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Iran and Israel; Pressure to escalate and de-escalate
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (36:58)


The Ukrainian 25th And 67th Brigades Will Be Disbanded. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.04.15
Dima (12:03)

MORE MSC Pending

RFK Jr. Exposes BlackRock’s Chronic Disease-Related Money Laundering Scheme

Real Time with Bill Maher Rant – about Canada – April 12, 2024

They say in politics, liberals are the gas pedal, and conservatives are the brakes, and I’m generally with the gas pedal, but not if we’re driving off a cliff.

8 minutes

National Income and National COVID19 “Confirmed” Mortality

This is astounding is it not ?

From the Substack Popular Rationalism

Have a look at these charts.

Look who got “Jabbed” the hardest and look who got “Whacked” the Most

Thanks Brian

Silver – I Think We Are Close

I believe that we are very close to an explosion in the silver price. The new round of sanctions on Russian Aluminum, Nickel and others(much like the over two years of oil sanctions) will do little if anything to hurt Russia.

The reason for the metal sanctions is to have as many commodities, and particularly metals, soaring in price. It is meant to distract and hide the fact, that silver will soon be joining in. Silver won’t be because of any phony sanctions, but because of a shortage that has been building for decades because of the paper derivatives that have been rehypothicated, up the wazoo!

When silver breaks $30 and runs first to $34-35, and then to $39-$40, on it’s way to $50, and then who knows where, the media will likely downplay it and lump it in with what all the other metals are doing.


Keeping up with the Trump trials is much like cat counting, and trying to report on all the cases is like trying to herd a pack of aloof but somehow still-lovable fuzzy critters around. Either way, it’s that time again, time for the latest in a long series of Trump prosecution events. It’s like Survivor; will Trump be voted off Riker’s Island this time?

The UK Guardian ran a terrifically tedious story yesterday headlined, “Donald Trump’s criminal trial over hush money to begin in New York.” This morning, despite Trump’s legal team’s best efforts to delay it, puffed-up Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will begin his farcical trial of Donald Trump for the victimless crime of “falsifying business records.” This case is even stupider and lamer than the last theory oozing out of New York’s courts about Trump’s undervalued real estate. Behold the genius who came up with this latest idea:

The case’s star witness is a now-disbarred criminal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who used to work for Trump back when people still thought Cohen was a real New York lawyer. And, when I said Cohen was a “criminal lawyer,” I don’t mean he practiced criminal defense. I mean that he was a lawyer who was also a criminal. That’s not a metaphor; Cohen wound up doing time.

And in Cohen’s case, there were actual victims.

Anyway, Cohen will testify that twelve days before the 2016 election, while Cohen was representing Trump, Cohen — not Trump — bought non-disclosure agreements from two … er, female performers, who at the time were going around shopping stale but sordid stories of having once grappled with the President ages ago. The alleged ‘Trump Tales’ were mild compared to other political Don Juans like Bill Clinton, Hunter Biden, or even John F. Kennedy, but Cohen will say he thought it could be politically damaging.

So he paid $280,000 for the two NDAs and the rights to the ladies’ stories.

As a lawyer, I must pause here and note that it would be unusual to the point of disbelief for any attorney to advance any significant amount of money for a client in the way Cohen claims. Lawyers aren’t banks.

Then after the election, Trump paid Cohen eleven monthly retainer checks which do not add up to $280,000, but apparently was close enough for District Attorney Bragg, so he and Cohen now claim Trump was really reimbursing the lawyer for the NDA money Cohen had paid to the two “actresses” (and I use that term loosely).

This is the point where Bragg’s case rockets away from Planet Reality. District Attorney Bragg’s criminal indictment complains not about any of the alleged facts I just mentioned. Bragg doesn’t care about Trump’s sex life, his paying to shut up a couple blabbering strippers, or even Trump’s repeated denials of the encounters (even if they happened).

