I have a Friend . A guy I met during the Lockdown Era at a Protest. He is a Truther. 50 y/o . lives in Toronto

Divorced from an addict mother of their now 4 year old daughter. Shared custody . Mother wanted child in school at 3 years old. Judge granted this . She MUST Go

She has been coming home with disturbing ideas .

Dylan asked me if i think he should be concerned

She said… you know boys can be girls and girls can be boys !

She said…Jeremy showed me his penis

She said …The Earth is in Danger so pick up that piece of paper and put it in the recycle bag .

He asked where did you hear these things ?

She said…I dont want to , I’m not allowed to…tell you

He said well I dont think its good for 4 year olds to worry about the planet .

She said NOOOO….My teacher knows everything and she said the planet is dying and we all have to help .

She is Angry when he tries to discus any of this….screaming angry

I told him He HAS to talk to the teacher and principle ASAP

He is balking because he is in a custody battle and if they don’t like him he may be “reported” and posibly lose custody

This is what we are dealing with . 4 year olds brainwashed…ALREADY

Sick to my stomach !

IMHO at all costs get all kids out of the Public School Systems any way possible !!