Hungarian PM: “You cannot make peace from a comfortable armchair in Brussels.”

Defying the EU, Orban wrote of the trip on X, “The #peace mission continues. Second stop: #Moscow.” This “peace mission” comes a mere days after for the first time of the war he visited Kiev and met with President Zelensky to talk about getting the sides to the negotiating table.What especially makes things awkward for European Union leadership is the fact that Hungary just recently took over the rotating EU presidency.

But Orban’s peace mission has European and NATO bureaucrats absolutely livid. This sets up Hungary for future and near-term contentious leadership within the EU Council. This friction was already present, but is deepening fast at this point. Are NATO and the EU afraid of peace?


I wouldn’t go so far as to say NATO/EU are afraid of peace but rather they do not consider it in their best interests to achieve it! $B upon $B into the pockets of the elite and only 1/2 million dead peasants — which can easily be replaced by migrants. If peace fit their business plan narrative, I’m quite sure they would sign up for it…….