No, Alvin Bragg’s mental toilet water drained down to just this: On the little memo line of the eleven checks he wrote to Mr. Cohen, Trump put something like, “for legal services.” Which apparently in New York is a major felonious event justifying upending the country. Here’s how the Guardian described the legal effect of Trump not writing something like “for reimbursing an NDA” in the memo line instead:

By casting these payments as compensation for legal work, President Trump “made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise”, prosecutors said. Trump did so “with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof … ’
Falsifying business records is only a felony if DA Bragg can prove that the “mischaracterization” was intended to facilitate another crime, which is also a felony. The larger crime Bragg is shooting for here, a crime with which he has never charged Trump, is failing to properly report campaign expenses. Bragg’s theory — if you can call it that — is that Trump’s intent — the intent inside his own brain — when he wrote down “for legal expenses” was to make sure the payments were left off his quarterly presidential campaign finance reports.

I am not making that up; that’s Bragg’s whole case.

Here’s your pretrial quick-reference checklist:

Prosecutors may have indicted many ham sandwiches, but nobody has ever criminally prosecuted a president or former president before, much less a State District Attorney.

Inexperienced DA Alvin Bragg has never prosecuted a campaign finance violation before.

DA Alvin Bragg has never prosecuted a “falsified business records” case before either.

Bragg’s novel legal theory has never been used to convict anyone else before, not in New York or anywhere else.

Bragg never even charged Trump with the campaign reporting violation, just the business records thing.

Bragg stretched the few facts like taffy into thirty four separate criminal counts.

To convict, Bragg must prove Trump’s internal mental intentions beyond a reasonable doubt.

DA Bragg is a grotesque, unqualified, woke, Soros-funded, democrat machine prosecutor who is new to the job and ran on a “Get Trump” platform.

This is Trump’s first … no, second … er, third … oh, nevermind. They’ve sued him a lot. This is the President’s first criminal case of four to go to trial. If it’s not political persecution, then nobody even knows what that is.

All four criminal cases against Trump, including this one, are founded on victimless process crimes.

In this case, Trump’s team is expected to argue that the payments were personal expenses and not campaign-related expenses, that any alleged misclassification was unintentional, that the prosecution was politically-motivated, and that Bragg cannot prove the necessary intent to prove concealment of an actual crime as opposed to just an embarrassing but perfectly lawful personal expense that celebrities often encounter.

? Missing from any analysis of this case — for that matter, from any of the Trump cases — is the political effect the verdict will have on the nation; regardless whether Trump is convicted or acquitted. Simply because the charges were filed, and the process started, both Republican and democrat citizens have become emotionally invested in the outcome. The hyper-political nature of these tenuous cases against a polarizing former President and current presidential candidate ensures that absent a miracle, one side or the other is certain to feel deeply betrayed by both the verdict and the process.

Alvin Bragg does not appear to be the man who can deliver a miracle. And that’s putting it nicely.

So buckle up, buttercup. I’ll post daily trial summaries so you won’t need to watch unless you’re a glutton for punishment


This is disturbing. Be forewarned.

Gold & Silver – Four Year Sideways Patterns

Pull up a 4 year chart for both Gold & Silver. You see that gold broke above the $2100 point that was the effective top for 4 years.

So far, using Friday’s high point around $2450, gold is up about 16% and looks like, even if it needs to correct,(a possibility, not a prediction) there is likely much more upside from here, over time.

Now, look at the silver chart. It too, has a 4 year sideways pattern, like gold, with $30 being the breakout line, much as gold’s was $2100.

Historically, when silver catches up to gold breakouts, it usually doubles in percentage terms, the upside gold moves. That would project, that silver should reach the $39 area, once $30 is breached.

Obviously, if gold keeps moving higher, silver projects to exceed $40+. For now, an immediate target in the $39 range in the next month or so is likely, given that it has been only a little more than a month, since gold achieved it’s breakout of the four year sideways pattern.


