Watching the farmers in Europe voice their protests and the newscasters letting them say their piece is inspiring, however I’m in disbelief of the expressed MYOPIC view of what they’re experiencing.  They complain about the overbearing regulations and the minutia of their plight but FAIL TO SEE HOW THEIR IT FITS IN WITH THE BIG PICTURE – the agenda and goals of their leadership and those pulling the strings GLOBALLY.

Not just their job, THEY and all their countrymen are the carbon footprint to eventually be erased or at best, cowed into submission.  Until ALL (freedom loving??) Europeans rise up with similar fervor and for broader cause (US/CAN is making an effort), they’re blind to their future.

Their home country’s culture and sovereignty is in the death throes and for the most part, the populous is in compliance.  Soon they will experience what it’s like to live in 1950’s China – get out now.