The long-awaited deadline is finally approaching on May 7, 2025, and it will disqualify many from boarding commercial airplanes, whether domestic or international flights.

The freedom-crushing policies come under many false pretenses. They come under the guise of national security, protecting the planet from so-called climate change, and protecting us from public-health emergencies.

I reported yesterday on the U.N. World Health Organization adopting a set of freedom-crushing amendments to the existing International Health Regulations. This will lead to forced testing, quarantining and injections, among other harassments, of international travelers, all under the guise of looking out for our health. The IHR amendments also give WHO member states the authority to use “surveillance” to “address” issues of “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

On the government’s own DHS website, it states:  ………………

So, it appears the goal here is to shut down air travel for a large portion of the American public, certainly those who are concerned about government abuse of the new federalized Real ID program. How convenient that this dove-tales perfectly with the globalist climate agenda known as “net zero emissions,” in which they have stated they want to see dramatically fewer people traveling by air.