Bo Polny is getting a bad rap, and some of his stuff deserves it…but this latest one on Greg Hunter is his best yet.

No apologies for posting this one immediately after the last one, but he has never made as much sense in the past as he makes now for what is coming. As a Christian who has studied Gods word, I believe he is right on track with what he sees, but you’ll never know if what he says is right or wrong if you walk on by….but it’s your choice. IMO we are in the End Times, at least for the US Dollar, so better to have your eyes wide open and be prepared….FWIW!

Adele cancels Vegas stint again; Jon Bon Jovi can’t sing due to “vocal injury”; Justin Timberlake’s illness takes a “turn for the worse”; Halsey “back in diapers” due to endometriosis

The Death of the Non-Compete Clause May Be Imminent

The fight against non-compete clauses from the U.S. labor market made huge strides in 2023. Having made targeting non-competes a priority, three federal agencies appear poised to abolish these contracts this year, while many state legislatures are keen to free workers from these contracts too. The final chapter in the fight against non-compete clauses is yet to be written. But we may be there soon.

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I have a weird feeling about Mitch McConnell stepping down – Mike Benz

5 1/2 minutes


Yet another food processing plant burns down — Hartland reeling after Potato Chips plant destroyed by fire

the plant employed 75 to 100 people and also benefited local truckers and farmers. “This is a big loss for everyone,” she said. “We cannot extend enough sympathy and support to the Albright family.”

DeMerchant said she’s spoken to friends who worked at the plant and they are devastated. She said the business is an important part of the community and the town has reached out to the owners to offer their support.

Neil Oliver TEARS into ‘Unelected PUPPET’ Rishi Sunak for ‘GASLIGHTING’ the British People

Neil Oliver with his Sottish burr is on fire as he rips into UK PM, Rishi Sunak.
Up the Scots! Video (11 1/4 min)


American lawyers and journalists are suing the CIA, alleging that they were wrongfully spied on while visiting Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

….. finding the claim that the federal government was involved in an illicit scheme to seize the Plaintiff’s electronic devices should continue against the CIA.

CNN Appears on the Verge of an Epic Collapse

Bo Polny & Andrew Sorchini: EMERGENCY BROADCAST – Be NOT One Day Late!

My thought is the picture being painted is why would anybody buy those ugly gold and silver coins that are going nowhere, when Bitcoin is going up by the thousands per day….so put your discretionary cash into Bitcoins while the bigshots/banks buy up all the silver and gold phyz at fire sale prices….and then pull the Bitcoin plug?. Kinda hard to find your Bitcoins when the lights go out!

Propaganda Series – They complained about others not getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, then they “Died Suddenly”. 26 People who died due to COVID propaganda and disinformation

DR WILLIAM MAKIS KNOWS HIS SUDDENLIES…His whole substack is devoted to this issue

This piece is stunning. A couple of Dozen very recent examples of people who hated / mocked “anti-vaxxers and wished us death in many cases. They all died suddenly .

I call BS – first episode – Pierre Poilievre

UPDATE: Sources Say Dirty New York Judge Arthur Engoron Hasn’t Gone Back to Equinox Gym Since James O’Keefe Exposed Pervy Behavior – Equinox Front Desk Received 23 Calls Before 5:30 AM This Morning and Gym Sent “URGENT” Text to Employees

Ha…Missed this one

James O’keefe Sting of Aurthur Engoron ( Rhymes with Moron)



UPDATE: Sources Say Dirty New York Judge Arthur Engoron Hasn’t Gone Back to Equinox Gym Since James O’Keefe Exposed Pervy Behavior – Equinox Front Desk Received 23 Calls Before 5:30 AM This Morning and Gym Sent “URGENT” Text to Employees”>UPDATE: Sources Say Dirty New York Judge Arthur Engoron Hasn’t Gone Back to Equinox Gym Since James O’Keefe Exposed Pervy Behavior – Equinox Front Desk Received 23 Calls Before 5:30 AM This Morning and Gym Sent “URGENT” Text to Employees


What Did She Know? Death of Mitch McConnell’s Sister-in-Law Being Investigated as a Crime

Ya think ? She “drove” her Mercedes into a Pond on a Private estate ….so !


Editor’s Note: This news will be buried quickly. It already appeared and quickly disappeared from Google News. Most major corporate news outlets are ignoring it. When the death of a relative of one of the most powerful men in America is being investigated as a possible murder, one would think journalists would cover it.

Nope. Not in 2024 America. Here’s the article generated from scant corporate media reporting

New link with more detail

another from Gateway Pundent

Raise your hand if you are a wee bit suspicious of the timing of McConnell’s “resignation”


THIS is a real eye opener

The link is to a New York Times Article presenting their latest Presidential Poll

It’s a Trump +5 National Poll with a lot of bad news for Biden Supporters

BUT the eye opener is in the comments section accessed in a link at the end of the post. I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised at the comments from NYT subscribers as they are Libtardians after all BUT holy Fook !