In line with recent remarks. Let’s see if it holds up.
Still implies a larger correction around the bend in May.
And then a final rally into autumn before really Turmoiling.

h/t Dario downunder

The Saturday Night Joke

After having to choose a new primary care doctor, I was curious!
After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, she said I was doing fairly well for my age. (I am north of 75).
A little concerned about that comment, I couldn’t resist asking her, ‘Do you think I’ll live to be 85?’
She asked, ‘Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer, wine or hard liquor?’
‘Oh no,’ I replied. ‘I’m not doing drugs, either!’
Then she asked, ‘Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?’
I said, ‘Not much… My former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!’
‘Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, boating, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?’
‘No, I don’t,’ I said.
She asked, ‘Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?’
‘No,’ I said.
She looked at me and said, ‘Then, why do you even give a shit?

Young Iranian woman in exile has a message for the Mullahs.

4 minutes


Excess mortality in younger and middle aged people – Joomi Kim, Bret Swanson & Bret Weinstein – Darkhorse

13 minutes


Look at what the Australian College of General Practitioners has just published for all Australian doctors!!

This explains the increased disease/deaths and long Covid in three paragraphs.

“Multiple studies have shown an increased risk of myocarditis after vaccination with mRNA encoding SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. mRNA vaccines can result in spike protein expression in muscle tissue, the lymphatic system, cardiomyocytes and other cells after entry into the circulation.

Recipients of two or more injections of the mRNA vaccines display a class switch to IgG4 antibodies. Abnormally high levels of IgG4 might cause autoimmune diseases, promote cancer growth, autoimmune myocarditis and other IgG 4-related diseases (IgG4-RD) in susceptible individuals.


“There are clear implications for vaccine boosting where these and similar observations relating to COVID-19 vaccination and the incidence of long COVID-like symptoms are substantiated, adding further to public health officials’ concerns. Understanding the persistence of viral mRNA and viral protein and their cellular pathological effects after vaccination with and without infection is clearly required. Because COVID-19 VACCINES WERE APPROVED WITHOUT LONG-TERM SAFETY DATA AND MIGHT CAUSE IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION, it is perhaps premature to assume that past SARS-CoV-2 infection is the sole common factor in long COVID.”


“There is concern that COVID-19 vaccination per se might contribute to long COVID, giving rise to the colloquial term ‘Long Vax(x)’.22 The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 exhibits pathogenic characteristics and is a possible cause of post-acute sequelae after SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 vaccination.”

Link to the publication reportedly sent to General Practitioners in Australia: –>

Farming robot kills 200,000 weeds per hour with lasers

A person can weed about one acre of crops a day. This smart robot can weed two (acres) per hour.

US drug shortages reach record high with 323 meds now in short supply

The shortages affect everything from generic cancer drugs to ADHD medication.

Drug shortages in the US have reached an all-time high, with 323 active and ongoing shortages already tallied this year, according to data collected by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The current drug shortage total surpasses the previous record of 320, set in 2014, and is the highest recorded since ASHP began tracking shortages in 2001.


WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been A Scam

Testifying in a lawsuit, WHO’s leading vaccine expert said she advised against COVID vaccine passports as the vaccines did not stop transmission and gave a false sense of security…

The World Health Organization’s Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security. The stunning revelations came to light in a Helsinki courtroom where Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala is suing after he was denied entry to a café for not having a vaccine passport.

But Dr. Nohynek testified yesterday that her institute advised the Finnish government in late 2021 that COVID passports no longer made sense, yet certificates continued to be required. Dr. Nohynek’s admission that the government ignored scientific advice to terminate vaccine passports proved shocking as she is widely embraced in global medical circles. Besides chairing the WHO’s strategic advisory group on immunizations, Dr. Nohynek is one of Finland’s top vaccine advisors and serves on the boards of Vaccines Together and the International Vaccine Institute.

