If you think of it…It doesn’t mater all that much who is President in 2025

Red States are Getting Serious on ending this anarchy while Blue States are getting more an more fucked up.

There will be The 2 Divided States of America

A Strong Bonding of Red States and Red Counties within Blue States and then the Geographically Small Blue States ( really blue Cities for the most Part )

This will be Highly Significant but “Soft” Succession

PS…who feeds The Blues ? Ha

Tennessee legislators pass bill that would let teachers carry guns in schools

A Contest

Who can Devine Name of the the new Red States of America

The United Constitutional Republics of America ?

“Today the Senate sends a unified message to the entire world: America will always defend democracy in its hour of need,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Lets Face it 3/4ths of the House and 80% of the Senate are FOR WAR .

So only 20 to 25% of “Lawmakers” are America First !

Long way to go….here is what these War Mongers and MIC PIMPS are celebrating tonight

I am sure many would agree This guy Schumer would be a great candidate for first Hung when it comes to that….after the Trial of course ….cough


Insanely angry Climate “Activists”
Insanely angry Palestine (Hamas) “Activists
from the lefttardian camp…

screw BLM and Antifa…these are the new Cool Kids !

They find kids who were indoctrinated at these communist racist “Colleges” and turn them on their own campus and unleash them to disrupt EVERYTHING…Probably eve give em free drugs

BUT the more disruptive they get the worse it is for their Creaters..

They are their Voters…or at least they were >>>

Something tells me the Demotards are going to have to reign them in this time

Last time they let them “Blow off Steam”….. BLM ANTIFA

Wait till they cause HAVIC at the Convention !

pass the popcorn

check this out




LYRICS…sing along in the comments


….WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN ? (Meet the New Boss)

LYRICS in the second comment



I think it may be the future of independent journalism

Your own Server …..eliminates the middle man

Substack is a GRET middleman….BUY as we know They have 6 ways from sunday …

So it is next level Alt News

Tucker has his own Server He IS the Tucker Carlson Network

I bet the price of a private set up like this is coming down now….and a Lot of these Excellent Substachkers have Hundreds of thousands of Members.

This is KILLING MSM….These guys produce FAR better content than the dweebs on MSM and for a tiny infintisimal cost of Production .

Extra Extra Read all about it

Lets take a moment to consider how far we have come and how worldwide all these MASSIVE PROTESTS in dozens of Nations are influenced and facilitated by “ALT” news sources like the dozens we follow here 24/7

Do you think maybe 98% of the people who “attend” these mass protests…Farmers and Truckers have been getting their news from “OUR” Sources and now Hundreds of millions from all walks of life are too.

I think the Schwabeans have overplayed their hand.

They are so obvious …..and closely scrutinized now

Their only hope would be to shut down the internet…..But that would make even their useful idiots turn on them.

They are trying furiously to censer us…The TURD and Co. just passed a law that tries regulate the internet….under their Media wing CRTC ….so that fewer Canadians get their news from The Altiverse

But nobody cares

Its a joke

Anyone can find anything they want and can pass it on to friends and at “Clubs” Like Goldtent

There certaily still are all those 30% who support the regime..but not enough for advertisers to pay much so TURDO subsidizes them with OUR money

Screw em

They are herding cats

I hear there are new Models on the near horizion

Completely blockchain oriented Internet systems with No Central Power….by the people for the people

We are in the battle Stage aNd these Assholes will always play dirty….but there are too many of us to control now

You would think they are figuring this out right about now and if there is someone over their with a brain they will start backing down Now

Looks like that already started with the WHO …WHO THE FUCK ARE WHO ?

Lighting Your Fireplace will Be a $500 Fine for CO2 Police

In South Gloucestershire, England, the City Council has approved the introduction of financial penalties in the district’s smoke control area. In the name of improving air quality, lighting a fire releases harmful pollution by burning wood, which can cause health problemGrs. You will be fined £300 pounds for harming the environment.

What these Climate Change zealots do not comprehend is that they are being used, and gradually, this movement is transforming into the extinction agenda – to reduce the population BIG TIME with war. They have no guarantee of surviving themselves. They are justifying war as NECESSARY, for this is the best way to reduce the population. I suppose Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini were just ahead of their time trying to save the planet by reducing the population.

