the precious metal shares – some sitting at 5 year lows despite current pm prices – a key development amongst these classic twit management teams is their adherence to libtard progressive commie initiatives.

So now these loser companies are reporting on ESG, climate change initiatives, and a host of other crap that has absolutely nothing to do with mining at a profit and running a company for the benefit of the shareholders. The entire damn industry is turning into a giant Disney-Target-Busch-Northface cesspool. Every time I read one of the idiotic corporate “updates” or reports, my eyes start bleeding.

Who the hell hijacked these companies? Who let the assholes start running the show?

One more reason to ditch playing in the PM field. It stinks every-which-way. And no way to reign the bastards in.

Might as well deal with the Biden administration, or the faggot Turdeau gang. Equally bad management in the PM companies across the board.