Trump speech before faith leaders in Tennessee

I thought this one was worth sharing because during his first term, he didn’t get as much credit for supporting the principals of Christianity and other religions of faith and good will toward humanity.

2-22 Trump Addresses Christian Broadcasters in TN



The Saturday Night Joke 

Guy travels to Europe for a vacation… it’s his first time, he sees the sights, has a real good time… after a while he decides to call home… gets his brother on the phone and says ‘so how are things back home?’

… and the brother says ‘your cat died!’… the guy says ‘you shouldn’t break bad news like that, you should…
… break it to me gently… like, you should say, ‘the cat crawled out on the roof… chasing a squirrel… and got stuck…
we had to call the fire department… the fireman climbed up and got the cat, but on the way down he slipped… the cat fell to the ground…
… we had to take the cat to the vet… they tried to save the cat, they even operated… on the cat… but it was too late… they couldn’t save the cat’… that’s how you should break bad news like that’… so the guys says to his brother, ‘anyway, how’s mom?’… and the brother says






Remember his great expose of Wto enlighten people in the “who is Zalensky ? He is working with someone here to enlighten Germans and all westerners to what our “Governments” have become.

We are already dead if we don’t act so lets GOOOO…..incredibly Passionate here !

I thnk there is someone co-ordinating all this….Is it the Russians or is it The American White Hats ?


PT 1…Tucker Putin Blockbuster 2 WEEKS AGO

PT2…Tucker Mike Benz Blockbuster LAST WEEK

PT3 Scott Ritter speaks to the German People…BOOM

This is the most powerful thing I have ever seen…someone is orchestrating this

It’s Over, They Admit It

Russell Brand 20 min….must see…THE VAXX STORY GOING MAINSTREAM

California Sheriff Is Not Afraid To Speak The Truth

“We are here today because California public safety is in crisis. Crime is steadily on the rise and our public safety policy is one of the worst, if not the worst in the nation. I wanna make this clear and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying. This is not by accident.”

“The driving force in our crisis is a radical progressive agenda fraudulently called criminal justice reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions, their crimes, or accountable to their countless victims.”

“Thousands upon thousands of criminals are being released from custody early, crime is increasing and our governor is closing prisons instead of building new ones. It defies common sense. — We are now at our breaking point and Californians have had enough.”

I can’t transcribe this all due to X’s text limits but this is an excellent listen.

6 minutes





One of BOOM’s major themes has always been the incompetence of current leadership in the advanced Western economies. BOOM has focused on Ursula Von Der Leyen at the European Commission, Jens Stoltenberg in NATO, Emmanuel Macron in France, Olaf Scholz in Germany and Boris Johnson in the UK. Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand and Scott Morrison in Australia have deserved special mention when they were Prime Ministers of their respective nations.

And then, of course, there is Justin Trudeau who stabbed his nation in the heart when he locked some citizens out of their bank accounts over the Truckers protests. That is perhaps the ultimate financial sin that any government can commit against individual citizens, unwise in the extreme. In previous editorials, BOOM has detailed the dramatic loss of trust that Canadians now feel for their institutions of government, central banking, finance and technology. However, sadly, there are many other examples. Joe Biden is one. Benjamin Netanyahu is another and so is Anthony Albanese, the new Prime Minister of Australia.

The advanced economies are mostly being led by fools who adopt the narratives and policies handed to them by unelected, unrepresentative, foreign non government organisations such as the Un-United Nations, the Non World Non Economic Non Forum WEF (the so called, private World Economic Forum), the World Not for Health Organisation, Non Think Tanks and Non Charitable Non Philanthropies funded by a conga line of secretive billionaires. Secret Non-Intelligence organisations also seek to disproportionately influence both government policies and national discourse. The mainstream media dutifully plays its role as a paid-for megaphone of distorted narratives. Integrity is sadly lacking everywhere.

