For those of you suddenly enamored with scenes of Vladimir Putin on the big screen playing coy with Tucker Carlson and his stunned-face questions, I want to remind you that while Trump was pushing operation Warp Speed in the US, back in Russia a similar program was underway. The Sputnik vaccination was introduced in record breaking time and Vlad was at the helm urging Russians to get jabbed. Russians balked though. Vaccine hesitancy was high and suspicions were acute so uptake was low in spite of bribes to get Russians injected.

I have an article from August 2021 that I will link below. Its is good to read as a refresher of the time. And keep in mind it was written 6 months before the war in Ukraine broke out. We can all get lost in the haze of the information streams. But one thing we should not lose sight of is that Vladimir Putin was (and is) a strong proponent and pusher of the death shots and the majority of his people never trusted him on that subject. Which is why a war was needed to get everyone back in the Vlad supporting camp.

There are no good guys in this death cult. Vlad is not coming to save you. Neither is Trump. Vladimir Putin is not the destroyer of the New World Order. He is an integral part of its architecture. You need to wake up and save yourself from now on because we are very late in the program and most of you are still deluded by false hopes.

Why Russia’s COVID deaths are peaking a year after its vaccine was approved.