Kevin McKernan’s entire database of research deleted after NZ health service obtains an injunction to prevent sharing of public health data leaked by whistleblower, database administrator Barry Young.


It’s probably safe to say that the whistleblower information on mass deaths in New Zealand is REAL & ACCURATE if they are deleting entire databases in an attempt to hide the data and ensure that it doesn’t get spread (after the horse has left the barn).

How do they even do that on a website they don’t own?? I am probably naive to think this is illegal……..

PS: Never heard of Kevin McKernan before but censorship like this should be headline news ……. doubt we will hear a peep from MSM!




What you may not realize is that the perpetrators are gearing up for a rematch…….

It happened, and we know what it was only because a handful of dissident experts payed a huge price to expose the truth, using unregulated channels to reach the public directly. What you may not realize is that the perpetrators are gearing up for a rematch, and they appear to be in a hurry—revising rules, regulations and treaties to ensure that next time they can silence all challenges to their narrative, cripple every dissident, and impose whatever restrictions, treatments and mandates they want onto an unwitting global public.

If you think I’m exaggerating, look into the recent changes to the powers of the U.S. FCC and the proposed changes to the Pandemic Preparedness regime currently speeding towards approval at the W.H.O.

On the W.H.O.:

On the FCC:

Look at this bill that’s being proposed in Illinois about blood donations.

“Requires a blood bank to test or have tested donated blood for evidence of any COVID-19 vaccine and any other messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine components, and requires a blood donor to disclose during each blood donor screening process whether the blood donor has received a COVID-19 vaccine or any other mRNA vaccine during the donor’s lifetime.

Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status of HB4243 – 103rd General Assembly –



Couple of short clips will freak the “Regime” out

Hannity asks Trump if he has plans to become a dictator

Hannity asks Trump for a second time if he has plans to abuse power. Trump admits he plans to do some dictatorial things on “day one” of his second term.

TRUMP THE DICTATOR OF THE USA FOR LIFE …LOL….They really are freaking out

You won’t believe the irony of this doctor’s punishment for using ivermectin to treat COVID – Dr. Byram W. Bridle

This punishment forced the physician to ‘re-learn’ that what they did with ivermectin is exactly what they should have done!

When I heard the following story I was flabbergasted and knew that I must share it. It is one of those truthful tales that leaves you shaking your head in near disbelief…


Colorado public school forced fifth-grade girl to sleep next to gender-confused male on class trip

The girl ‘was placed in a position where her privacy and comfort were not respected or even considered,’ Alliance Defending Freedom said. ‘Her privacy was violated.’

The school policy puts all the power in the hands of the gender-confused student, while violating the privacy rights of other students. According to the policy, “students who are transgender [sic] should be assigned to share overnight accommodations with other students that share the student’s gender identity consistently asserted at school.”

It also forbids a “transgender” student from being forced to “share a room with students whose gender identity conflicts with their own.”

Other students are not provided the same protections.


From shutting down farms to global control: Is agriculture as we know it coming to an end? – MERCOLA

”Sustainable agriculture’ with ‘net zero greenhouse gas emissions’ is Orwellian doublespeak,’ said reporter William Engdahl. ‘What in fact is being promoted is the most radical destruction of farming and agriculture globally under the name ‘sustainable agriculture.”


  • More than 85 percent of the grass fed beef sold in the U.S. is not raised in the U.S., yet it’s labeled “Product of the USA.” As a result of a loophole in the labeling law, American farmers who produce grass fed beef are forced to compete against far less expensive imported grass fed beef.
  • In 2017, raising grass fed beef in Australia cost 59 cents per pound, whereas the cost per pound in the U.S. was $1.55 for large producers and as much as $4.26 per pound for a small farm.
  • One of the reasons for this price discrepancy is the fact that countries like Australia and New Zealand have relatively temperate weather year-round. As a result, their cows can graze on pasture throughout the year, whereas American farmers must purchase feed during the winter.
  • There’s a globally coordinated assault on agriculture. The G20, the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) and the World Economic Forum are all pushing for radical reductions in farming to reach “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The “sustainability” that globalists are calling for is not the sustainability of the human population. What they’re referring to is the sustainable growth of a new global economic system based on the allocation of finite resources to the technocratic “rulers.” The rest of us will “own nothing,” because they intend to strip us of our ownership rights. It’s crucial that people understand that the “sustainability” solutions currently offered will result in the eradication of a large portion of humanity.


