Its easy to say …”This time is different…I will sell Near THE top and NOT go Back ’till the coast is clear”

The last time Gold rallied was 10 YEARS AGO !

Many of us were there

In real time….what did YOU do ?

Personally this was around the time I hooked up with Audept and Rambus and we started the website.

Rambus was initially bullish but very soon turned bearish. He was seeing a potential huge H and S Top in the HUI

Most analysts scoffed as it was too perfect and too big….”Too Big to Fail” is what I therefore titled this Post.

Note this very unpopular post was made 7 years ago today ! Must See !

I wasn’t about to blow my profits AGAIN …as I had in 08 …so I held my nose and sold the 50 micro miners somewhere BEFORE that post….(as you can see by the chart above …on Feb 23 2013… there was no time to act)…and then we went on a wild ride with DUST and JDST…which had me throwing up at the end !

So by all means stick with this incredible group of analysts HERE AT THE TENT and lets ride this budding bull for a while if we don’t get bucked off with every 7% drawdown….but I know from much negative experience getting out and staying out largely with your profits and psyche in tact…you NEED a wizard !

The Wizard of Rambus