The underlying climate message is hard-core Marxist

Late last year, Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the United Nations, told a World Economic Forum “Disinformation” seminar that we “own the science” around climate change, and we think the world should know it, so we partnered with Google to ensure only UN results appear. This arrogant claim merely hints at the scale of disinformation practised by global elites in pushing numerous messages designed to spread fearful command-and-control societal propaganda.

“One of the goals of system change is to supersede individual virtue,” writes U.S. correspondent Rebecca Solnit. By “individual virtue”, of course, she means individual choice.

Already, she says that “climate denial” has been rendered largely obsolete by climate-driven catastrophes promoted by activists and journalists. By this, she refers to the non-stop pseudoscientific attribution of every bad weather event to humans burning fossil fuel. W