Whistleblowers To Further Dismantle Jan. 6 National Guard Narrative About Trump

They were on buses in full tactical gear for hours waiting for the go-ahead from the Army.,,

On Wednesday, whistleblowers from the Washington DC National Guard are expected to tell Congressional investigators that former President Donald Trump wanted them deployedbut an Army Secretary, Ryan McCarthy, delayed relaying this to DC National Guard Commander William Walker by at least two hours.

According to the Daily Mail, at least three whistleblowers will also testify that their stories were ignored by the Democrat-led January 6 committee because it didn’t fit their narrative. The hearing will aim to further prove that Acting SecDef Christopher Miller did give advance approval to deploy the National Guard at Trump’s command.

The hearing on Wednesday, “Three Years Later: D.C. National Guard Whistleblowers Speak Out on January 6 Delay,” will explore whether Trump was at fault for the delay in deploying the National Guard.

Frances Hunt, the Market Sniper discusses PM charts.



Iran vs Israel


Speaker Johnson…5 D Chess


The Gold Market …Slam boom bam ! ( don’t miss this )

Iran Breaches Anglo-Zionist Defenses in Historic Attack: A Breakdown


Iran made history yesterday by launching “Operation True Promise”. In our usual style here, let’s cut through all the noise currently clogging up social networks and incisively demonstrate the facts as thoroughly as possible, while also pointing out how this was a game-changing and historic event which has brought Iran onto the world stage in a big way.

Silver & Comex

I have been writing about this being inevitable for a number of months. I have only read a few things by this author and thought he had some good insights before.

If he is correct about the Chinese govt. urging it’s citizens to accumulate silver now, as to previously doing so for gold, the endgame is near. Let’s hope this is true and not just rumor or supposition.


UP 1% ( $24 )


German minister threatens ‘indefinite driving bans’ on weekends


Anecdotal Evidence Is Exact Opposite Of Past Tops – & – BULLISH!

Most of the anecdotes one hears regarding gold and silver are exactly the opposite of what usually occurs at major spikes and tops. Instead of newspapers and media screaming about soaring gold and silver(they are reporting and talking about it) and customers linning up outside coin shops and pawn shops looking to Buy, more of them are actually selling, especially gold.

This is both extremely bullish and a tell, that corrections notwithstanding, there is a lot more upside and probably a lot more time to go, in this bull run. (Look for my piece tomorrow morning regarding the recent chart patterns for both.)

This is Dubai’s first 24-karat gold note.

Lets hope what happens in Vegas, gets around … UFC (ringside)

While the Middle East wobbled on the precipice of World War III on Saturday, a Brazilian UFC fighter gave us hope by using his victory speech to deliver an emphatic endorsement of Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises, the First Amendment and gun rights.

Renato Moicano’s televised speech came after he pulled off a comeback win over Jalin Turner at Las Vegas. Joe Rogan joined him in the ring to discuss the fight, but Moicano had other priorities, and proceeded to drop a profanity-peppered liberty bomb on the T-Mobile Arena crowd and a worldwide audience:

“I’m a huge advocate of the First Amendment. Today, of course I want the $300k bonus but they not going to give [it to me] because somebody say, ‘hey, this is fucking Disney, you cannot curse’…so I’m not going to do my speech, but…

First off all I love America. I love the Constitution. I love the First Amendment. I want to carry all the fucking guns. I love private property. And let me tell you something: If you care about your fucking country, read Ludwig von Mises and the six lessons of the Austrian economic school, motherfuckers!”

