Quotes from two articles — many more online

The Belarusian Defence Ministry reported on Saturday (6 July) that Chinese military personnel had arrived in Belarus.  “The military personnel will engage in a joint anti-terrorist training exercise (drill), which will take place from 8 to 19 July.

The joint training aims to facilitate the exchange of experience, coordinate Belarusian and Chinese units, and lay the foundation for further development of Belarusian-Chinese relations in the field of joint military training.”

The manoeuvres are to take place in the Brest region bordering Poland. Chinese units will be stationed in temporary bases likely to be located several tens of kilometres from the border with our country.

According to analysts, Chinese planes have already landed at the military airfield in Baranovichi in the Brest region.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus Vladimir Kupriyanuk stated that the North Atlantic Alliance “is constantly increasing its presence” on the western side of the border. According to Minsk’s propaganda, this should be seen as an increasing threat of military conflict, hence the need to prepare for various scenarios.




This story is about the Chinese military (they picked Belarus) — so where might the North Korean military set  up shop with the 100K men they committed?