The weaponization of finance: Get ready for a rough ride – MERCOLA

We must push just as hard for decentralization and freedom as the globalists are pushing their Great Reset. That means rejecting all of their convenience offerings, especially as it pertains to banking and surveillance.


  • In mid-July 2023, Chase Bank closed my business accounts, along with the personal accounts of my CEO and CFO, and the accounts of their spouses and children.
  • Chase Bank has close relationships with the technocratic control network that is trying to usher in a one world totalitarian government, and debanking is the weaponization of finance for the purpose of social control. By debanking us, Chase Bank has given people a foretaste of how central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and social credit scores will be used to control the masses.
  • JP Morgan Chase chief information officer Lori Beer became a member of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) newly launched Cybersecurity Advisory Committee in December 2021. So, JP Morgan Chase has been advising a federal agency, CISA, on how to most effectively censor and control Americans.
  • Chase is also the only bank represented on CISA’s subcommittee on Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Misinformation and Disinformation. With everything we now know about CISA’s unconstitutional domestic censorship activities, it appears the weaponization of finance was part of the plan from the start, and Chase has now tested the strategy of “punishment by association.”
  • Chase Bank also has intimate ties to Bill Gates and the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. These connections link the bank not only to global child sex trafficking enterprises but also to Gates’ disastrous vaccine philanthrocapitalism, the hidden eugenics agenda, and the heart of the One World Government cabal, the World Health Organization.


Canadian university’s ‘Bug Bake Off’ promotes eating insects as ‘beneficial to the environment’

‘One of my goals is to reduce the negative perceptions people may have of eating bugs,’ University of British Columbia course instructor and entomologist Yasmin Akhtar said.

Global News reporters Elizabeth McSheffrey and Aaron McArthur, CBC reporter Darius Mahdavi, and CTV News journalist St. John Alexander all celebrated the bake-off. The reporters lauded eating bugs as a viable food option amid claims that the world’s food supply is rapidly diminishing.

Notably, mainstream media outlets receive massive payouts from the Trudeau government which has poured taxpayer dollars into making food out of crickets.


Both ‘unspecified’ and COVID deaths skyrocketed in Canada after mass vaccination

‘These numbers should be front-page news,’ PPC leader Maxime Bernier reacted. ‘We were bombarded daily with data about deaths during three years. But the lying media are completely ignoring it.’

citing a November 27 report by Statistics Canada, pointed out that deaths from COVID increased in 2022, after the COVID vaccine was introduced, while deaths due to “unspecified” causes also skyrocketed. “Not only were there more official COVID deaths in 2022 than in 2021 and 2020 despite the fact that 85 percent of Canadians had by then received a supposedly ‘safe and effective’ vaccine,”


Still a long way to go to reach the Deagel forecast of ~9M deaths by 2025 —


From Spencer Fernando

see first comment


How come the elites got clot shot exemptions, fly in private jets and eat high quality meat at exclusive events, like COP28?

Whereas the masses were mandated to get the shots, fly in cattle class and are told to eat mush (plant and insect foods)?

Where is the pushback against the hypocrisy and lies?


From Politico ( deep state )

Many stories in their headlines here including these 2

….Mike Johnson still will be releasing all the J6 tapes . They are delayed as his staff works to blur out all Faces of the Public to protect them from new or further prosecution

…Republican Senators Backing Johnsons call for a Large Portion of Bidens 111 Billion Request for foreign Wars to be agreed to go for Border Security before any Agreement on Money for Ukraine and Israel . They walked out en mass after Blinkin , Austin and The Gang refused to discuss any details of where the Money is going and if there has been proper audits …as well as Chuck Schumer refusing to consider any Money for the Border.

The margins in The Senate and House are so razor thin …this will get interesting now

The House has huge leverage if Johnson can hold All his caucus together


Slovakia’s New Prime Minister Rejects Signing the WHO Pandemic Treaty


Have a look at this “Mongrel” at the WEF

World Economic Forum “agenda contributor”, Mariana Mazzucato: Our attempt to vaccinate the entire planet failed, “climate change” is “too abstract” for people to understand, but the coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.

Worse Than Al Capone & John Gotti

Why isn’t this crime boss arrested, prosecuted and behind bars? After which this bank should be broken into multiple pieces and sold off to as many other banks as necessary.

