The first phase of the trial will see at least 40 healthy 18 to 55-year-olds receiving the jab, developed by the UK scientists behind the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

“The vaccine that’s being assessed today is using the same platform as the Covid vaccine, which has literally been administered to millions of people around the world,” she said. But the virus has been genetically altered so it cannot cause an infection in people. As the vaccine does not contain plague bacterium, it cannot cause plague, but it does include added genes that make proteins from the plague bacterium.

“But we’re also looking to develop vaccines against new and emerging diseases such as Lassa fever or the Marburg virus.


NOTE: This article was released in Aug 2021 — shortly after AstraZeneca CV injection was introduced. The first phase trial ran for 12 months = Aug 2022. Further reports on this injection cannot be found on the internet, however, CNN just initiated a new fear mongering campaign about the plague (Black Death)  This is suggestive that a Plague mRNA injection is about to be introduced. The plague had a kill rate of roughly 50% in the Middle Ages. 

            Marburg, Ebola, Black Death Plague, Avian Flu and the Covid 19 final metamorphosis are therefore known bioweapons that could be potentially available for accidental release in Fall 2024.  Or perhaps we should simply assume that scientists working on germ enhancement warfare will be more careful than they were in Wuhan??