The problem is this — governments prefer to be influenced by these corporatist organisations. They call them “stakeholders”, which is a word invented for hiding disproportionate, non-democratic influence. They do not listen to The People. Corruption of government and poor policies are the result.

The politicians dress up this merger of corporate and state fascism with fancy terms such as “Public Private Partnerships”, “Corporate Partnerships”, “Advisory Groups”. They hope that no-one notices. Then they seek jobs with those corporate “stakeholders” after they have left office


PANIC: Corporate Media reporter visibly STUNNED after FIVE Michigan Biden voters TURN on Joe before her very eyes:

Former Panama Border Chief: UN Is Behind The Chaos At U.S.–Mexico Border

“This isn’t a conspiracy theory,” he said; the “invasion” at the U.S. southern border is “strategic engineered migration.”

The former director of Panama’s border patrol told The Epoch Times that the United Nations’ migration agenda is behind the chaos at the U.S. southern border and that U.N. partners are making things worse instead of better.


Trudeau signs $3-billion security deal for Ukraine on 2nd anniversary of Russian invasion

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed a deal in Kyiv on Saturday committing Canada to a $3.02-billion security assistance package for Ukraine, a milestone event to mark the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion. He was joined by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

The $3.02-billion funding commitment from Canada is for the current year. How much will be committed over the 10-year lifetime of the agreement is unclear. The visit also comes as Zelenskyy’s government tries to pass a revised bill to expand mobilization in Ukraine.

China Lashes Out At ‘Agent Of Trouble’ NATO

NATO should cease its “saber-rattling” and start promoting global peace, Chinese envoy Zhang Jun has said at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the second anniversary of the Ukraine conflict.

The struggle between Moscow and Kiev, which erupted into open military conflict on February 24, 2022, is a “tragedy that could have been avoided,” Zhang stressed in his address on Friday.

”The situation Europe is facing today is closely related to the repeated eastward expansion of NATO since the end of the Cold War,” he said.

Russia singled out preventing Ukraine from joining NATO as one of the main goals of its military operation. Moscow warned on numerous occasions that it viewed Kiev’s possible membership in the US-led military alliance as a major threat to its security.

The Chinese envoy underlined the need to “respect the legitimate security concerns of all countries,” who are members of the UN. “Regional security cannot be guaranteed by strengthening or even expanding a military bloc,”he added.

”We encourage NATO to do some soul-searching, come out of the cage of Cold War mentality, and refrain from acting as an agent of trouble instigating bloc confrontation,” Zhang said.

He also called on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg “to look at the world through an objective lens, stop saber-rattling, and do things that are genuinely conducive to world peace.”


LOL “Green” movement strikes out again – Rodents damaging Western hardware in Ukraine – Le Figaro

Eco-friendly weapons are unsuitable for the realities of an actual conflict, the French paper claims

Some of the military hardware supplied to Ukraine by the West has become inoperable after being damaged by rodents, Le Figaro has reported, citing a French fighter in the ranks of Kiev’s forces.

“rodents ate the cables on some of the vehicles” used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Some of the protective sheaths of electrical wires [in the Western-supplied hardware] are made of corn fiber,” which attracts mice and rats, he said. Le Figaro stressed that “the phenomenon is marginal, but it tells the story of the confrontation of the Western military equipment with reality.”

“Western vehicles were designed as a technological showcase. But, in the mud and cold, they don’t always work,” the French fighter is cited as saying.


US Sees Ukraine As “Active & Bountiful Military Research Opportunity”; WaPo Reports

“The war remains an active and bountiful research opportunity for American military planners as they look to the future, officials say,” the Post reported. A senior defense official explained, “We immersed them in this conflict to make sure they were understanding the implications for warfare.” A second official told the outlet that the Ukraine war will be “an enduring resource.” (at the expense of “Ukraine is struggling to arm its forces and has suffered 500,000 casualties.”)