ZH via h/t to Vladi99


The Duran

Iran retaliates. Israel defence. Biden off-ramp. Ukraine power shortage. Germany bans Varoufakis
Alex Christoforou (40:05)

Iran Strikes Israel, Hits Airbases, US Pleads No Israel Response; Ukr Troop Surrenders, Chasov Yar
Alexander Mercouris (1:25:48)

Iran Strikes Back At Israel | Hundreds Of Missiles And Drones. Military Summary For 2024.04.14
Dima (18:09)

The Bloom | Group Of Forces North To Open Belgorod Front | Breakthrough To Ocheretyne. MS 2024.04.14
Dima (Live at 12:30 PDST, 15:30 EDST)


Jeff Childers has the scoop :

Whew! That was a close one. Last night, following a week of escalating, overheated war rhetoric and pugnacious threats painfully excreted by bellicose Biden Administration officials, the Iranians dramatically popped the blister of international tension. Iran was politically forced to respond to Israel’s enigmatic April 1st missile strike on Iran’s diplomatic annex in Syria, which depopulated sixteen Iranians.

So late yesterday, Iran launched a harmless, slow-moving, unmanned drone swarm toward Israel. Over a period of about 8 hours, the swarm lazily floated toward Israel over Iraq like a noisy, buzzing cloud, giving Israeli, U.S., British, Jordanian, and French fighter jets ample “drone gallery” practice.

Then around seven o’clock, Israel’s Iron Dome air defenses shot down whatever was left of the swarm except for seven cruise missiles, which somehow got through, blowing an unoccupied military latrine in southern Israel to smithereens and vaporizing one very unlucky Negev desert cactus.

There were no Israeli deaths, no injuries, nor even any significant property damage. But the Irans seem satisfied. Russia Today’s top headline this morning reported Iran’s mullahs say it’s over: “‘Punishment’ of Israel completed, no intention to continue – Tehran.”

By contrast, the good doggies in Western corporate media rushed to publish an obvious government-approved boilerplate narrative — or else they all coincidentally ran variations on exactly the same headline, because why try to offer customers anything unique?

Corporate media’s rubberstamped narrative was that, with U.S. help, Israel fended off a 330-drone Iranian attack and — now that Iran officially says it’s over and Israel was unscathed — Biden, the great diplomat, called for peace, warning Israel to stand down, even though Israel is threatening to counter-retaliate due to the cost of its defense.

Some puzzling questions remain unanswered. First, no corporate media platform will ask why the Israelis started it by attacking Iran’s embassy. I’m sure Israel had a good reason for the provocative first strike, but what was it?

The media’s remarkable lack of curiosity about that singular fact is becoming a bigger story than the attack itself.

The second unanswered question is, why did the Iranians show so much restraint? They obviously didn’t even try to punch through Israel’s Iron Dome. Iran did the minimum that was necessary to save political face, and did that slowly and obviously enough that six countries could scramble jets and enjoy a exciting dogfighting afternoon, hours before the drones and slow-moving cruise missiles neared Israel.

Sometimes the pace of events these days leaves us feeling like we’re watching a show instead of news.

Several commenters strongly suspected that Iran had secretly coordinated with Israel in advance. It would not be unprecedented. In 2020, after Trump ordered the strike that killed Iranian General Soleimani, the story goes that the President negotiated with the Iranians, letting them fire a few missiles at pre-designated targets, which were just some evacuated Iraqi desert bases. Then Trump announced it was over, and the Iranians seemed satisfied with a show of force that hurt no one:

All seems well now too. The good news is, in the likely event that Israel does in fact stand down, this warmaggedon crisis appears to be concluded. The world can de-escalate to the point analysts blandly call the status quo ante. If hardline neocons were hoping to provoke a wider middle eastern war, they were thwarted by surprising Iranian restraint.


FULLY’S COMMENT….This appears to have been completely orchestrated…AND…At 11 AM Friday Morning..”SOMEONE” KNEW HOW THIS WAS GOING TO GO ! SO…DOWN GOES GOLD AND SILVER

Kudos to Sally who sent me a note saying Gold Going Down..well before it actually did…i blew her off because Gold was still going up…appologies Sally 🙂

I guesss we will find out in a couple of hours if the Gold Rally was Geopolitical Only OR Not

Crash helmets on


We are about to get pulled into a world conflict, Biden has raped our country.

50 seconds