Newly discovered emails show that NIH / National Cancer Institute staffers concealed evidence that the spike protein in the covid vaccines caused cancer.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Forced retraction of Covid vaccine cancer-risk study, scientist alleges. Emails obtained under FOIA show external pressure to falsely discredit a study showing that Covid vaccines may increase cancer risk

Explosive new evidence uncovered in a two-years long investigation reveals that one of the authors of a retracted paper revealing the Covid vaccines’ potential to cause cancers never agreed to its retraction, which she now claims was “forced” in “violation of academic ethics.” Emails obtained under FOIA corroborate her story.

The scandal involving Stockholm University, reputable peer-reviewed science publisher MDPI, and a high-level National Institutes for Health (NIH) employee has serious implications for scientific integrity, and for the risk of cancer globally – predominantly for women.

(This is a long one. I promise it’s worth it. Boil the kettle, get comfy. Here it is…)

In October 2021, an important scientific paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal, MDPI Viruses,1 highlighting that the spike protein from both the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the associated vaccines* damages key DNA repair pathways.