I realize that most people do not talk to strangers other than to comment on the weather or where I live, the ski conditions.

Within a couple of minutes, when I direct the topic to the shots I got the following responses today.

From every one without exception, “I wish I wouldn’t have taken the shots”. The best response was from a guy from Wellington, NZ. “That f**king cunt made everyone take the f**king shots or else life would be hell”. That was an interesting conversation about the delightful Jacinda. “May the f**king commie cunt rot in hell”. Perfect!

Everyone mentioned side effects. Assuming they experienced them first hand. I never asked. They are not shy about admitting how bad the shots were.

I asked if they were ready to get shots for Disease X. A resounding ‘
“no F**king way”. These people are pissed. I’m glad to hear.