Maybe 5% of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendment negotiations are about a trade agreement. The other 95% are about global control of information, pandemics and medicine through the WHO by Dr. Meryl Nass – Don’t let yourself be confused.


And what the WHO is doing to protect this grift now that the public is wising up to it.

Story at a Glance:

The upper class has gradually shifted to controlling the populace through economic enslavement, the fear of an ecological disaster, and the fear of a disastrous pandemic which must be stopped at any costs.

•An immensely profitable industry has been built around these fears. Many notorious career scientists (e.g., Fauci and Hotez) depend upon this grift. Worse still, those fears have been used to create the justification we need to perform an endless amount of bioweapons research to “prevent” the next pandemic.

•That research is extremely dangerous and regularly leads to disastrous lab leaks which sicken and sometimes kill those exposed to the pathogens. While COVID-19 was the most consequential lab leak, many more preceded it, and prior to the pandemic (where everything got censored), the lab leak issue was widely discussed within the scientific community.

•Rather than acknowledge the problem (and stop the lucrative bioweapons research), the industry has doubled down on the importance of their research. This is analogous to how they actually discovered ways to treat these diseases with existing technologies (e.g., hydroxycholoroquine for SARS), but threw all of that to the wayside so more lucrative therapies could be sold to the public once an actual pandemic (COVID-19) started.

•Since the public is gradually becoming aware of what COVID cartel has done to us, they are switching to far more totalitarian methods to ensure they can continue their grift. We are at a pivotal moment to stop that, and that is why this series was written.