Plan will go public when Joe Biden is in Normandy next week…

French President Emmanuel Macron is busy working behind the scenes on a controversial new initiative to assemble an army of troops from NATO countries to be sent to Ukraine.

For now, the plan is to send the Western soldiers in the capacity of trainers and military advisers for Ukraine’s armed forces, with the training likely to take place in the West of the war-ravaged country, or at least far from the front lines.

“Paris has been working for a while now with the Ukrainians on this,”


Videos posted this morning — NATO soldiers marching into war …….. Update from Ukraine: Thousands of US Troops travel to the Ukrainian border to support NATO …. of Helicopters and Thousands of NATO Allies Troops Arrive on the Ukraine Border — of NATO Troops and Combat Vehicles Arrive in Ukraine — — conscription has already been announced in many NATO countries — from a month ago .