Jeff Childers Sunday is paywalled for his supporters. We should all be his supporters but in case you are not…Here is his take of the Dementocrats Civil War


The Democrat Dilemma —Joe or no Joe?— may be the greatest gift and greatest opportunity to have blessed Republicans since the 1860 election. The Democrat’s emerging Civil War could create a generational shift in America’s politics, and the possibility of a permanent destruction of the Democrat party lies just inside the margin of error. Most importantly and least discussed, it probably destroys any chance the Democrats can win by cheating. Let us count the ways.

A modern Civil War is sprouting inside the Democrat Party. President Turnip isn’t going anywhere: “Let me say this as clear as I can: I’m staying in the race.” (He should’ve said “clearly,” but his two synapses sparked just then, instantly vaporizing the ‘ly’.) Hunter agreed with the Big Guy, in exchange for ten percent.

And so the Anti-Turnip armies have begun assembling all along the battle lines, right out in the open. Behold yesterday’s nascent Civil War headline from the New York Times:

Clash” is a synonym for “battle,” or “war.” The Times reported that an Anti-Turnip sub-party is emerging within the Democrats, called “Pass the Torch.” I didn’t make that up:

Somehow, the allied Democrat world, so uniformly gleeful and expectant over the sixty criminal prosecutions of President Trump, has split into a massive gulf, like the unbridgeable divide between the land of the living and the land where a dementia patient runs the hospital instead of the other way around. The growing gulf is unbridgeable because Biden has shot past his ability to repair. It’s too late, the gorge is too wide.

The Ben-Gay is out of the tube.

The Times reported “Mr. Biden” —not “President” Biden— told campaign staffers he “understood the concerns and wanted to do more interviews and unscripted appearances in the future.” But nobody believes Joe will do more unscripted interviews in the future. It’s more likely that space aliens from Arcturus will do more unscripted interviews in the future than Joe will.

The Democrat world lies in a tattered, shambolic heap split in two. It’s Brother-Against-Brother. The two ‘sides’ are as follows: The Pro-Turnip alliance believes wholeheartedly that the best way to beat the convicted felon is to stick with Joe Biden. And the Anti-Turnip forces believe just as strongly that Joe Biden cannot beat Trump and he must pass the torch. There is no overlap, no possibility for compromise. Both sides are equally zealous and impassioned.

(You might disbelieve that the Democrat party has become so nihilistic that they care only about winning, and not whether the country goes to Hell in a Handbasket, but you’d be wrong.

The Times quoted former Oklahoma Governor and top DNC member David Walters. David says there is only one thing that matters, a singular objective uber alles —above all else— that hangs in the sky like a distant star to guide them home:

Not the best candidate to run the country. Just to STOP TRUMP. So.)

Somehow, a panicked Trump Derangement Syndrome fled right over the Cliffs of Schismatic Psychosis, and now the whole party is in free fall, rushing toward the canyon’s rocky bottom. For now, they are trying to be polite. “We love Joe, but he must go,” they say. It’s not that they want to be nice. They are trying to minimize the collateral damage. It’s like the Southern States saying, “it was a great experiment, honestly, and we really appreciate all your fascinating views about our slavery practices. But we’re bowing out.”

The happy talk won’t, can’t, last. The more Joe digs in, the more the rhetoric will heat up and the harder the blows will fall. Even now, the insidious leaks are starting. For instance, behold the New York Times’ version of the latest headline that popped up everywhere yesterday:

One article explained that, even with the scripted questions, Joe still managed to be totally incoherent. You tell me: what was this answer supposed to mean?:

It’s long overdue. But I’ll admit it was deeply satisfying to finally see Joe’s rambling incoherence in print.

? What does all this amount to? It foretells accelerating acrimony and bloodier in-fighting. It is coming as surely as Tax Day and they know it. On Friday, the New York Times ran an astonishing bit of long-form, magazine-style journalism headlined, “Divided and Undecided, 2024’s America Rhymes With 1924’s.” The article described in loving detail the Democrat’s disastrous 1924 convention, when the party split over its support for the Ku Klux Klan platform:

As in 1924, the Democrats must now push through a painful, contentious, and ugly public battle fought between the Pro-Turnip and Anti-Turnip forces, hopefully followed by reconciliation. Then, the Dems must stabilize either behind Joe or a new candidate. Can they do it all in four months? 1924’s contentious convention required over 100 votes to select a candidate, who then lost fantastically badly to a corpse-like incumbent:

It was a bad bet. But they looked so happy, for about thirteen minutes, after which Candidate Davis’ Model-T threw a piston rod and nobody could get it started again:

But it’s not going to be so easy this time.

? Biden already holds almost all the Democrat delegates. He was fairly voted for in all fifty states —including in New Hampshire, where he wasn’t even on the ballot, because he forgot to get his application turned in on time, but was still handily selected as a write-in candidate. If Joe won’t voluntarily surrender his delegates, a lot of democracy-loving, rank-and-file Democrats will be righteously pissed. There is a good chance that, with so little remaining time, Democrats won’t resolve their differences and multiple candidates could emerge.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s say 20 million outraged Democrats write in “Gavin Newsom” for President and do not vote for Joe or Kamala. How could Joe (or Kamala) repeat 2020’s 80+ million votes to beat Trump, without the cheating being so obvious that nobody will believe it? They can’t claim 100 million Democrat votes. It won’t fly.

It especially won’t fly with angry Anti-Turnip Democrats.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Trump can beat the steal. Trump doesn’t have to convince a single partisan Democrat to vote for him. Trump just has to get a few Democrats to vote against Joe. If enough protesting Dems vote for Kennedy or for a write-in candidate, not only will it split the Democrat vote, but it will foreclose the tried-and-true technique of a quiet truckload delivery of midnight mail-in ballots.

And we haven’t even considered yet the anti-Israel Democrats. Jerusalem has become a stumbling stone for the Democrat party. So there could even be two different write-in candidates; an Israel supporter and a pro-Palestinian.

At this point, it is too late for Democrats to avoid 1924. And it might even be more like 1860. Unimaginably, a landslide win for President Trump —formerly a best-case, long-shot scenario— now looks like the most likely scenario.