I like this Guy Bill Sardi

He speaks of a long forgotten but not forgiven disease called Tuberculosis !

He Speaks of Bolstering YOUR immune system’s FIRST line of Defence…Your INATE IMMUNITY TO ALL PATHOGENS..KILLER

Zinc and Vitamin D ( like those guys at the FLCCC are also saying…and they are RDs…(Real Doctors )

“The COVID-19 pandemic reveals a medical community that is over-reliant upon vaccination. Vaccination has reached a point where there are 72 approved vaccines in the U.S. and 240 more under development, which is absurd. The human thymus gland produces T-cells that activate antibodies against each and every pathogen that attacks the body. No vaccination required.”


“A draconian over-response comprised of useless mask wearing, social distancing and lockdown has left no life or income to return to. Is this what modern medicine has come to? Quarantine to the point of suicide and poverty?”

Dr. Rhonda Patrick