A $250 Million War Game and Its Shocking Outcome

At a cost of $250 million, Millennium Challenge 2002 was the largest and most expensive war game in Pentagon history. With over 13,500 participants, the US government took over two years to design it. The exercise pitted Iran against the US military. Washington intended to show how the US military could defeat Iran with ease.

The results shocked everyone…

Today’s edition of digging financial truth

Either this was the last attempt to hide the car sales truth, whether EV or not, or may be GM shares will drop because the market drops sharply from now until May 3rd.

B-wave bounce under way.


Sam Bankman agrees to testify against Tom Brady and Larry David in crypto lawsuit.

About that ~$250B sent to Ukraine to kill people

In March, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan and Jake Sullivan, assistant to the president for National Security Affairs, sent a letter to the nation’s governors asking them to take steps to protect the water supply, including assessing cybersecurity and planning for a cyberattack.

“Drinking water and wastewater systems are an attractive target for cyberattacks because they are a lifeline critical infrastructure sector but often lack the resources and technical capacity to adopt rigorous cybersecurity practices,” Regan and Sullivan wrote.

Your hard earned tax dollars at work …. based on FJB’s priorities

Greg Reese: Artificial Intelligence and the Grim Future of a Divided Humanity…under 6 minutes!

Contains a small but important segment of the Joe Rogan,Tucker Carlson  interview.

upwards explosion in miners vs gold ratio soon?

Based on the weekly Ichimoku cloud, I believe the $hui:$gold ratio has an opportunity in the near term to rapidly move higher.

The assumption is that penetrating into and/or above an Ichimoku cloud with a horizontal/flat border is unlikely.

The weekly Ichimoku cloud has a couple of vulnerabilities (shown in the blue boxes on the chart), however, the first arising in the first/second week of May.  If the ratio doesn’t manage to get above cloud resistance by the second week of May at the latest, I think the next opportunity to get above the cloud resistance will come in August.  If we can’t make it back to the 200 week MA by then, we are looking at late 2024 at the earliest.   Finally, as with any TA, these rules with respect to cloud resistance are not 100%.  That being said, I think if price penetrates the cloud in one of the two boxed regions, the rally is much more likely to stick.


3 Month Backup In Interest Rates Is Over

Rates have topped out, never exceeding the highs from last fall. From here the economic data, possibly even the BS stats from the govt. will clearly show an economy that has rolled over and falling considerably. This will include inflation measures. We may not reach 2% anytime soon, but neither is inflation accelerating.

The rate cuts are back on the table and IF the FED needs to do an emergency rate cut of 50 basis points next week, it will be as it was originally believed at the beginning of the year. Equivalent of two, 25 basis point cuts, starting in March. The FED has been gaslighting us the whole time.

Best jr Nickel company out there just got permit to Take Water

Check out the latest release by Magna Mining which will allow it to start mining this year.

Robert Kennedy, why Fauci isn’t in prison.

“He’s not in jail because Joe Biden is President and because unfortunately, Donald Trump…was run over by him. Donald Trump knew what was wrong. He knew not to shut down our businesses and he knew about lockdowns, he knew about ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine. He said it, he tried to speak up but his own bureaucrats told him to shut up. And he unfortunately did what he was told. And that’s why I think that he doesn’t deserve another chance.”

UK – Migrant Child Rapist Won’t Be Deported Because It Would ‘Harm His Mental Health’

Argues that he wouldn’t be able to access care for PTSD or depression in Eritrea…

Yes, really.

The migrant has been in prison for TEN YEARS after attacking a teenage girl in 2014.


Insanity is not confined to America

Dolly Varden Silver Outlines 2024 Resource Expansion and Discovery-Focused Exploration Drill Program

Very good prospects in the Golden Triangle in BC as their aggressive drill program indicates for both Silver and Gold…and yes, I own some FWIW!

Time For A Hail Mary

We could use some old fashion “horse trading” in the Senate. If various factions come together to offer amendements, and they each pledge to support one another’s proposal, even though they don’t support every position, they could successfully scuttle the whole POS bill. No aid to Ukraine, No aid to Israel, No support for the stealing of the frozen Russian assets. Senators need to kill the whold damn thing. Unlikely, but use Sanders opposition to offensive weapons for Israel to stop ALL this waste and abuse.