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko – Is The West Plotting A False Flag Provocation In Poland To Blame On Russia & Belarus

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said during a large meeting with the senior staff of his national security agencies on Tuesday that their Western counterparts are plotting a false flag provocation in Poland. According to his sources, it’ll be aimed against civilians there and be blamed on Russia and Belarus.

The Belarusian leader warned about Belgorod-like terrorist incursions from Poland last summer, but then his aforementioned security chief hinted a few months back that this could be prompted by a false flag incident similar to the one that started World War II. On the subject of world wars, Lukashenko also said during his speech on Tuesday that “Now we are literally covered with an information wave of the so-called premonition of the third world war. There are grounds for concern.”

About 32,000 NATO troops have deployed in the vicinity of Russia and Belarus for the bloc’s “Steadfast Defender 2024” drills, the largest such ones since the end of the Old Cold War over three decades ago, while another 60,000 or so are training elsewhere in Europe right now. In this tense context, the possible false flag provocation in Poland that he warned about could set World War III into motion if cooler heads in the West don’t call it off or can’t de-escalate the crisis that would be sparked afterwards.

Polish Farmers To Block Critical Border Road As Tusk Government Faces First Serious Challenge

Protesters will block the main A2 highway from Warsaw to Berlin on Sunday for 24 hours

According to Dariusz Wrobel, a spokesman for the farmers’ protest movement, the EU’s so-called Green Deal on energy, transportation and taxation in a bid to reduce greenhouse emissions “is unacceptable in its current form.”

The farmers also oppose imports of agriculture products from countries outside the EU “that do not conform to European norms”, Wrobel said.

The highway protest at the German border would start at 1200 GMT on Sunday and would be just a warning.

“We expect results and we are ready to launch a much wider movement,” Wrobel said.

The farmers had planned a 25-day blockade but reduced it after talks with local authorities and business leaders. -TRTWorld

Meanwhile, as Remix News, sums it up – this is a major test for the Tusk government.

Egypt Announces $35BN Deal With UAE To Buy Premium Mediterranean Area

The deal is the largest foreign direct investment in an urban development project in the country’s modern history, the prime minister said. It is a partnership between the Egyptian government and an Emirati consortium led by ADQ, he said. News about the sale has triggered condemnation by critics of the government, who said the land is one of Egypt’s most valuable coastal locations and that it should be developed by local investors.

Commenting on the deal, Egyptian business tycoon Naguib Sawiris said it will contribute to resolving the current crisis by “attracting foreign currency, creating jobs and stabilizing the exchange rate.”

Egypt is currently in talks with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout deal that is expected to exceed $10bn. It is expected to be followed by currency devaluation to match black market rates – nearly double the official rate of 31 Egyptian pounds to the US dollar.  Foreign debt has quadrupled, reaching $164bn, over President Abdelfattah el-Sisi’s almost 10-year presidency. Debt servicing is currently consuming most of the state’s annual expenditures.

The Duran

ICJ ruling ignored. Biden White House isolated
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (16:50)

Macron runs. 2025 counteroffensive. Boris back in Kiev. Putin can be defeated. Poland snubs Ukraine
Alex Christoforou (38:32)

Rus Avdeyevka Offensive; Ukr Routed, 3 Villages Captures; Desperate Ukr Builds Dnieper Defence Line
Alexander Mercouris (1:23:02)

The Russians Captured Sieverne And Lastochkyne | F16 To Be. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.02.24
Dima (14:16)

SnowStorm | Robotyne Has Fallen | Chaotic Retreat Of The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.02.24
Dima (Live at 12:30 PST, 15:30 EST)

one of his bests

Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in… 9 weeks

Thanks Reinhard

Argentina’s Javier Milei is racking up some solid wins, with the fiscal basketcase seeing its first monthly budget surplus in 12 years.

Apparently it took Milei just 9 and a half weeks to balance a budget that was projected at 5% of GDP under the previous government. In US terms, he turned a 1.2 trillion dollar annual deficit into a 400 billion surplus. In 9 and a half weeks.