Jamie Dimon to Testify at Senate Banking Hearing; Don’t Expect His Bank’s Financing of Sex Trafficking or 5 Felony Counts to Come Up

BREAKING in New Zealand, FOIA request showed that 11,000 politicians and elites got COVID vaccine exemptions, did not take it; how? they knew it was NOT needed & was harmful, BUT they forced you

Top Senate Dem Favors Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants Through Military Service

Dickie Durbin wants Illegals in the Military with free citizenship.

A top Senate Democrat said on Monday that he believes illegal immigrants should have a path to U.S. citizenship by joining the military.


Hmmm…….Many (if not most) of the migrants crossing the southern border are single, military age men ….. and tptb managed to rid the military of “thinking” soldiers and destroy recruitment via  mandatory jabs ….. could this have been the plan from the beginning??

Traders made (hundreds of) millions shorting Israeli companies before October 7 attack

Israeli authorities are investigating claims that some traders may have known about Hamas attacks before they happened

The report by law professors Robert J. Jackson Jr. of New York University School of Law (NYU Law) and Joshua Mitts of Columbia Law School found a sharp rise in short-selling of Israeli stocks in the weeks leading up to the attack, in which thousands of Hamas gunmen stormed the border, murdering 1,200 people, wounding more than 5,000 and taking 240 hostages back to the Gaza Strip.

“Days before the attack, traders appeared to anticipate the events to come,” they wrote in a 66-page report. They cited a sudden and significant spike in short interest in the MSCI Israel Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on Oct. 2 based on data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

“And just before the attack, short selling of Israeli securities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) increased dramatically.”


Mark Levin blows a gasket — Democrat Party and media in this country are ‘CORRUPT AS HELL’

15 minutes

city intends to register non-citizens to vote

In incredibly surprising and wholly unexpected turn of events, systematic literature review of child mask mandates finds no evidence they do anything to stop Covid


Important Whistle-Blower information coming out of New Zealand – 30th November 2023.

It’s an hour long clip but I edited some highlights and key analysis. Please watch!

Greenpeace report finds plastics recycling is a dead-end street

Majority of plastic produced in US isn’t recycled, according to new report.


Plastic recycling directory ends, citing lack of ‘real commitment from industry’

The directory listed sites to drop off plastics for recycling.


Kari Lake — This is an act of war.

4 minutes


currently 845 people waiting to be transported in Lukeville after crossing illegally

1 1/2 minutes (crossing mentioned in above report)


A recent poll showed 45% of Canadians liked the idea of shutting down the CBC completely in order to save money.

Moreover, a whopping 40% of all respondents agreed that “Journalism provided by the CBC is propaganda on behalf of the federal government.”

‘Europeans will succumb to Islam’ – Former top German spy issues new warning as Muslim majority in Europe predicted by 2200

European politicians want a “different population. The political left follows the course of the anti-German ideology. The more heterogeneous a population, the less able it is to articulate itself and have a democratic say,”

Germany’s former top domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maaßen, said in a new interview that Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis due to mass immigration, that Islam is well poised to conquer Europe, and that Germany and Austria could do much to stop the crisis but are choosing not to.

“A completely different culture is approaching us. We are not at all prepared for this, as we’re incapable of resolving conflicts even by means of violence, like family clans do from the Arab states. These people resolve conflicts by violence, whereas people in Central Europe think that this can only be done through the courts,”

“The Europeans will succumb to Islam. On the one hand, because they are unable to even see this conflict coming, and on the other, because they are incapable of resolving conflicts in a similar fashion,” he said, stating that “the end result will be the gradual destruction of our European cultures.”


Same in USA I suspect……….

The Duran

No magical pot. WaPo; Ukraine losing, blame game begins. The Putin, Macron, Elensky; Rizz score. U/1
Alex Christoforou (46:10)

Zelensky – Zaluzhny, power struggle
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (31:22)

Rus Advances Bakhmut, Liman, Avdeyevka; UK: Marinka Falling: Zaluzhny: Ukr Needs 17M Shells, $400B
Alexander Mercouris (1:25:17)

Zelensky Flew To Ask For Money. The Ukrainian Front At Bakhmut Collapsed. Military Summary 2023.12.5
Dima (13:27)

The Fall | During The Crazy Operation, The Russians Bypassed Bohdanivka. Military Summary 2023.12.5
Dima (Live at 12:30 PST, 15:30 EST)

So — 11.5% uncompounded wage increase by 2024 and immediate 4.5% additional bonus eh — Metro Vancouver workers’ wage increases revealed by board

Must be nice! So what’s your guess — so what’s needed — an 8 -10% property tax hike in 2024 to pay for it maybe??