The Duran

Hope for Russia defeat hits reality. MIC big winner
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (37:26)

Bad cop Blinken to deliver ultimatum to China
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (19:19)

Ocheretino collapse. WSJ, Graham convinced Trump on $61B. FT, Greece/Spain pressure give up Patriots
Alex Christoforou (17:14)

Ukr Ocheretino Collapse, Brigades Mutiny, Retreat Without Orders; China With Rus, Rejects Sanctions
Alexander Mercouris (1:28:40)

Hundreds Of Bradley Fighting Vehicles On The Border | The Defeat Of 47th Brigade | MS For 2024.04.23
Dima (14:42)

The Bloom | Novobakhmutivka Has Fallen | A Crisis In The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.04.2
Dima (Live at 12:30 PDST, 15:30 EDST)

NATO’s Never-Ending War: The 75-Year-Old Bully Is Faltering

Though the world has greatly changed, NATO remains committed to a political doctrine from a bygone era…

Indeed, the US did emerge much stronger, militarily and economically after WWII. That was reflected in the Marshall Plan, an ‘Economic Recovery Plan’, which was a strategic, not a charitable act. It engineered the economic recovery of selected countries who would become the US’ global allies for decades to come.

Upon its establishment, then Canadian Secretary of State Lester Pearson referred to the NATO ‘community’ as part of the ‘world community’, linking the strength of the former to “preserving the peace” for the latter.

As innocuous as such language may seem, it introduced a paternal relationship between the US-dominated NATO and the rest of the world. Thus, it allowed the powerful members of the organization to define, on behalf of the rest of the world – and often outside the umbrella of the United Nations – such notions as ‘peace’, ‘security’, ‘threat’, and, ultimately, ‘terrorism’.

“What Kind Of American Are You?”

“It will be unclear who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Conflict is upon us…”

How to opt out of the social credit score system

Here are 12 steps to prevent them from collecting data on you, courtesy of Merryl Nass from her site Door To Freedom.

Stephen A. Smith: A Modern Voice of Democrat Opposition, Exploring his Views on Trump and Populism

In the arena of public discourse, unique figures can emerge as unexpected champions of nonconformist viewpoints. Stephen A. Smith, a Liberal, known primarily for his expertise in sports commentary, has recently found himself embroiled in a different kind of game—one of political and social commentary.

Smith’s recent supportive and controversial statements about President Donald Trump and populism have sparked admiration and ire.

Oddly, at the same time, DC is currently in the throes of romance, calling Speaker Mike Johnson a new kind of Winston Churchill over pushing for Ukraine funding. However, from watching Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, Smith appears more Churchill-like than Johnson

Chaotic Scene As NYPD Descends Upon NYU in Riot Gear, Arrests Dozens of Pro-Hamas Extremists

This is the End of Universities IMO . These Kids need to be documented and NEVER offered a Job !

Would YOU hire one ? Look they are responsible little agitators though…they are all wearing masks




The College Bubble is Finally Collapsing

Here is the Trailer of the New Documentary “Freedom First ”

Credit card delinquency rates at Discover Financial, the 6th largest credit card issuer in America

Take a look at this giant protest today in Colombia against the socialist regime.

For your BS meter FGC. What’s the odds that more than half the earthquakes in the world today were from Taiwan?

According to the USGS, of the 80 earthquakes in the world in the last 24 hours, 41 with magnitude between 4.0 and 6.1 were from Taiwan.

Uncovering the secret history of Hamas and its relationship with Israel – Corbett Report

The history of Hamas and its relationship with Israel is not as simple as the mainstream media would have us all believe.

Isn’t it funny how the establishment “news” makes its audience feel informed even when they’re frighteningly ignorant? An event like the October 7 false flag takes place and suddenly the very same people who couldn’t find Israel on a map are now self-proclaimed experts on the region, dutifully repeating all the talking points about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that they heard on the nightly news.

Of course, when you try to drill down on specifics with these people, you will quickly come to the limits of their knowledge.

Ask them about Hamas, for instance, and you’re likely to hear that Hamas: ……………………..

Transgender ideology has enabled people to ‘identify’ as amputees

Those who challenge the view that a person can identify as an amputee despite being healthy must also challenge the assertion that one can simply identify as the opposite sex.