Mask-wearing is even more important for preventing the virus’ spread and the sometimes deadly COVID-19 illness it causes than social distancing and stay-at-home orders,

All of a sudden it is now OK to sing and chant and stand side by side as long as you wear a mask made of cloth for 5 hours or more…

This is how they have their cake and eat it too. Go out and protest and loot but make sure you are “safe”

It’s time to get serious here. They are fixing to mandate masks for all

Your kids will be masked at school in the fall …preparing for the second wave.

There are 125 rules regarding how to properly use masks.

Are you all ready for this ? Make sure to teach your 8 year olds all the rules…or they may end up in the principals office.

puke !!

Added :
“The Zhang et al PNAS study is reviewed ? No (Firstly, because it’s in PNAS, and secondly, the referees’ names are listed under the author details).

If you don’t see “Direct Submission” and do see initials of people who reviewed, that means that the authors themselves arranged for people to make informal comments on the document. It’s not the full, anonymous peer review.

(This only applies to PNAS).