I Missed this from Citizen’s Free Press This afternoon….an American Take on the Eurozone Farmer’s Protest Victory


Editor’s Commentary: This is the way. Farmers across the European Union have been uniting in protest against multiple dystopian laws and changes in how governments treat farmers. Those protests bore real fruit Tuesday with the European Commission backing down on their pesticide reduction mandates.

Other victories are starting to appear regarding diesel subsidies and other changes that would destroy farmers’ ability to produce and sell food. But the farmers aren’t backing down. They’re still suffering from previous “green” initiatives as the globalists continue reimagining how to take full control of the food supply.

Similar pushes are being made by the federal and state governments in the United States. Will farmers and other citizens follow the lead of their European brothers and sisters? We will see


Looks like the Farmers are not yet satisfied and are pushing for more…Good !