Basting the turkey five times.

Turkey starts offering 5th dose of COVID-19 booster shotsPin on Seinfeld

Everything could change in a day

“Russia is prepared for war. The US and Europe are not. Russia will attack suddenly and totally. The US and Europe will lose. The world is going to change in a day. It may go nuclear and could end the reign of mankind over the Earth.”

Covid is but a side show to what is coming.


Bitcoin Daily Call January 19, 2022

Gold Daily Call January 19, 2022

IRAN – Man Suffers “Agonizing” Penile Blood Clot Caused By COVID

As it turns out, one man’s bodily reaction to COVID has proven that the virus truly isn’t confined to the throat and upper respiratory tract.

According to a foreign medical journal, an Iranian man has drawn the interest of doctors after reporting “agonizing” pain in his penis that turned out to have been caused by blood clots that seriously threatened the man’s sexual health.

Anyone buying a new car —> Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Now Signed Into Law, Mandates “Vehicle Kill Switches” By 2026

The rumors we first reported on back in December have turned out to be true: the United States federal government is in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle.

COVID Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been ‘The Death Of Science’ Says Professor Who Found ‘Unique Fingerprints’

“This goes back to the days of Copernicus and Galileo…”

“University of London professor Angus Dalgleish, who co-authored a paper in summer 2020 after spotting “unique fingerprints” in Covid-19 samples that point to genetic manipulation, says that he’s been the victim of a “disgusting whitewash,” and that anyone suggesting a non-natural origin for Covid-19 has been silenced by peers.

Dalgleish is the author of a book on Covid which claims the virus has “no credible natural ancestor.” He says his team found amino acids within the Covid-19 spike protein with a positive charge – allowing the virus to cling to negative parts of the body.

But it was highly unusual to find so many positive charges in a row because they also repel each other, he said.

“We realised when they released the sequence of the virus it broke the laws of physics for a natural virus meaning it was genetically modified. “

This has been a whitewash. This whole thing has killed science. Science is meant to look at evidence. It is truly unbelievable.

They will most likely try to wrap COVID up within 2 months into March

Whilst all the girls and boys are playing in the Covid sand pit, things are heating up in Russia, as they move 4 entire armies to the borders with Europe.

Source: Socrates (Armstrong)

Why Europe desperately needs to unleash the dogs of war is all because of their economic crisis thanks to their negative interest rates which has destroyed their sovereign debt market and the central bank is in peril unable to restore interest rates to normal. This has also undermined pension funds and savings throughout Europe.

NATO, hence Europe, is pushing for war because this COVID scam is starting to fail. Protests are all over Europe and the media has desperately tried to comply by not reporting on the civil unrest under the theory that it would inspire others to join. War will bring a distraction for as I have warned, the computer has projected that they will be unable to maintain this COVID nonsense beyond 3 years which is 2022.

The EU now needs war to unite its people which is their theory using patriotism to flip the people to then support the government against Russia. The EU is poking the Bear deliberately and they are really praying for Putin to invade. They want that to continue in order to distract the people and use war as the escape from the COVID false flag. They will most likely try to wrap COVID up within 2 months.

The risk of war starts to increase by March.


Paul Craig Roberts has a similar belief, although he is more pessimistic, and thinks a nuclear war is possible. Here are his thoughts:

According to Russian news reports, Russia is moving four entire armies from the far east to the Western fount. These four armies, even without those already present in western Russia, are sufficient to instantly destroy any force NATO and the US can muster and overrun all of Europe in a few days.

Moreover, Russia can likely mobilize 10 million troops quickly, and China, whose president has stated publicly that China has more than a treaty agreement with Russia, can mobilize 50 million soldiers. NATO, for all the bluster of its idiot Secretary General, has zero prospect of withstanding Russia in non-nuclear war.

This means, and the Kremlin knows this, that to save face Washington would have to go nuclear. This would mean the total destruction of the US and Europe. They would cease to exist.

For Russia with its extensive anti-missile defenses and nuclear bunkers for 40-50% of targeted populations, the war would be disastrous, but Russia would survive.

Russia does not want such a war. Russia doesn’t want to destroy anyone, not even Ukraine. Russia has asked for a security guarantee. That is all.

If we experience Armageddon, it will be only because Washington refused a security guarantee to Russia.

Spartacus is back …. (I think)

Document sets up to download as pdf.
41 pages, but the last 26pp are citations.
I looked for a date, but didn’t see one.
This does resemble a piece from months to a year ago. But a colleague posted it tonight, so perhaps its the same.
Either way, this is a compelling treatise, and so its not a quick read.
Once again, while I’m no judge, he appears to have considerable expertise in the field.


This is another hoot of a story.

Libtards are getting their asses wiped lately

MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered To Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin

Medical license suspended for posting COVID “misinformation”…

“Health officials asserted that Nass “constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public who might receive her medical services” as a result of her procuring anti-viral drugs to treat COVID.

The medical board voted to suspend Nass after receiving just two complaints that she was posting false information on her blog and on Twitter.

A doctor informed the Maine board of how he was contacted by the son of a patient who claimed his father was “borderline delirious” and “not doing well” after being prescribed Ivermectin by Nass.

Nass also self-reported to the medical board when she admitted obtaining Hydroxychloroquine by falsely claiming her COVID patient was suffering from Lyme disease.

“This was the only way to get a potentially life-saving drug for my patient,” said Ness.”

