Whether you like James Lindsay or not, he is getting across the message that we are constantly being divided. For those who have just awakened, it all makes sense. The Cultural Marxist want us to react to each insanity so they can label us “this or that”.

Under this game plan that worked very well for Chairman Mao, he used these activists groups until The Party achieved their goal and then liquidated these people. The Globalist don’t actually believe in Climate Change, Net-Zero,Covid, Birdflu, the Trans Movement, any religion or race. These are tools used to beat down the sane in the world.

The UN Migration Pact floods the West with numbers that overwhelm the infrastructure of the country, gives them more benefits and accommodation than the working poor of that country. Everything is a class struggle.

Under their playbook I wouldn’t be surprised that the Migrants, Trans and Climate Crazies get thrown under the bus once they capture society. They may liquidate gays, the Media as well as Entertainers as there may be an awakening among them. Can’t have that!

It is all about absolute control with all wealth and power in the hands of the ruling elite.

I personally believe they will fail but not before immense damage has been done to our countries.

-Covid is deader than a doorknob unless one is still a zombie Covidian. Birdflu will not take off even as they eliminate flocks in an effort to instill panic and fear. I have not had one person say they would trust a birdflu shot after the lies they have been told.
-Net-Zero is dying under the weight of carbon taxes and the failure of renewables. The youth are disillusioned by the economics of life.
-EV’s may remain a novelty until they make economic sense (hybrids will surpass them for the time being) People are beginning to catch on that it was never about green but eliminating the family car as most can not own an EV by their deadline.

Study the purges in China under Mao.