Look how they think …We tend to live in our own “Bubble” and read only Conservative and “Far Right”
articles…so I think it is very constructive to see how the other half thinks.

I went through the first 100 ( of 2000 ) comments and NOT one is anything other than the leftardian opinions…Not ONE

NYT is paywaled but they offer a free trial…just enter your email address and make up a password then when prompted to subscribe just click continue without subscribing. I think you will be enlightened by reading these comments…and more than a bit amused

some examples

Just checked expirations on all of our family’s passports, just in case we need to ask for a political asylum in Canada or Europe, if Trump gets re-elected.

When we reach October and Biden continues to show his sharpness–especially when dealing with the trump-putin threat–and when trump is shuffling from courtroom to courtroom, there will be a tsunami shift of voters to President Joe

Other than Trump, Biden is objectively the worst candidate we have seen in my life time.

We are sleep walking to 2016 all over again.

And I think he’s done a good job as president. But it’s not what about very informed politics addicts like me think. Its about the swing state voters. I am extremely concerned for the outcome.

Can anyone who’s unhappy with Biden’s performance for the past 3-odd years provide evidence, based on Trumps’s time in office, that he would have done a better job if he’d had a second term? It was Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic that led to 1,000,000 deaths and the current inflation problem, Trump who threatened Ukraine and make nice with Putin, Xi and Kim, Trump who borke the budget with his tax cuts for the rich, Trump who is the only US president ever impeached twice, and Trump who led an insurrection against the US government when he lost the presidential election for a second time. He accomplished everything possible, and then some.

“But viewed another way, Mr. Trump’s current lead over Mr. Biden is built with a significant number of voters who believe he is a criminal.” I used to think that only in banana republics could this happen. I’m stunned that people who acknowledge that Trump has committed federal crimes is a better candidate for president than Joe Biden, one of the most effective presidents of the last 100 years.

Many voters – especially Republicans – vote based on their emotions, not rational thinking. (How else could Trump be winning?)
They see Biden as weak and frail. Trump’s authoritarian tendencies appeal to them. They don’t know or care about how the economy is actually doing.
Hopefully Trump will be convicted (and sentenced!) before the election. That may be Biden’s best hope.

Please please please President Biden. You’ve done a great job and been a great statesman. You’re a patriot and a compassionate man. Now it’s time for you do do what’s necessary to keep Trump out of the White House: step aside for a talented younger generation.

This election comes down to one issue. Do Americans want to continue to live in a Democracy and support a Constitution based on the rule of law, or do they want to live in a Autocracy with a Dictator modeled on Russia? Democracy or Autocracy, which is it America? There won’t be any going back to Democracy and the Constitution, after it’s gone in four years if they choose Autocracy under Donald Trump.

I blame this on the right wing media and the fringe right. Biden has shown extraordinary leadership especially on the international front. He got so much through Congress. He brought us out of the pandemic. A decent man who cares about us and democracy. Best president of my lifetime. Insane that Trump would have any chance against him. Palm to forehead. As they say, no one is coming to our rescue. Democrats and independents: VOTE like your life depends upon it. Precinct walk. Phone bank. Time for a full court press. Can’t sit this one out.

I find it difficult to believe that this poll is indicative of the national mood on which candidate might be the better presidential choice.

Their presidential track records speak for themselves.

President Biden, previously a long-tenured US Senator, has never been in danger of being impeached. We can count on his judgment as being sound, whether or not we may agree with it his specific political stance.

Former President Trump, on the other hand, has been and continues to be a chaotic, erratic personality. He has stated that, if elected, he will be a dictator, like his idol Vladamir Putin, “but only for a day.”

How, exactly, are U.S citizens supposed to interpret this statement? I find it very unsettling, indeed.


I have for years thought that the only way to get through to the right wingers I encounter in my super-red State is to give them what they say they want. Nobody is hurt more by the policies advanced by the Republican Party than the lower and middle class Americans who vote for them.
Democrats neither can figure out how to teach them that lesson nor are cruel enough to try, and they have been saved from suffering that fate by those they elect passing other people’s money to them while simultaneously honoring those recipients as rugged, self-sufficient patriots. That’s why red States are the leaders in getting federal dollars without which they couldn’t survive.
And nobody is better at persuasively lying to them than Trump.



Biden is the most politically astute, the wisest, and the most representative of America, the majority of which is politically moderate and includes minority communities which strongly support Biden.

Biden has worked hard to build strong U.S. connections in Asia, economic and military alliances, to safeguard against the mounting threat of China. He has supported Ukraine against Putin’s aggression. He has worked hard to continue bringing jobs back to the U.S.

The only area in which Biden needs improvement is on immigration and the porous border. That’s a big issue on which he needs to work hard fast. Otherwise, he’s a great President.


if you want to run for an office I’d gladly be your campaign manager


It’s ALL about NATO expansion!