WHO Crushes Biden COVID Plan, Says “No Evidence At All” That Healthy Kids Needs ‘Booster’ Jabs

“…there is no evidence right now that healthy children or adolescents need boosters. No evidence at all.”

“The Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization has just crushed what little credibility the Biden administration’s COVID response team had by confirming what most parents’ common-sense already told them – that there is no evidence that healthy children need booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Swaminathan’s comments come roughly two weeks after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved booster shots for adolescents aged 12 to 17 amid the current surge in coronavirus cases due to the highly contagious omicron variant.”


“Oftentimes in modern history when a president has frustrations and drops in the polls, the president will say, ‘It’s now time for me to talk over the heads of the elites and talk directly to the people to convince them that what I’m trying to do is right,’” presidential historian Michael Beschloss said.

Holey Molars cant wait for this

Weekend Fireside Chat Chez Brandon

NEW : CNN to create “team dedicated to covering misinformation.”

This is Not a Joke ….But it IS Funny

20 Reasons Mandatory Face Masks Are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral

From John Manley


Intrepid Goldtent Reporter / Researcher Sally in Vermont monitors NPR in that State and here is what they are up to now :

NPR is telling us tonight not to pet our hamsters or,… deer..
they ——————carry———covid

they didn’t dare mention dogs…….donkeys cats…

these assholes have such contempt…
it was solidly serious


So…Don’t pet your pets ?


click to enlarge


Polly the Pony has been coughing and sneezing lately …I think she caught Omicron from me

Gonna try one of them there rapid tests …cant stick the swab up her nose so I’ll stick it in a fresh steaming pile of poop

Will let you know

Will The FED Surprise With A 50 Basis Point Hike

This is the question asked by ZH. Much more likely is a surprise 25% hike at next week’s meeting, rather than a 50% hike in March. The FED is behind the curve, and getting started immediately, is the more important urgency. Smacking an already reeling stock market and the economy with a half point hike in two months doesn’t help anything or anyone. Start now in January with 1/4 point and another 1/4 in March, gets the same increase but starts the medicine now when it is needed, instead of over dosing him in two months.

J P Sears… Success Secrets of Kamala Harris


We Made an oopsie ! BUT in general all the measures have been necessary until now.

Watch…This Cretin criminal representative tries to explain…claiming victory in the jaws of defeat

Fascinating how these guys think

He Finally Agrees that Natural Immunity is far superior to vaxxed Immunity BUT he does not recommend getting the omicron cold on purpose . He acknowledges the vaccines are useless in stopping the spread and begrudgingly allows that the Green Pass is therefore useless…BUT he acknowledges it is still in effect in most places…BUT…it is not really enforced ! This is a must watch.

In a wide-ranging and forthright interview with Freddie Sayers, Professor Cyrille Cohen, head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government said: – The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept was no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expected it to be in short order in Israel) – He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped – The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education – he apologized for that – Widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity — otherwise known as herd immunity – Omicron has accelerated the pandemic into the endemic phase, in which Covid will be “like flu”

Thanks Brian


Lets face it this is what happens when you have Lib Women Trannies Queers and Lib Men Pedophile and Seniles Running the World.



They are our ticket to GET the Fuckers

yesterday when first posted it was 260 k….now 320 k

Canadian truckers against Covid mandates BLOCK all lanes of traffic to and from the United States.


Scotland is so far Left the men wear skirts

Wonder what the “Rush” is

Admit it Scots Public Health Authorities…Your data shows clearly the vaccines Increase Covid cases !!


The Third Jab is the Real Killer !!


Can he? Did he?

Was this the reason that the Fed “reported” a technical difficulty to postpone the auction? What’s going on?

Pasting it (Yahoo Finance article links it to Marketwatch whose paywall may block it for some of us)



Chinese President Xi Jinping took to the virtual Davos stage to address Fed Chairman Jerome Powell with this message: Please don’t lift interest rates.

“If major economies slam on the brakes or take a U-turn in their monetary policies, there would be serious negative spillovers. They would present challenges to global economic and financial stability, and developing countries would bear the brunt of it,” said Xi, according to a transcript of his remarks on Monday.

Of the major central banks, the Fed is expected to be the most aggressive, with financial markets now pricing in four rate hikes, and the U.S. central bank is concurrently expected to start reducing the size of its nearly $9 trillion balance sheet. Yields on the benchmark 10-year Treasury TMUBMUSD10Y, 1.873% on Tuesday reached the highest level since January 2020.

Traditionally, Fed officials brush off concerns about how their policies impact other economies, saying they can only make monetary policy for the U.S. economy.

Xi has reason to be nervous about Fed tightening.

Despite tariffs that were started by President Donald Trump and continued under President Joe Biden, Americans are still aggressively buying Chinese products. Through November, China was the No. 1 source of imported goods at $463 billion, topping Mexico at $350 billion and Canada at $324 billion.

From the archives (June 2020): Bolton book adds urgency to Trump bid to depict himself as a China hawk and to paint Biden as a Beijing apologist

Capitol Report (June 2020): Trump asked China’s Xi to buy U.S. farm products to help him win re-election, Bolton book says

Craig Bothan, chief “China+” economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, pointed out that export growth has helped China compensate for weaker domestic growth and propped up its manufacturing sector.

China’s economy continues to slow, falling to a 4% growth rate year-on-year in the fourth quarter from 4.9%. On Monday, the People’s Bank of China cut two policy rates by 10 basis points.