Pandemics like this one, maybe less serious, perhaps more serious, will come and go as they have for millennia. If this current pandemic has done anything valuable, it is to expose the predilection for totalitarianism that is the soul of the American left for all to see and experience. Even our socialist-indoctrinated millennials do not like their beaches closed and their bars and restaurants put out of business. All those people who finally found jobs once Trump became president are not likely to look upon their jailers with fondness. These blue state commies may find themselves voted out by the very people they have long taken for granted.

Meanwhile, those who have bought into the panic and fear, those isolating themselves in their homes while their immune systems weaken, will suffer the most, physically and mentally. Drug overdoses are sure to rise, as are deaths by lack of medical attention, cancer screenings and necessary elective surgeries, and of course suicides. This is what our tyrannous left hath wrought.

β€œThe limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Frederick Douglass

The American people are not likely to stand for the abrogation of their natural and constitutional rights to self-preservation, independence and economic pursuits much longer. Viruses come and go but the American spirit will prevail. Petty tyrants be damned.

Thanks again Robert ( but who are you ?)