Peer-reviewed research: Leftist U.S. leaders have ‘psychopathic tendencies’

Likewise, retired psychiatrist Brad Lyles, M.D., explains that “one way of understanding the increasingly outlandish beliefs and behaviors of the left is through the lens of Borderline Personality Disorder. The Borderline diagnosis,” he notes, “is among the most infamous diagnoses in psychiatry. It is the diagnosis that keeps therapists up at night, covered in sweat, fearful of every encounter with this sort of patient.” Lyles writes:

article in the first comment

Lawyers who voided Elon Musk’s pay as excessive want $6 billion fee

The lawyers who voided Elon Musk’s $56 billion compensation as excessive on Friday sought a record a $6 billion legal fee, payable in the electric car maker’s stock.

“We recognize that the requested fee is unprecedented in terms of absolute size,” the three law firms said in a filing with the Court of Chancery in Delaware.
The fee works out to an hourly rate of $288,888, they said.

Musk blasted the request as “criminal,” posting, opens new tab on his X platform that “the lawyers who did nothing but damage Tesla want $6 billion.”

MASSIVE WIN FOR TRUMP IN PA: Voting Machine Warehouse Official Withdraws Lawsuit Against Trump and Two Local GOP Poll Watchers

This “seems” important — the reaction next week should confirm or deny same. It “may” be the first case where actual evidence of the 2020 steal was “allowed to be filed” by the courts. On the other hand, the lawsuit was discontinued the day before the trial — so how do they count this in legal terms?????


The United Nations sent their security to try to intimidate us at our hotel in Panama City today so we decided to expose the hell out of them!

I don’t usually post videos this long, but this one was necessary. Please share and help expose them! Defund The UN and prosecute everyone behind this illegal alien insurgency!

13 minutes

Online Harms bill could see Canadians face house arrest based on citizen complaints: Constitutional lawyer

Constitutional lawyer Marty Moore has warned LifeSiteNews that under the proposed Online Harms Act, courts could impose restrictions on Canadians under threat of jail if there is ‘fear’ the accused may commit a ‘hate crime’ in the future.

“Possibly the most shocking part of this Bill is the addition of section 810.012 to the?Criminal Code,” Marty Moore, who serves as the Litigation Director for Charter Advocates Canada, which is fully funded by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), told LifeSiteNews.

“Under this new provision, a person can assert to a provincial court that they ‘fear’ someone will promote genocide or antisemitism, and that provincial court is empowered to jail a person for one year (two years if they have previously been convicted of such an offense) if they refuse to agree to court-imposed conditions.”

Moore noted that the “court-imposed conditions” could be the mandated wearing of an ankle monitor, having a curfew, or not communicating with certain people.

I Am An …ist

This just popped into my head while I was watching a video of an interview of Stephen Hanke. He was being questioned about the economy and inflation and explained it is driven by money supply.(a monetarist)

As anyone who has read my various posts, I am definitely a monetarist, as far as the economy is concerned. My thoughts went to two other areas I have commented on frequently. Government and politics. In those two areas I am a Constitutionalist and a conspiratist.

Governments lie and don’t serve the people but are concerned with power, control and increasing both. That is why they hide the truth.

The founders understood that and wrote the Constitution to minimize and mitigate against government overreach. So to sum up I am, an ist. Monetarist, Constitutionalist and conspiratist.

on going neo-Amish

The Duran

Lavrov and Latin America. Cuba and BRICS
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (10:26)

G7 frustration trying to seize Russian frozen assets
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (15:50)

Sunak meltdown. Macron WW3 tripwire. German Crimea bridge audio, cui bono? Biden, Giorgia on my mind
Alex Christoforou (42:08)

More EU Panic, Quarrels, Germans Talk Kerch Bridge, Krasnodar Strikes, Putin Warns Counter Strikes
Alexander Mercouris (1:24:44)

The Main Task Of The Russians Is To Break Through The Defense In 6 Days. Military Summary 2024.03.02
Dima (13:22)

SnowStorm | Russian Flag Over Tonenke And Orlivka. SU57 Is Waiting For F16. MIlitarySummary 2024.3.2
Dima (Live at 12:30 PST, 15:30 EST)

Joe Biden Slips Up By Confirming The Maui Blue Roof DEWs “Conspiracy Theory”

Texas Fires Questioning Biden Confirms All Homes Destroyed UNLESS “They had the right roof on it.”

Joe Biden “Because a lot if you fly over these areas that are burned to the ground, you’ll see in the midst of 20 homes that are just totally destroyed, one home sitting there because they had the right roof on it. And, anyway, since I took office, FEMA’s provided Texas alone.”

DEWs Directed Energy Weapons


Amish Organic Farm Raided By The Department Of Agriculture Trail – Barnes Law

Transcript 1st comment……….

Spanish Police Deploy Violence agains’t farmers……..

Tensions are escalating in Spain as Police start using force on Protestors & Farmers who have had enough with corrupt Government working against the common interest of the people.