…Ozymandias! by Helmholtz Smith

  1. A bunch of small countries. Their armies number 2,000 but, taking wokeness, diversity, recruiting shortfalls, pregnancy leave and physical fitness into account, they can field 600. They possess 100 major weapons but, taking incompetent storage, broken parts and maintenance problems into account, they can field 40 of them.
  2. A bunch of medium-size countries. Their armies number 20,000 but, taking wokeness, diversity, recruiting shortfalls, pregnancy leave and physical fitness into account, they can field 6,000. They possess 500 major weapons but, taking incompetent storage, broken parts and maintenance problems into account, they can field 200 of them.
  3. One big country. Its army numbers 200,000 but, taking wokeness, diversity, recruiting shortfalls, pregnancy leave and physical fitness into account, it can field 60,000. (Given the enormous number of bases that have to be manned, probably not). It possesses 5,000 major weapons but, taking incompetent storage, broken parts and maintenance problems into account, it can field 2,000 of them. (And this stuff is scattered all over the place). Some of its rulers want to fight Russia, some want to fight Germany and some want to fight China – but they’re sure they can do all three at once.
  4. Nobody has more than a month or two of ammunition and, actually, a lot less than that because they’ve give so much to Ukraine and it’s all gone. Somewhere.
  5. All this costs more than you can imagine.
  6. These countries’ GDPs are the sum of lawyers’ fees, financial flim-flam, fake numbers, real estate commissions, payoffs to politicians and non-stop printing presses. The only one of them that actually makes anything is going bust.
  7. “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over The Planet

The worst case scenario that many of the experts feared is starting to play out right in front of our eyes. 

I would encourage you to learn how to grow your own food now, because we are moving into times that will be extremely “interesting” indeed.


I’m backing Roger !

JAPAN – Prof Fukushima: “Vaccinated people are four times more likely to be infected than unvaccinated people.

Vaccination also increased the fatality rate for the all age group as a whole. The health ministry stopped disclosing inconvenient data. This is a grave national crisis.”


Same chart, only made some lines thick.

As expected GDX bounced off Fuly’s 30 and holding Support. Although in the last post I mentioned the Orange Bear Flag or Contionus (UP) Pattern, GDX-15 actually did BO-DOWN the PURPLE Bear Flag with a GAP. Last few days a little GREEN Bear Flag formed PARALLEL below the PURPLE Bear FLag and can be seen as a potential HALFWAY point towards 28.25 above a lower GAP.

Lowest GAP of the Purple Flag @ 27.69 while GAPfill of the Orange Flag comes @ 27.

Todays’ SPIKE showed a WEAK BULL as GDX was not able to BT the Purple Flag from below. Therefore, I would not be surprised to see a GAP-over the Orange Flag and/or (simply) BO-DOWN the Orange (bear) Flag. As for bull case, 30 line is Holding.

Accusations Made – No Confirmation –> Ukranian channels celebrating use of chem weapons on Russian soldiers.

After release of the canister the men appear to have spasms and neurological complications. The whole video is set to a sarcastic tune about drowning



The Really Big Dipper




Russia has lost confidence in US dollar – finance minister

Russia no longer has trust in the US currency because it has become an unreliable financial instrument, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated on Monday.

He pointed out that the US dollar, euro, and British pound – the main reserve currencies – had once been considered the top units of account. “The situation has shown that now this [dollar] is a completely unreliable instrument … Therefore, we have no confidence in this kind of unit of account. It is lost,” Siluanov told Russia’s Channel One.

He also pointed out that Russia has been switching to trade in other currencies, particularly “in rubles and, of course, currencies from other friendly countries, such as the yuan.”

Moscow has been steadily pursuing a policy of de-dollarization in foreign trade. In recent years, Russia and some of its trade partners, including India and China, have been ramping up the use of domestic currencies in mutual settlements in an effort to move away from the dollar and euro.

Siluanov highlighted that in 2021 a significant part of financial transactions in Russia were carried out in dollars and euros. “About one third of settlements were then carried out in rubles, while now more than half, about 55%, are conducted in rubles and friendly currencies,” he said, adding that this figure will continue to grow.


EU ‘sold its soul’ to Russia – Poland

The EU allowed its dependency on Russian energy grow, much like a drug addict, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday.

Speaking at a conference in Warsaw on efforts to support Ukraine, Morawiecki suggested that the EU got hooked on Russian natural resources, with Moscow doing its best to facilitate the addiction. “The dealer always gives the first dose for free or very cheap so that the addict comes for more and agrees to any price,” he said.

As a result, the prime minister stated, gas contracts with Russia “turned out to be a pact under which Europe sold its soul.” The continent was “so easily seduced by Russia” not through “demonic abilities,” but rather because of its own weakness, he claimed.


EU no longer dictates price for Russian oil – Rosneft CEO

The EU will no longer set prices for Russia’s flagship Urals oil blend, now that Asia is the largest consumer of western-sanctioned Russian crude, the head of the country’s oil major Rosneft, Igor Sechin, said on Monday.

An EU embargo on seaborne exports of crude accompanied by price caps on oil and petroleum products originating from Russia has triggered a reshuffle in global oil supply. In a matter of months, Moscow rerouted most of its oil flows that used to go to Europe, to Asian markets. The country has ramped up its seaborne oil shipments to China, India and Türkiye at the expense of Western nations.

Oil exports to India alone jumped 33 times in December, with Russia now the country’s largest supplier, replacing Iraq. About 70% of Urals cargoes loaded last month went to New Delhi, according to Reuters calculations.

“If Russian oil does not enter the European market, then there is no reference price. Reference prices will be formed where oil volumes actually go,” Sechin pointed out, speaking at the India Energy Week forum.


