The Desantis bashing from the Right is RelentlessInsane and counter productive…just look at MOST Alt sites bashing him

I am changing my mind again.

He is a HUGE underdog BUT…I think he may be even more electable than Trump

Trump does NOT need to bash him like this.

They have many views ( most) in common

AND…I think Trump goes to Jail unfortunately

Desantis is More electable…he won’t completely drain the swamp …because yes he is liked by Rinos

BUT I’ll take him

Apparently he is calling out Trump for his role in the vaccines and for never ever once reversing his pro vaccine commitment.

You have to admit..That is Strange ..Is Trump on the Pfizer Payroll ?

Desantis is MUCH tougher on Fauci and the gang than Trump ever was

Trump could have fired Birx and Fauci…but never even proposed it.

How are we in the freedom Movement to think about this ?

Desantis has HUGE Cajonies to challenge Trump…anyone else would have cowered in fear.

I am open to switching sides again…but for now I am on the Underdog !!