From Rich Baris

FOX, as viewers/followers know, has moved from DeSantis Bullish to Trump Bearish, and now even they are moving toward the consensus with Trump at 60%, and Vivek essentially tied for second with DeSantis.

The FOX Poll has historically displayed a signficant anti-Trump bias. This new poll is nothing less than BRUTAL for NeverTrump. But it was not alone today.

DeSantis got bad polling for his birthday. FOX is just the OUCH on the cake.

R) Trump 48% (+2)
(D) Biden 46%

(R) Trump 46% (+10)
(D) Biden 36%

(R) Trump 48% (+3)
(D) Biden 45%

(R) Trump 45%
(D) Biden 51% (+6)!

White No Degree
(R) Trump 61% (+27)
(D) Biden 34%

Trump 60% (+47)
DeSantis 13%
Ramaswamy 11%
Haley 5%
Pence 3%
Scott 3%
Christie 2%

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