Chris in Ontario has written a Great letter to his local Public Health Unit .

I encourage all concerned parents and grand parents to consider doing the same and forward to you local news papers

Chris has hit all the points.

If you get a response like “studies show masks reduce risks”…you have a huge resource here on the sidebar to prove otherwise.

Bitching and moaning …like I do all day…will only take us so far…now we need to make our voices heard.

This mask at schools shit is batshit crazy ! 3 kids in China have already died from running with masks on.

Great Stuff Chris in Ontario….Pass it On Folks.


Greetings to everyone

I am writing with questions and concerns with regard to the opening of
schools in our district in September of 2020. It is my understanding
that there will be many measures put into place and into practice that
are intended to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. While I understand
that perhaps not all policy and measures have been decided upon at the
time of this writing, it seems some decisions have already been taken
and been made public. In the interest of simplifying the expression of
my concerns, I will list them in itemized form.

1. Have any of you read the report concerning the return of children to
school in the Fall of this year, issued by Toronto SickKids Hospital?
There are two versions – the initial report, then a month later the
“updated” report. It would seem the recommendations of the doctors and
scientists are being ignored/overruled by local governors and
politicians – both in the need for an “updated” report, and in the
policies that are being put in place locally. I can site paragraphs
within the reports that give evidence to this assertion, but I assume
all of you have read both reports from start to finish and know what was
recommended by the authors – both initially, and revised.

2. What measures are being taken to address the real health risks of
wearing the same mask for extended periods of time every day. I assume
that since your are setting policy, you have all done your homework and
know these risks.

3. What measures are being taken to ensure those who are forced to wear
masks are not touching their face repeatedly?

4. What measures are being taken to ensure masks cannot accidentally be
swapped between wearers?

5. What measures are being taken to ensure masks cannot be touched by
anyone other than the owner/wearer?

6. What measures are being taken to ensure the safe disposal of tens of
thousands of potentially bio-hazardous discarded masks?

7. Who will take responsibility when a child or multiple children become
ill with a respiratory illness due to wearing a moisture laden mask all
day every day?

8. Have all teachers and staff been trained to recognize and respond to
symptoms of hypoxia?

9. When considering the implementation of a mask policy for students
returning to school in the Fall, was the fact that the Hastings Prince
Edward District has not experienced a pandemic to any degree, and is
currently (and has been for months) not experiencing anything that can
remotely be considered a pandemic? Considering that fact that no one in
this area has been physically ill due to Covid-19 for months, and almost
assuredly children WILL become ill (mentally or physically) in the Fall
school session due to mask wearing for prolonged periods of time, what
are your justifications for enacting a mandatory mask wearing policy?

10. What measures being put in place to ensure children who develop
dermatitis due to repeated use of hand sanitizer every day are
acknowledged/recognized and directed to take a different approach to
hand hygiene?

11. What measures are being taken to educate our children on the
benefits of a healthy immune system, and the steps they can take to
ensure their immune system is as strong as possible for the individual?

12. What measures are being taken to educate our children on the steps
and measures they can take to ensure a healthy environment in their home

I am confident that the mental and physical well-being of our children
is the prime consideration when you are making decisions regarding their
return to school, and a return to social normalcy and abandonment of
isolation and fear are your ultimate goals as time progresses. I look
forward to your responses and am confident that you are all “out in
front” of these issues and concerns and have already taken steps to
address them.



Follow up

I got a response from one of the Board Members of our Health Unit. She flatly passed the buck to School Board Trustees. So I wrote back and asked if she was saying that the local School Board was making policy decisions without consulting our local Health Unit, and she responded that that is not the case, and the Health unit is advising the School Board. So I wrote back and requested she stop “passing the buck” and address the issues I had raised that would be directly applicable to the Health Unit’s recommendations – both to the public and the School Board. So far… crickets.

BUT! At least I have engaged some eyes, and I am sure there will be some damage control discussions amongst local officials in the coming days.