From Clandestine

-Putin knows way too much history

-Putin is operating on an intellectual plane far above all US politicians

-Putin appears to want cooperation but the West have isolated Russia

-Putin does not want to invade Poland or take over the world

-Putin is not the deranged warmonger the MSM describes him as

-Putin is well-aware of the “Deep State” and recognizes the CIA as nefarious

I really wanted to see Putin go into detail on the degeneration of Western society, gender insanity, etc., because I think it would have resonated with the American People. The history about Ukrainian Nazism will be effective and his talk of “denazification” will certainly draw some attention.

Obviously I wanted Tucker to ask Putin about the biolabs in Ukraine, but as I stated yesterday, this topic might be too far of a jump down the rabbit hole for those new to this realm. This interview seemed to be an introductory first impression to appeal to Western citizens and disprove the MSM-created perception of Putin.

Anyone who watched the interview objectively would have to agree that Putin is not the monster we were told he was, and negotiations can be made if there is competency from US leadership. Hopefully this will change the perception of the US being innocent darlings in the conflict, and can eventually lead to mass realization that the US/NATO are the ones who brought war and weapons to Russia’s doorstep via espionage and CIA color revolutions.