Since they won’t say the obvious, allow me to do so. Attention, people of Earth: Your pandemic is over, and so is mine.

The bums who dropped it on us have lost—credibility, public trust, reputation, career. CDC, FDA, NIH, the entire collection of hoodlums who are in charge of “health” exposed themselves as thoughtless, greedy, lying, petty tyrants who get their jollies by depriving you of yours.

And now a short aside. In 1942, thousands of French mothers and their children were herded into the Velodrome d’Hiver, a bicycle stadium in central Paris, to await shipment to Auschwitz. After a week with no food or water, some women tried to kill their own children before they were separated and sent to an even worse death. Of the 4,000 children imprisoned in the Velodrome, only six survived the war. 

Why is this relevant? Well, perhaps you will find it interesting that the French official in charge of the Vel d’Hiv roundup was Jean Leguay, who later became the head of pharmaceutical company Warner Lambert, which later became….