– Truckers unite with Farmers for protest just outside small city of Erfurt – Christine Anderson talks to Neil Oliver farmers joining the protest – Dutch Fisherman join the Farmers in their protest against Climate Communism. farmers protest in Rome with tractors as far as the eye can see. massive farmers protest in Spain is continuing. Thousands of tractors out protesting against Socialism and the Agenda 2030. – The Polish Farmers are blocking their border with Ukraine. Farmers uprising Shortage in tomatoes Farmers have decided to show the Ukrainian Embassy what they think of them. The Ukrainians had waded in to condemn their protests. – India farmers about to protest? Government getting ready for Farmers Protest – Confrontations in Oviedo, Spain farmers and agricultural workers announce an indefinite strike. turn out in support for Spanish Farmers who are taking on their socialist Government & corrupted EU sponsored Climate Communism Agenda. farming unity in numbers with a collective message driven solely by Welsh farmers who have had enough of the Welsh government’s ignoring and undermining of their many concerns. – The Spanish police shot farmers with rubber bullets. Now the farmers are rescuing the police car that is stuck. farmers poured 25 thousand liters of French white wine onto the roadway during a protest against the country’s hydrological policy Farmers have pushed away a police car that was blocking tractors on the A12 highway in Pamplona.