A Shout out to Sir Plunger who has nailed this Gold move…well before it happened and has nailed this General Market Move as well

Check out the sidebar for his Post Bubble Contraction Series and Dow Theory Analysis .

I submit that this may have been one of the most Gutsy and Prescient calls in Market History !

Which is apropos since

Plunger is Rambus Chartology’s Resident Market Historian


This guy is perhaps the most under rate analyst on the www.

He is NOT above telling you so

Plunger posts exclusively at Rambus Chartology on an ad hoc basis

Also he posts at the Chartology Forum ( not here unfortunately)

here is his latest from the Forum.

“Hyperbolic Headlines
Plunger August 5, 2019,4:06 pm Forum Chat 7 Comments Edit
The two most prominent screaming headlines I have published this year, some may have considered them hyperbolic at the moment, but both have now proved themselves out in spades.

Most recently on July 21st I titled the weekend report “Bull or Bear: The Markets Message”. In that report, I shouted the following head line:

“The General Stock Market: Run!… Don’t walk away from this thing.”

Incidentally I recommend going back and reading that report again.

Like the “Back up The Truck” in Gold headline at the end of April, I wonder how many thought I was being Hyperbolic?

No knights, I was being serious as a heart attack!

Maybe some can now see the value of Dow Theory. You see in that report I emphasized that the primary trend had turned down on October 4th 2018 and a Dow Theory sell signal was triggered on December 14th. The markets message had made it clear that despite the massive rallies of the past 7 months the market was in a bear market.

This most recent move up over the past 2 months was simply a counter trend move. But now the primary trend is being released. It was held back and in now expressing itself to the downside.

Here is an update of my market chart. I have added to the chart a box pointing to the date I published the RUN, Don’t walk

Knights these two past “hyperbolic headlines” proved to be extrordinarily actionable and timely.

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