Gold’s long term chart is MARVELOUS! It’s still trying to find it’s next volume defined resistance/breakout line. Patience required during discovery process.

YYZ, It’s hard to enter gold at this particular price range… as the fast move up is mostly done and now in whipsaw/discovery mode.

Added thoughts:

No matter where your entry is, consider the need to survive drop to 1 year.. and maybe even 3 year moving average. There will be no great bounty to collect if you cannot hold your position. Sync your position size to the time frame defined trend.

More thoughts:

Gold is now pretty much close to a early 2003 type breakout. Still close to 1 & 3 year MA golden cross (last great entry was around $1450-$1550). IF you get in early… you’ll have less issues holding on when the important correction happens towards 1 year MA… HIGHER UP!