This was priceless.

She emigrated from S Korea about 15 yrs ago. Went through all the hoops. Took her two years! Lived in SoCal initially. Then to Seattle where she now lives with hubby and daughter. Neutral on shots but had to take for her job (coerced). Daughter did not.

The way she mentioned Seattle (with disgust), I knew there was a good story here. Shit-hole with all the homeless, graffiti, open drugs, crime, etc. She expressed this very openly and she’s disgusted. I’m a stranger, remember. I hardly said a thing but agreed with her.

Net-zero is bullshit and the Trans movement is a mental illness. Hahahaha, she’s outspoken.

Then she brought up the topic of the migrants. She was so upset about what is happening to her new country. The next 5 minutes she became a walking-talking Trump commercial. Perfect 🙂 I asked what new legal immigrants think of the situation. Most of her ethnic friends are voting “Trump”. She told me that anyone who votes Democrat has a mental disease. Hahahahaha. I loved that. She’s serious. With her accent and energy I should have asked her for a recorded interview.
My final question was does she believe the US will go Communist.
“One day in N Korea would cure the left in a hurray”. She left S Korea as it is a controlled country as she sees it.

She and her friends came to America for freedom, opportunity (she’s educated) and a better life. The US needs more people like her.

Is this typical of new LEGAL immigrants? I believe it may be.

Trump needs Campaign ads with someone like her.