From Chris in Ontario

Just a quick note after reading your site this morning. Northstar posted
a graphic showing a rather sensational visualization of Global deaths
via a select few causes, totaling approx. 2 million. What did the other
40 – 50 million die from so far this year?

Also, total flu deaths on the
graphic rise very linearly and top out at 82,000, when the annual rate
of flu deaths is between 300,000 and 500,000. Where did all the flu
deaths go this year???

A chart is only as good as the numbers one uses for input.

And, running with that theme, you may have noticed that here in Canada,
if you read the fine print, our official C-19 cases includes “confirmed”
and “probable”. I used asterisks because our testing isn’t even close to
100% accurate, and, our official “probable” cases is a flat out lie. I
have been watching the “probable” count here in my area for a couple
months, and the “probable” cases have been between 50 and 200 times
higher than the current new cases for any given week. Currently, we
still have over 180 “probable” cases, when in fact, we have had ZERO new
cases for June, and only 2 new cases for all of May. But throughout May,
on any given day, we had over 300 “probable” cases.

Do you see the problem with this reporting, and these “statistics”?

Perhaps instead of labelling cases as unconfirmed “probable”, they
should rename them unconfirmed “almost impossible”.

Another tidbit of info: for the month of June, over 6000 tests have been
completed (5% of our population), with ZERO new cases. Of course this
can be viewed as good news, but it can also be viewed as confirmation
that there is (and never was) a pandemic.

Have a good weekend,