In particular, the White House procured large quantities of opioids such as fentanyl and morphine. The in-depth report highlights problems with the administration of prescription drugs, including tReports covering pharmacy practices between 2017 and 2019 highlighted cases where Medical Unit dispensed controlled drugs such as Ambien (a sedative) or Provigil (a stimulant), without verifying patients’ identities.he over-prescription of drugs to employees who were not entitled to them and the lack of proper records, NBC comprehensively reports. Witnesses interviewed during the investigation revealed a disturbingly lax approach to drug distribution. They even failed to complete the necessary formalities for non-controlled substances, and sometimes distributed drugs such as Provigil as gifts to departing employees! etc etc etc etc


Maybe next they will be passing of pictures of someone passed out with a crack cocaine pipe in his mouth as 45 — or 100’s of pictures with hookers snorting drugs and taking proud pictures of his genitalia — or partying with much older man and sub-teen girls — or sniffing little girls — or taking bribes by selling access to powerful people and demanding 10% commission or ~$70K/mthly rent for an ordinary house. Yes indeed — accuse your enemy of what you have been doing all along — we’ve seen this all before…….somewhere! I’ve no doubt that there is a report — just like the russian dossier was a report — do they really think the world is that gullible!