Minister of Misinformation,
, threatens physicians for expressing a professional opinion on an evolving scientific matter. It’s a chill on speech to be expected of dictatorial regimes. This is after misleading us about hospitalizations for 2 years .

What a F**KING POS BITCH….a pox upon her ASS




Here’s What Your Fellow Americans Think Should Happen To The Unvaccinated

Content is too sick to paraphrase…….

nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

The spirited comments ( ) about who is worse, Putin or Israel, etc., seem to demonstrate how easily the focus can stay locked on one’s point of view as to who is to blame, without offering any real solutions.  The pointing of fingers has never solved anything.  Neither has defending a side, which is very different from having principles/morals, taking a stance and moving forward based on those principles.

As a US citizen, since childhood I’ve been aware that I benefit from the oftentimes brutal bullying by the US of individuals and of other countries.  In the long run, any perceived benefits come at a very high cost to humanity.  Maybe it was never really the US government in charge, but power-hungry people doing what power-hungry people have always done, namely the influencing of governments to do their bidding.

As far as I’m concerned, the best path forward always includes individuals taking responsibility for their own lives, to choose how to be.  We always have this opportunity available to us.  Even though there are not permanent solutions to the perpetual challenges of life, at least there is a healthy way of viewing the challenges as an individual.

Here’s Jordan Peterson speaking about current issues and challenges.  Take note of what he says at 5:45 –  “The right solution to the most serious problem is to be found at the level of the individual” – which is also my own experience:

Lastly, the comments made me think of this song from last century, the lyrics of which will always be timely:

Austria — begins to execute orders for mandatory Vaccination of all citizens…

Police will be doing checks to see people’s status. The unvaccinated risk fines of up to €3600. And people can be fined up to 4 times per year.

Czech Republic – There will be no mandatory Vaccination in the Czech Republic.

The newly elected Czech government is suspending the planned mandate for people over 60 and healthcare workers.

GLD… Update Daily Breakout… Eldorado Gold

Humor: Bo Jo

Fact-checkers, get a life!

If you (the fact-checkers) have to DENY every intentional act of sadism by these sadists ( a.k.a. leaders) like Macron, Trudeau, BoJo, the hon’ble Brandon, something is seriously wrong.

Following up on Chartmaster’s interest rate hike forecast yesterday …

and Sir Fully’s eagle eyes for catching on the Freudian slip of 25% or 50% (as opposed to 0.25% or 0.50%)

The MSM is waking up … the analysts would rather tell their clients to sells bonds (and high PE stocks too) while there’s still a bid.



Starbucks reverses Vaccine Mandate for employees…

Why They Want To Keep The “Health Emergency” Going Forever

Last month, Colorado governor Jared Polis ended statewide mask mandates and social-distancing provisions, stating that “the emergency is over.“ This, of course, does not mean Colorado is now laissez-faire in terms of covid. Public higher education institutions—thanks to Polis’ tacit approval—still have free rein in terms of imposing vaccine and mask mandates, and in forcing classes to “go online” whenever the college bureaucrats grow sufficiently alarmed about covid. Moreover, local officials were quick to react to the governor’s nonemergency by imposing a variety of mandates of their own. More than 80 percent of the state’s population still lives in counties with mask mandates.

“The lesson here is that no matter what the policy is, there will be no shortage of covid-obsessed college professors, politicians, and activists who will vehemently demand that more draconian policies be imposed immediately and everywhere. No moderation of any kind is to be tolerated.

We should expect them to search out new ways to extend current “health emergencies“ indefinitely into the future by forever moving the goal posts and finding new diseases that justify continued mask mandates and social distancing rules.”

CANADA — Disturbing video = child abuse –> Canadian kids taught to hate the Unvaccinated.

UK – officially ends –> vaxx passports, working from home, wearing of face masks, easing restrictions on care homes



AUSTRALIA – Booster shots will soon be mandatory…….ALSO……IVF procedures completely suspended

PayPal Drops Nonprofits Opposed to Vaccine Mandates

After “media watchdog” group Media Matters for America accused PayPal and GoFundMe of hosting crowdfunding campaigns for organizations that “spread harmful COVID-19 misinformation,” PayPal said it would no longer process donations for groups, including the National Vaccine Information Center, that oppose vaccine mandates.

Story at-a-glance:

  • Dec. 21, 2021, after business hours, PayPal notified the National Vaccine Information Center that it would no longer process donations from their supporters — effective immediately.
  • Other organizations also dropped by PayPal include the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and Organic Consumer’s Association.
  • In October 2021, self-proclaimed “media watchdog” group Media Matters for America accused PayPal and GoFundMe of “hosting crowdfunding campaigns for organizations that spread harmful COVID-19 misinformation.”
  • PayPal is actively researching transactions that fund hate groups, anti-government organizations and extremists — it’s unclear, however, how they define these terms or the groups that fall under them.
  • Instead of ignoring, fearing or abandoning information that is being targeted with censorship, use censorship as a cue or guide that you should delve more deeply into the topic at hand to reveal the underlying truth. … Many PM stocks up 3% to 12%

Here is one of them, Majestic Silver

GOLD up 1.48% and SILVER up 2.61% and continues to go nucken futz.

“When GOLD breaks the resistance at 1835, you gotta buy immediately and hold on tight.” — Gary Savage

See Pathfinder’s post below.

CANADA – Small business confidence plunges to lowest since pandemic began amid Omicron chill

CFIB says help needed ‘if we want to avoid mass casualties in the small business community’

“Nearly a quarter of business owners expect to have to cut full-time staff in the next few months, the survey found. Three in 10 (31 per cent) say their business is in bad shape while 29 per cent say it is in good shape. In December those figures were reversed, said CFIB.”

China accused of using pandemic to secretly kidnap and repatriate runaway dissidents to imprison

China said they were captured for economic crimes, but Beijing is accused of targeting ‘lawyers, dissidents, bloggers, journalists, Tibetans, Uyghurs and Hongkongers’

“Chinese authorities have been accused of carrying out state-sanctioned kidnappings by capturing more than 2,500 “fugitives” abroad and bringing them back to China during the pandemic. “Operation Sky Net” has targeted thousands of purported criminals since 2015, but its scope appears to have been widened to encompass Uyghurs seeking refuge in other countries.

Their methods have allegedly ranged from refusing to renew passports to covert operations labelled “state-sanctioned kidnappings,” the report said.

Examples mentioned are issuing Interpol red notices, intimidating family members in China and even having agents threaten the target in person.”

Spock’s post below on Moriarty’s article.

I wanted to put this up at the top. I agree with North on Moriarity. Moriarity is a nut and antisemite who hates Israel. Fuck Vladimer Putin and whatever he intends to do.

Build Back Better

Trickle, Steady Flow, Surge, Tsunami!

Yesterday’s post described the beginning of the switch of money out of the Nasdaq 100 and into gold and silver as a trickle that would increase soon. We are now at the stage of a steady flow. There will be volatility and pullbacks but by the end of next week it should increase into a surge. Within a few weeks we could be looking at a tsunami. Two Themes for 2022, continues.

$GOLD… breaking through Savage’s barrier at 1835. See Pathfinder’s post below

A catastrophic break of the manipulation is about to happen

VIDEO - Bruce Willis organic meat toupee / hair / helmet ...