In response to, and in addition to, the recently posted greatest “end of the world – NOT !!!” charts by Sir Rambus, here’s what I read today from Bob Moriarty:

More evidence of blow-off tops (TSLA, NVDA, AMD … )

Also of importance is gold’s close above 1815 today. After the SUPERB Non Farm Payroll report! What lies! What BS!

Someone else noted the weirdness yesterday, when gold, silver and DXY all rose!

But again, DXY stuttered before 94.50

Again it might not be the end of the world, for the Fed can “rescue” the market any time … and Sir Rambus’ analysis gets utmost respect from this novice … but October is behind us? May be something wicked this way comes from now until before Thanksgiving?

And I have about 20-25% funds invested in non-PM (mostly tech, also some other names like CHWY which I bought for the long term) … so I am prepared to be hit hard if Nasdaq etc correct sharply.


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