Probable Catalyst

Yesterday, I posted my thoughts for a possible sharp rally in gold and especially silver for the rest of this week. I didn’t have any particular catalyst in mind just the chart, the technicals and the symmetry I laid out. Today, Sleepy Joe is scheduled to sign the bill they are calling the inflation reduction act around 3:30PM. Since he is usually late and the markets aren’t likely to act positively to it, he may not actually get it done before the 4PM close. This may end up being a catalyst for a stock market pullback and a gold and silver spike. Let’s see how the rest of the week plays out.


This guy has been pro vax and pro mask all along.

He has a very large Main Stream Following sa far as I can tell.

Not the rabid Conspiracy Nuts that inhabit our little part of the Net

So…This is GOOD for awakening the Middling Covidiots IMO

Thanks Brian

Thailand study of young adults post jab showed nearly 30% with cardiovascular injuries


Worthy of a read though long

Penned by one Michael Yon – who writes today from the frontlines of freedom fighters. Like the farmers in Netherlands and much of Europe. Following him is productive.

Gates of Fire

You can find him on


CBDC questions

I too believe this is coming and for ordinary people there wont be a way out for everyday transactions.  While I have G & S it cannot be used at Safeway so I guess they convert your bank accounts?  I read a lot of newsletters and their recommendation, like buying property in Argentina or buying numinastic coins is either not feasible or you cannot use numinastic coins for everyday stuff and if you sell them – what do you get – cash? CBDCs?  What are people doing to prepare?  Of course I am getting ready to retire so this sucks…Thanks for any input. GLG

If this isn’t animal cruelty! Where is PETA and the ASPCA?                                                                                                    


Gold is about value; the miners are a speculation upon ‘value’

How the War Ends

Ultimately, when the checks stop coming to feed the soldier’s families back home Ukraine will cease to exist and Russia won’t have to do anything more than wait for and support the uprisings in Odessa,Nikolaev etc.


Just ahead: 90 days of KKK-style politics

FBI Returns Trump’s Passports

That was fast

I’ll bet Trump has Something on Garland and he showed it to them…Boom

Lawyers say Canada’s travel app (ARRIVECAN) violates many Charter rights

He also says the odds of winning in court are small……..another Turd Justice System special…….

‘Communism in its purest form’: Economists warn of impending ‘digital dollar’ to replace cash


Economic experts have issued stark warnings that the creation of a US Federal Reserve-backed digital currency, which could replace the dollar, would usher in ‘an era of total government control and surveillance.’

He is joined by Jim Rickards, another economist, investor, and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official who is calling it a step toward the end of cash, the greenback, in circulation since the Founding Fathers. The new “digital tokens” can be “turned off” if the government doesn’t like what you are doing.

Rickards, who has four decades of experience on Wall Street, criticized CBDC and labeled it as “Bitcoin’s Evil Cousin.” He also exposed the supposed singular event called C-Day which, according to him, will take place on December 13, 2022, and will disrupt the traditional financial systems in the U.S



Ontario Nurses Association says many are leaving Canada to work in America


Tulsi Gabbard CRUSHES the FBI and Biden Regime? ‘There’s No Turning Back

Good one from Dr Steve

Germany announces color-coded vaccine passport system similar to Communist China’s

The CWA will assign one color to citizens who add proof that they received a vaccine within the last three months and a different color to citizens who add proof of vaccination that’s more than three months old. Only those with the color showing that they’re “freshly vaccinated” (have received a vaccine within the last three months) will be exempt from Germany’s mask requirement in public indoor spaces.

China’s system assigns a green, yellow, or red code to citizens. Those with a green code are allowed to move freely, those with a yellow code may be asked to stay home for seven days, and those with a red code have to quarantine for two weeks.



We are constantly BOMBARDED..with gloom and doom and STARVATION SCENARIOS

Food Processing Plants being Blown Up
Farmers being forced to Cull Animals because of Disease ( Bird Flu) and Drought
Farmers being forced to cut back on fertilizer
Fertilizer Being banned from a Railroad Company
Fertilizer Supply Chain destroyed because of the War
Grain Exports to Zero from the breadbasket of the World
Drought and heat killing crops and animals

You would think by now we would be seeing the results in the grocery Stores eh ?

Nope…Not here…Shelves are FULL ..of Everything.

