Back in late 2020, I posted several warnings right here that my chart system was issuing VLT sell alerts.
Looking back, those marked the highs for GDX that still stand today.
A repeat of those alerts appeared in April 2022. Those marked reaction highs.
I’ve now gotten two more over May and June.
Last week, in response to Columbia’s post for SLV, I indicated that my work was not aligning with its super bullish outlook. In fact, privately I’ve been warning of serious trouble, soon or sooner.
At this point, I can’t offer a roadmap because I have yet to see an EW structure that fits what I see off MY work. Most EW folks (but not all) have not backed off their bullish views, but none are bullish here, right now. They’ve been waiting for completion of a correction.
However, based on the history of these technical alerts (measured at higher time frames), I have to question bullish even anytime SOON.