I love silver. No idea why. Its the coin of the people where gold is the metal of Kings. So its always had an appeal to me and over the years I managed to collect more kilos of the stuff than I care to recall. Most of its gone now. Lost to divorce or sold off as mercenary trades. I love it alright but just not enough to hold while its on life support. Unless its collectible. But what a racket that game can be.

Anyway, below is my updated chart showing a symmetrical triangle formation with a termination date of November 2024. Silver looks like it will have a long wait before making its move and if my gold chart today offers any confirmation, the metals space will continue to frustrate would-be traders and Hodlers. Its hard to stay excited when looking at such charts and I know the devoted among us want to believe, but the technicals just do not support the notion of any big moves anytime soon. Unless silver can break above the upper channel, just chill and find something else to buy while you wait.