I shop in 4 different locations and all are filled to the gills..OVERFLOWING ..A CORNUCOPIA OF EVERYTHING

The prices are higher of course BUT NO empty shelves except maybe a little thin in the baby formula department ( but not empty)

Then there is THIS !

and they are using MORE Corn in Gasoline now as well as the traditional Feed for Animals and People


I ased a Grocer manager Today if they are expecting shortages…he just looked at me sideways and said …nope

So I call BULLSHIT on all this

Speaking of Bullshit….MOS is a fertilizer Company American based….should be astronomical

DBA ( Agriculture RTF)

DOJ Keeps Affidavit Sealed and Fuels Red Wave

A Horrifying Drought Is Causing Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The US And Europe

Ah, the Horsemen: Covid, the Pox, the ongoing war in Europe, war clouds gathering in the Asia Pacific, throw in the supply chain disruptions, and now a drought in Europe and America that threatens our food supply.
There was a terrible drought and an economic collapse way back in the “Hungry Thirties,” followed by WW2. That was 90 years ago, give or take. One would hope that cool heads and thoughtful planning would guide the ship of state through these troubled waters. Well, that’s how it ought to be. However, we may be well advised to set our own course in a well provisioned dingy. Don’t forget your compass, sextant, and a star chart – metaphorically speaking.

Dan Sutter: In defense of fossil fuels



Now, as the one year anniversary for the FDA approval of Comirnaty approaches, we are left with more questions than answers. The Biden Administration, Big Pharma, and Big Tech teamed up to fool Americans into taking a shot that they thought was FDA approved, but it turns out, that shot never actually existed, and will never exist.


Thanks Brian

Quadruple Vaxxed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Catches COVID for Second Time

Russia Further Advances in the Donbass, Encircles Kharkov, Kissinger Warns of US Political Debacle

It could be that the NATO war to weaken Russia will in fact have the opposite effect, and strengthen Russia instead.
Alexander Mercouris (52:15)

Trivia for Stackers

The following information cannot be confirmed for accuracy. It is for information purposes only.
It’s a slow day at the tent so, Stackers, take a break and have some fun…

Here’s How Much Silver You Need to be in the Top 1% / 5% / 20% of all Stackers… (10:54)

Here’s How Much Gold You Need to be in the Top 1% / 5% / 20% of all Stackers… (13:18)

All GAPS Get Filled

It isn’t just about technical analysis! LOL                                                                                                                                      

CTH: FBI seized Trump’s passports too

What do you suppose they plan next?

one comment

“Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves, PDJT IS going to be indicted, arrested, convicted and likely imprisoned. The Republicans won’t stop this (heck, they’re helping facilitate it)”

and just in

DOJ Opposes Release Of Underlying Affidavit For FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid

Collective West Hysteria Calls for “Taking Down” of Russian President Putin

The Duran – Alex and Alexander (20:20)

The Entry Point

Today’s selloff in gold and especially silver is a great trading opportunity. Given the action (or lack therewith) of Hecla on Friday, where despite silver trading up strongly, Hecla went nowhere, I am not surprised that silver was down today.  I believe, based on the chart, the recent trading activity and symmetry, that there is a very good chance that silver could reach $22.50 or just above, by this Friday’s close. Look at the 3 month chart and you will see that silver fell from $22.50 on June 6th to it’s low of $18 on July 14th, a total of 26 trading days. This Friday Aug. 19 will be 26 trading days from that July 14th low. The 200 day mvg. avg. is currently at $22.79, a target for silver this week. Anywhere between $22.50 up to the 200 day is quite possible. The 50 day is at $20.25 and today silver  traded down  below it. Perfect entry point for the metal and silver miners. Watch Hecla the rest of the week.  If after this drop,  it  starts to show strength ahead of silver itself, that will be the tell that my outlook is on track. We have this whole week to see a recovery and upside breakout.  Of course, if you trade options or other leveraged vehicles there is risk if you don’t allow yourself more time for the upside target to be reached beyond this Friday’s suggested timeframe. That is because while $22-$22.50 is possible by Friday based on symmetry, it is a longshot and there is a developing inverse H&S pattern that may take until late next week to complete. I am speculating on the former but ready to add next week if the latter turns out to be the case.

A Different Sort of Warrant – Kunstler – an interesting take on Mar a Lago raid