For 2022, workers with the Greater Vancouver Regional District Employees’ Union will receive a three per cent pay increase and then a 4.5 per cent increase this year. Next year, wages increase by four per cent, for a combined uncompounded increase of 11.5 percentage points.

Workers were also granted a one-time, so-called “inflationary support payment” of 4.5 per cent of their salary.

Tucker drops new episode with Michael Shellenberger.

Another half-demented 80-year-old yelling about things he doesn’t understand. These are our leaders. They don’t care about our future because they don’t have one of their own.

16 minutes

What Climate Crisis? Private Jet Demand Surges

“The alarmist WEF King Charles claimed at COP28, “there is thirty per cent more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now” – whilst flying around in his private jet.”

Despite the so-called warnings about ‘climate change’ and ‘hottest year ever’ supported by ‘fuzzy’ climate math, world leaders, corporate elites, and Hollywood stars continue to fly around in fancy private jets. At the same time, the working poor are being told by an overreaching and corrupt government they must give up gas stoves, drive electric vehicles, and eat insect burgers.

If scamming elites actually cared about the environment and did not virtue-signal every step of the way, then private jet demand would be cratering. However, it is not.

But, of course, elites will never give up their private jets and mega-yachts because there is a two-tier society where the rules that apply to the working poor don’t apply to them.

US Military ‘Revises’ Post-Vax Myocarditis Stats Lower

It’s not just economic data, folks!

The U.S. Department of Defense has revised its figures related to heart inflammation cases following COVID-19 vaccination. This change marks yet another instance in the military’s ongoing efforts to navigate the complex landscape of vaccine side effects.

Ashish Vazirani, the acting under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness, cited an Oct. 11 report which says that the number of myocarditis and pericarditis cases post-vaccination among military personnel is now estimated between 80 and 90. This contrasts sharply with the previous count of 120 cases within 21 days of vaccination, a number that also excluded additional cases occurring beyond this time frame. The Pentagon’s silence in response to inquiries adds an air of mystery to this sudden recalibration.


Is there ANY department of the current US government that isn’t lying about something in their stats???

RFK Jr. Wins, Oil To $150, & The End Of American Capitalism: Saxo Unveils 2024’s ‘Outrageous Predictions’

Pentagon: US arms industry struggling to keep up with China

A draft copy of the new National Defense Industrial Strategy says American companies can’t build weapons fast enough to meet global demand.

As it stands now, the U.S. defense industrial base “does not possess the capacity, capability, responsiveness, or resilience required to satisfy the full range of military production needs at speed and scale,” “just as significantly, the traditional defense contractors in the [defense industrial base] would be challenged to respond to modern conflict at the velocity, scale, and flexibility necessary to meet the dynamic requirements of a major modern conflict.”

It notes that America builds the best weapons in the world, but it can’t produce them quickly enough.

Canada’s proposal to cut methane emissions by 75% ‘dangerous and unconstitutional’: Alta. premier

The announcement of the proposed regulations was announced Monday morning by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault at COP28 in Dubai.

“Given the unconstitutional nature of this latest federal intrusion into our provincial jurisdiction, our government will use every tool at our disposal to ensure these absurd federal regulations are never implemented in our province,” it concludes.

Rile up public to see climate change like WWII, a pandemic: journalist panel

Journalists affiliated with legacy media outlets like Global News and CBC demanded that newsrooms rile up Canadians to view climate change with the same urgency as a global pandemic or World War II

While speaking at a Nov. 22 panel hosted by Simon Fraser University’s Community-Engaged Research Initiative (SFU CERi), a panel featuring former CBC Radio producer Donya Ziaee, Global News climate change reporter Kamyar Razavi and National Observer columnist Seth Klein demanded that the media employ the same tactics to cover climate change used during major global emergencies.


The Canadian legacy media would be dead if it wasn’t for government handouts – perhaps mgmt knows this is a grift and don’t want citizens to turn them off completely??

A Rainbow Ribbon?

“Flabbergasted, the general hastened from St Petersburg to warn the Tsar of approaching catastrophe. However, on arrival at the Court, Wrangel was shocked to see that 80% of the Romanov women, most of whom he knew, were wearing a red ribbon. Their ribbons testified to sympathy for the very forces who later would murder these Romanov women.

Today, our élites too, sport a ribbon – not red, but a Rainbow one.”