We have discussed the many “agendas” for using (possibly even introducing) the pandemic to take advantage of the situation.(not letting a good crisis go to waste) The FED and Congress needed an excuse to print and borrow(spend) trillions. The healthcare establishment has various schemes to make money. The single most important reson is because the deep state, corrupt establishment has failed in their numerous attempts to get rid of President Trump. He has upset their plans for globalization by taking on China. He is trying hard, but it is an uphill battle, to get America out of being the world’s policeman with bases and troops throughout the globe. Even if one believes he wants to continue US military superiority (nothing wrong with that) he at least wants other allied countries to foot their share of their own defense. We all know of the criminal, corrupt, unproven and unjustified ways that the Dems and deep state have tried to remove him. This pandemic, again whether introduced as the reason or just seized upon to take advantage of the crisis is the latest and most despicable. The whole idea was to destroy the economy, disrupt life as we knew it, and keep people in fear. They want to keep people locked down so they can mandate mail in ballots in as many places as possible. The history of democratic vote fraud and irregularities is the history of American politics. Kennedy, Johnson and on and on. They want a second wave and second lockdown as I wrote about when they pulled the plug on hydroxychloriquine. They are  trying to steal another election and even if they don’t get the nationwide mail in voting that they seek,  have already done such damage to the economy and American physche, they may just get away with it anyway.