Ban on Russian media protects ‘freedom of expression’ – Borrell

The EU’s crusade against Russian media does not seek to curb free speech but in fact pursues the opposite goal, the bloc’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said on Tuesday. His remarks triggered criticism from Moscow, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova saying that Russia has viewed the media crackdown as a sign of a dictatorship.

Speaking at a conference dedicated to the EU’s response to foreign disinformation, Borrell said that the sanctions on Russian media “effectively banned them from operating” within the bloc.

“In doing that, we are not attacking the freedom of expression, we are just protecting the freedom of expression,” he argued.

Commenting on Borrell’s remarks, Zakharova stated that in the past Moscow regarded the media crackdown as “a manifestation of liberal dictatorship.” But the way the diplomat described these policies in his latest speech made them “sparkle with fresh colors with a shade of delusion,” she added.


The Duran

Biden SOTU. EU 10th sanctions defeat. 200% tariff Russia aluminum. Sanremo blocks Elensky. U/1
Alex Christoforou (28:48)

Balloon-gate. China trolls Biden White House
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (10:33)

Russia Controls One Third Bakhmut, Ukraine Losses Unsustainable, US Arms Deliveries Dwindle
Alexander Mercouris (1:03:31)

Dima (underway at 11:00 PST, 14:00 EST)

Chechen leader predicts end of Ukraine conflict

The Russian military operation against Ukraine will be wrapped up by the end of the year, according to the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. He also predicted that the West would be forced to admit its mistakes regarding relations with Russia.

“European nations will acknowledge that their actions were wrong. The West will kneel. And, as usual, European states will have to cooperate with Russia in all spheres. There can be and will be no other outcome,” Kadyrov said in an interview on Tuesday.


The CEO of America’s second-largest bank is preparing for possible US debt default

Bill Gates: “Were injecting genetically modified organisms (GMO) in little kids arms”

The Dutch farmers’ fight for freedom is a battle for our collective future –> NO FARMERS = NO FOOD

The Dutch farmers are the canary in the coalmine. They are faced with extermination. Their settled way of life will vanish, taking with it their culture and community.

The Dutch Farmer Citizen movement, which arose from outrage at plans to close 3000 farms in the Netherlands, was once again in the news this week. Despite reaching fourth place in the polls with a new political party, the Dutch farmers are facing a redoubling of efforts to forcibly close their farms by the liberal government of Mark Rutte.

One of the few leaders to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Dutch prime minister was presented with a Global Citizen Award by Klaus Schwab in 2019, for his dedication to an agenda to promote food poverty.


A comforting thought

An alternate version of the Corona Prayer.

“I am grateful that the shots didn’t work, it kept us from the Vaccine Travel Passports”.

A prayer I recite frequently in the presence of strangers.

Exhibit A

“There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.”
– Ludwig von Mises                                                                                                                                                       50 Year career politician Joe Biden and his adinistration are Exhibit A


Interesting take from Luongo

pasted in the comment

BREAKING: Ontario police arrest Josh Alexander, who protested boys in girls’ bathrooms, for attending class


IMO, stop this bullsh*t criminal transgender garbage, you are MEN, with balls, MEN, stones
You freaks are NOT women, will never be women and are really perverts who should get a good licking, MEN, real non-poissy pink hats should stand up, protect your WOMEN & evict these freaks

Dr. Paul Alexander

You freaks think you can now take the place of women, who still fight for equality etc. Now you are coming in pretending to be women. What a load of filth.

You freaks are sick in the head, you need psychiatric help, stop your perversion, stop your pedophilia IMO, it is pedophilia, Trudeau must end this bullshit, this Bruce Jenner bullshit, you are a man, a male, a boy, you cannot and will not be a girl, stop imposing your freak crap on our children, stop, our little girls do not need men in their change rooms of girls etc. If you are a male and rape a woman etc., or commit any crime, you got to MALE jail, don’t give me this crap, this EFFin crap that you are a woman or transitioning so you must go to female jail, IMO as long as you have your stones and have not slung off your willie, you are a hard ass back man, stop this bullshit! Man jail where you belong!

Stop this transgender madness, it is perversion, pedophilia, sickness all wrapped up in one and you ministers and governments standing this up need psychiatric help! All of you, for what? votes? you risk our children for your votes? you pervert you!

MADNESS we have lived! Imagine this is what CDC, FDA malfeasants & media is telling you NOW!

Dr Paul Alexander

i) medical community overcounted COVID hospitalizations & deaths.
ii) 90% diagnosed with COVID were in hospital for another illness .
iii) COVID NOT actual cause of death as per death certificate , often NO role at all
iv) PCR test was actually 95% false positive
v) near no money spent by NIH on COVID questions
vi) yes, mRNA found in breast milk
vii) yes, spike and vaccine can impact sperm motility and count
viii) yes, natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity
ix) yes, there is myocarditis caused by the COVID gene injection
x) most academic researchers and doctors in US admit they were scared to openly say that the COVID lockdowns and polices and vaccine were unsafe and ineffective (likely deadly) because their careers depended on NIH and as such Fauci’s and Francis Collins funding, direct or indirect
xi) Fauci made millions in royalties from pharma
xii) that asymptomatic transmission was a lie as a key driver of the pandemic
xiii) that there was indeed an age-risk stratified curve March 2020 showing that elderly 85 year olds with medical conditions had a 1000-fold increased risk of death than 10 year old healthy Johnny and that we were never ever at ‘equal’ risk of severe outcomes if infected.

GMG – fibrous blood clots suggested treatment

Quercetin and Curcumin in combination. These are health supplements and require no prescription.

Quercetin and Curcumin breaks down the fibrous clots.

Surgery is the last option.

Both readily available from Amazon.

I know of friends who have used these successfully.

Alopathic medicine blood thinners, do not work on the fibrous clots.

So avoid the “doctors”!