I am not the least bit surprised. The FED and the administration are desperate to keep gold and silver in check and stop the inverted yield curve from shitting all over their narrative, that we aren’t in a recession and that they have to keep tightening. I mentioned a while back that conveniently, ADP suspended their monthly job report until Aug.31. This paved the way for today’s total bullshit fabricated numbers. They couldn’t have ADP contradicting this pinocchio tale. I was surprised only in the size of the number and the size of the revision for last month. I don’t know why I should be. The only way they were going to get the market to move against the recent trend, bond interest rates lower and gold and silver higher, was to have a blowout number. Voila, we got one. If you believe it, I have this little bridge in Brooklyn that I’d be willing to sell you for a steal. What today’s fairy tale number does, is to allow the FED and their various talking heads to perpetuate the narrative for at least the rest of August. The numbers that aren’t controlled by the government will provide a more accurate story of a slowing economy, but the charade will continue for a while longer.