A new defense motion in FLA documents case accuses Jack Smith of continuing to slow walk handing over evidence.

This relates to a disclosure in bombshell Jan motion that outlined collusion btw NARA, Biden WH, DOJ, and other agencies to manufacture some sort of documents crime against Donald Trump right after he left office.

Part of the motion revealed that Dept of Energy (run by former MI Dem gov Jennifer Granholm) discovered AFTER Smith filed his June 2023 indictment that Trump still maintained a “Q” (not that Q) security clearance. DOE then retroactively terminated Trump’s security clearance.

Trump’s lawyers asked—and Cannon ordered—the production of some records related to how the termination of the clearance came about. Smith, of course, is attempting to conceal the paper trail. And it appears the special counsel is referring to the post-indictment discovery and termination of Trump’s clearance as an “after action” report.