New York Times says 300,000 artillery shells to be sent to Kyiv’s forces from American supplies kept in Israel for emergency use

The ammunition supply is located in Israel for the US military to use in regional conflicts. The US has also given Israel permission to use some of the supplies in emergency situations, The New York Times reported, citing American and Israeli officials.

The previous government approved of the move as Israel attempted to chart a course between maintaining ties with the US and Ukraine, and not antagonizing Russia.


SO.. do I understand this correctly — the US Goverment can’t get approval for more direct funding to Ukraine from politicians…so they move prepaid stockpiles from Israel to Ukraine .. and then propose to give Israel multi-$Billions aid so that they can buy replacement armaments from the US MIC – result is Ukraine gets supplied — Israel gets supplied (& now owns same) — the MIC gets fed multi Billions — taxpayers pay the bill — and no approval is needed as $$$ to Israel is separate from Ukraine. I missing something???? Maybe they can keep the war going without any additional funding just by raiding secret storehouses around the world…….