Paraphrasing a very Good and famous quote. ( Can’t remember the Author)

Maximum Freedom and Maximum Safety are Mutually Exclusive .

In my world I get to choose to wear a mask or not to.

Either from research or common sense I come to a conclusion and make that decision .

If I choose no mask I certainly do not require / demand that you make the same choice.

However many who chose to mask do want to demand / require that I do as well…They believe My free choice

robs them of their “security” because I may infect them or a loved one.

This is the problem in a nutshell

Some of us humans value freedom of choice more than we value absolute security.

Some of us value living life to the fullest rather than cowering in fear of being near or god forbid ‘touching” another human.

This present situation is Not Orwellian it is far worse than he even imagined.

“They” ( Pubic Health Officials ) ~Freudian Slip~ in Ontario have a new twist. A new phraseology…as of today

Your Social Circle

They have expanded the number of people who can be together without “social distancing” to 10

The idea is each of us must decide which 10 to invite into our “Circle” and each of them must agree to belong to that circle…. and the best part is…and this is a real rule mind you…I am not making this up….I heard Christine Elliot Minister of Circles for Ontario say this on the radio…..ready ?

You Must Be True to your Circle !

You may not participate in another circle…One Circle per person . It can include any 10 either friends or family

but it is a CLOSED CIRCLE

I don’t know who is going to tell that biker group that drives by here every weekend …there are maybe 100.

Hopefully the Police will be out there making sure they split into 10 groups …and NO Cheating


Can anyone see a problem ?

Husband wants his circle to include his siblings and their offspring and Wife wants to include Her side of the family.

So chose your circle wisely . Should be great for divorce lawyers eh ?

These incredibly controlling idiots who have been give the power of a God are treating us all like kindergarten children.

So Ironic

the Demonstrations / Riots are now all about abolishing slavery , removing / abolishing all statues of historical personalities who are seen in todays terms to have been masters of slaves.

And yet these same people are the willing slaves to this Marxist Gang who will control their every move in the name of safety .

Freedom and Slavery are mutually exclusive too

This Concert was celebrated in the MIDDLE of one of the greatest Pandemics in living History

These Guys would NEVER wear a mask !

“Find the Cost of Freedom Buried in the ground

Mother Earth Will Swallow you

lay your Body Down !”


See me feel me TOUCH me HEAL me


Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothin left to Lose