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After meeting with President Trump in New Jersey, Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban addressed the conservative CPAC conference in Texas yesterday, massively triggering the Dems, some of whom demanded that the DOJ and Merrick Garland do something to stop his speech, which was practically domestic terrorism or an insurrection or something. I am not making that up.

Orban told CPAC attendees that “The globalists can all go to hell. I have come to Texas.” Orban, who was recently re-elected for a fourth term, is widely viewed as both a Trump and Putin ally and a staunch Soros adversary. The Hill’s article about his speech hinted darkly at Orban’s “Nazi-like rhetoric” and his authoritarian tendencies, just like how they usually describe Governor DeSantis. Other woke liberals were worried Orban’s speech would lead directly to America’s descent into totalitarianism, which is pretty ironic:

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Dash Dobrofsky
Hungary’s dictator Viktor Orban is speaking at CPAC today in Dallas. He’ll be joined by America’s failed dictator, Donald Trump. Let’s be clear: Orban’s giving the GOP his strategy for how to turn America into an Authoritarian state. This is not “America-First.” This is Fascism.
August 4th 2022

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In his speech, Orban explained that progressives and communists are the same, and they must be defeated — again — through “revitalizing” our churches, our universities, and our institutions.