For the week of September 11th to 15th, one of the most viewed stories on Zerohedge had nothing to do with anything of real importance. It was not about a possible Biden impeachment nor Ukraine sinking a Russian sub while stationed in its Black sea Port. It was not about news the G20 wants to ram through CBDC’s and Digital ID on the world population nor the implications for new lockdowns and masking. It was not even about a possible nuclear holocaust which looks assured as Putins red lines are all getting crossed off lately.

No, the story was about a Democrat Porn Wife complaining she was being outed when her self publicized videos of naked romps with a mix of men and sex-acts-on-demand were being played and discussed by her detractors. Damn those democrats are smart. The diversionary heavy hitters and spin masters on their team really know what it takes to get our minds off business and back into the gutter with a story so absurd it makes you laugh out loud.

Not to be outdone however, the gang on the far right had a big story of their own. The third most viewed Zerohedge story coming in with a weighty 260,000 views was about Western men fleeing feminists and finding love in foreign countries. Sickened by the relentless sluttishness, greed and power hungry nature of their sisters, so-called Passport Bros have finally called it quits and started seeking wives on foreign shores among traditional cultures.  The articles title was irresistable. “Feminists are Outraged At Men Going Overseas to Find Traditional Wives

Chalk one up for the boys. We are not quite as dumb as the Feminists would have you believe. What surprised me most about the article however was the molten lava flow of 1600 comments from readers who let loose their simmering invective on the females in our society. The story clearly hit a raw nerve. Very few disagreed. The objections were feeble and few. It seems we are finally sick of what our women have become. And we are more sick of the prognosis for the future to the extent the only viable option is just saying bye-bye to the bossy lasses and flying away somewhere else.

I am sure I will not be the first one to say this, but Feminism is not about equality and fairness. Its not about equal wages for equal work. And its not about having a vote or breaking through the glass ceiling. Feminism is utterly consumed by the prospect of shifting power dynamics. It is about control and domination of males and setting the playing field up so only one side ever wins. The ladies get to keep their sexual allure yet flaunt promiscuity freely without fear of consequences. No matter how far they veer off course the courts and authorities always have their backs.

They win at work, they win in the bedroom and they win in the courts.

And the one thing that a woman has of true value that she brings to a relationship has been so disparaged there is literally no real reason to date most of them any longer. A woman who hates the idea of children, who sees more virtue in carreer than family, who prefers the size of her savings account over the idea of bringing up the next generation, has got pretty much nothing to offer traditional men. That’s what the feminists don’t get. They actually think a big education, money, sporty car, success at work and the ability to argue like a lawyer are the keys to finding love.

Good grief, they are truly dumb as bricks. Who in hell wants that from a lady?

How about, make a baby and take good care of it. The rest will take care of itself.