How did he do it? Easy: he cut a host of central government agency budgets by 50% while slashing crony contracts and activist handouts




You’ll enjoy the latest mea culpa from a formerly pro-vaccine healthcare professional-slash-social media influencer. Annette Bosworth, MD, also known as “Dr. Boz,” has a popular YouTube channel (600,000 subscribers) and website focusing on the health benefits of keto dieting and intermittent fasting. It seems like a great channel and I subscribed. Dr. Boz normally covers wellness topics like shopping for a good blood glucose monitor, breaking carb addiction, comparing exercise to intermittent fasting, and things like that.

So it must have shocked many of her subscribers when three days ago she named her most recent YouTube streamer, “The biggest crime in the history of medicine.”



Here we go again! Late yesterday, the Hill ran a breaking story headlined, “US tracking high altitude balloon over Midwest.”



Yesterday I tested the major A.I. platforms and confirmed for myself that Google’s new AI, Gemini, not only believes but promotes the long-discredited theory of Minor Attracted Persons, which posits that pedophilia is completely separate from statutory rape, is “born” and not made, and is a perfectly normal sub-type of human sexual interest.

I compared ChatGPT’s answer versus Google’s Gemini:



Fox News ran a story that should seem familiar yesterday, with the headline, “US military not ready for low-tech war: ‘Crisis’.” The sub-headline explained, “Experts warn drones as cheap as $500 can threaten bases or naval vessels.”



Finally, out of many headlines about this inconvenient story, I picked Newsweek’s, which reported its article under this exciting text: “New Fani Willis evidence is an “earthquake,” Geraldo Rivera warns.” It appears that last week’s hearing set up Fani and her boy-toy for a fall.


A Contrary Opinion On Junk Silver

I saw a video where a coin dealer had a contrary opinion regarding junk or constitutional silver. The prevailing wisdom is that, originally being US currency containing 90% silver this would be good to stack, and I understand there was some good sense to that argument.

Had someone stacked it from way back when silver was priced much lower there probably isn’t much downside. I just wouldn’t pay the multiples of face that the current market dictates given what rounds or even eagles and maple leafs go for.

The reason being, and while this may be a longshot, the dealer threw out the argument that if the government decides to recall those coins, since they issued the currency in the first place, they would do so at face value and the holders would take a beating if they paid above face.

Of course, you could decide not to redeem at a bank and melt the coins down for the silver value, but that is against the law and would involve a cost. Someone willing to take the risk would likely buy the coins but at a steep discount from the silver content value.

Don’t know if that ever happens but I wouldn’t put it past the government when a silver shortage appears and they are desperate to get their hands on silver in any way they can.

An anecdote about being ‘flagged’

Yesterday I tried to join a forum/classifieds marketplace site for a pu pu assessory – of course they have new register’s submit their information before being allowed to contact sellers and execute a transaction.  So it takes a day for the site admins to email be back and what might be the cause for getting declined – yep.

“(YYZ), unfortunately, the account you registered on XXX did not meet membership requirements. Your account is no longer accessible.

The following reason was given: Flagged”

So then I started doing some research about who owns XXX, turns out CBS Sports bought the website in 2017.

Then I come back to this ZH article I read a few weeks ago.  Anyone (esp. in the US) who has a pu pu or thinking about getting one or expanding their holdings should read this.

ZH – Watch Live: Senators To Grill Yellen Over Treasury’s “Domestic Spy Games” On (pu pu) Owners

The point of this post is simply to point out that many here are likely ON A LIST but may not have evidence of yet.  I’m guessing most here are assuming this is the case already.

PS. I replied to the site admin asking for details but not expecting much.  CASH at a Brick and Mortar IS KING.

Trudeau government abandoning long-threatened ‘hate speech’ bill after backlash

First Watch Pierre Poilievre’s 3 minute response to The Turd’s hate Speech Law