Thanks Silverhawk

In the aforementioned article Inner Terrain vs. Outer Terrain: Which Do You Emphasize for Good Health?, there have been 2 competing theories which have influenced thought in many fields (medicine, biology and many more): germ theory and terrain theory/host theory. This started in the 1800s in France when Louis Pasteur championed the germ theory (the world is full of pathogenic germs, microbes, bacteria, etc. which can infect you if you are unlucky enough) and Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard championed the terrain theory (microbes can change from one type to another according to the blood or tissue where they reside). The quote attributed to 1 or more of these 3 men is “the germ is nothing, the inner terrain is everything.”

Pasteur (the same man after which pasteurization is named) won out and germ theory became the more dominant philosophy of the two. This has had the unfortunate effect of making people more scared of their environment and more susceptible to propaganda by Big Pharma (we’re here to protect you; just take your drugs and vaccines and everything will be OK). It has also led people to take less responsibility for their inner terrain, via poor dietary and lifestyle choices, meaning a weakened host and lowered immune system – thus becoming more susceptible to disease. But what if we had it wrong? What if it is far more important to emphasize your own strength, health and terrain than to worry about possible germs floating around everywhere that could kill you? What if this whole coronavirus crisis is making everyone OCD, scared of every surface, scared of basic and natural human contact, forgetful of their internal strength and forgetful of the power of their gut microbiome and immune system?

Where is a Real Picture of the Virus Causing COVID-19?
In a world where everything – literally everything – is photographed and video-recorded, why are there no actual pictures of the virus, the actual coronavirus supposedly causing all this mayhem? It shouldn’t be that hard to get an electron microscope and take a picture. Why are we only given CGIs (computer generated images)?