Yesterday, I warned of a pullback in gold and silver. I thought based on the charts it would present late yesterday. It is here and it represents the last best opportunity to get out of fiat and into real money. Silver probably already hit it’s low, gold may have 10-15 dollars of downside. My preferred vehicle is CEF. I advise people to use it as a real money, money market fund. If gold and silver rise over time(as we all believe and is proven by history) you are protecting your wealth and preserving purchasing power. You are not looking to increase your wealth as when you speculate on various mining stocks. That is a dedicated portion of one’s portfolio. The cash that you would normally keep in the bank, bonds, a regular money market fund, real estate, etc. etc. is denominated in fiat dollars, pounds, euros, loonies, etc.  Carpe Diem!  The window may last until end of quarter next week. Don’t hesitate, it won’t last long and may never again present such a good level of exchange. The chart says you may be able to get it at 16.30. Since I believe you have a few days, try for that price but by middle of next week you may have to pay up to get out of fiat!