Right-wing conspiracy theories suddenly acknowledged as true:
— Biden is senile.
— Democrats engaged in a massive cover-up of this for months if not years.
— The Biden presidency is run by an oligarchy.
— Democrat mega donors, not primary voters, actually choose the nominee.

On Friday,  Democrats for the Next Generation PAC was committing to spend $2 million “to fund a series of debates among prominent candidates to become the Democratic nominee for president if Biden steps aside.” Some are referring to the concept as a “mini-primary” — and it’s seen by many as a mechanism for ensuring that Kamala Harris isn’t tapped merely by virtue of her title.

Bill Harris waved off Democrats’ unease about a potentially messy and divisive process for picking a new candidate. “It’s not that we have to protect ourselves from chaos and drama,” Harris told the Washington Post. “We need drama and a little chaos. I think it can be refreshing and energizing.”